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  1. Yes the whole referendum 2020 is a scam because it will place the spotlight on the worlds lagest democracy for denying a legal binding referendum to take place on its soil. Yes it is a scam because the will of the people is crushed with brutality in democracy. Yes it’s a scam because it ultimately will benefit all Punjabis but mostly Sikhs living in Punjab or the diaspora. Yes it must be scam because the neighbouring country wants India to fail as country even though this will benefit all Sikhs living within its territory or in the diaspora. The whole thing is scam as only
  2. Jinah was kafir who who enjoyed wine, eating pork and womanising western women, but he delivered a sovereign state in the name of ‘Pakistan’ to the Mullas sitting in British India. See how stupid your argument is now! I suspect you are a RSS or Indian Agent now!
  3. Sikhs need to save themselves before going about saving others! I hear this ‘Sarbat da bhallla’ quote being used quite a lot amongst people who want to derail Sikh aspirations. Literally telling Sikhs to forget about their own community betterment and only using energy to serve the people who are out their to destroy you. Forget that! Gurpatwant Singh Pannu needs to be supported by all Sikhs regardless of which Jathebandia they belong to, as his idea of referendum has sent shockwaves through Delhi which is something that has clearly riled the so called democracy. Stay united on this one a
  4. I feel it has more to do with acceptance and with this there is little or no stigma regarding alcohol within the community. No one bats an eyelid if you drink and in fact you are stigmatised and mocked if you don’t drink within Punjabi circles. It’s best to say that we have become ‘besharams’ to the next level where we openly do this in front of children, wives, in laws, parents and other faith groups. This is the true shame and downfall of community and we are such ‘besharam kanjars’ that we celebrate this within our songs and arts which fans even more kanjarpuna.
  5. Yes veera! Married with two kids. Looks like this is turning into an healthy discussion examining the psychology behind the Punjabi drink culture. Difficult one but we have to be honest and ask why are men from other faith groups able resist alcohol as an companion if stress, work and family issues are the reasons for people to turn to it during testing times.
  6. Agreed! Too much superstition and the nonsense rituals to go with it. A lot of it has to do with low literacy and backward customs. In the West these type superstitious beliefs in witchcract and ghosts etc were prevalent about 100 years ago and as people beacame more literate these beliefs vanished. You rarely hear of this nonsense in developed western countries but always hear of nonsense UFO sightings and Alien encounters. Basically the West is full of Aliens and the South East Asian countries are full of Ghosts and God like holy men. When you start hearing of UFO’s in Punjab you can s
  7. It is a fact that the Dera and Baba are very popular amongst women but there is valid reason for this. The culture in Punjab is very much in the favour of men and more so amongst the lower social classes. Men go out to work and women pretty much nurture the children and look after the house. Most men whether from higher social classes or lower have one thing in common which is alcohol and substance abuse. When a man goes to work with instructions of bringing groceries on the way home but detours to the theka (liquor store) and blows his day wage on booze and comes home drunk facing q
  8. No one is denied entry! The Seva in SGPC controlled Gurdwaras are actual paid jobs not Seva. The way in which you get these jobs is by paying Waddi (bribe donation) acomapnied by recommendation. No different to any job or position in Punjab, so in actual fact SGPC is a Business which operates with the same level of corruption as every other organisation. SGPC controlled Gurdwareh are completely cast free and are open to anyone doing basic Seva but paid Seva (jobs) are acquired with money gifts and recommendation.
  9. Not true in almost all cases! It’s the women who flock to these Babeh and their Dereh looking for someone who can uplift their husbands out of Alcholism and Poverty. When they go to these dereh they usually get low level jobs such sweeping roads and general cleaning of the dera grounds. So in actual fact they are no better off in terms breaking away from cast related barriers, but their children get free education, medical care and jobs. Radha Swami Dera in Bias is full of people sweeping the grounds from lower social groups. Most of these Dera chele and premis etc have had no relationshi
  10. It would be great to have gyms and training akharas inside the Gurdwaras around the UK, but I think the general problem is the lack of youth who would actually use theses facilities. Most post millennial youth are the kind of metrosexual types who are more into the skinny jeans and girly haircuts. The Sikhs who do use these facilities in Gurdwara Sahibs are usually the Kabaddi crew which brings a whole load of other problems associated with the sport (Punjabiat, Alcohol, Steroid abuse etc). The Singhs who do workout and train in combat sports usually have an interest so regardless whether i
  11. Fake! I remember this doing the WhatsApp rounds a few years back. “The said portrait is in fact of Sher Ali Khan, Shah of Afghanistan wearing a karakul (black lamb’s wool cap) with Cd. Charles Chamberlain and Sir Richard F. Pollock. It is a camera picture taken at Ambala Durbar held in 1869. Amir Sher Ali Khan’s eldest brother Akbar Khan Muhammad had led the attack in which General Hari Singh Nalwa was martyred. Maharaja Ranjit Singh had died at the age of fifty nine in 1839 and Hari Singh Nalwa two years earlier in 1837. This photograph was taken thirty years later in 1869.”
  12. Here’s my 2pence worth! No matter how healthy you eat or good nutrition you think you are consuming this will only be beneficial if you are leading an active lifestyle and vice versa, no matter how active a lifestyle you think you may have without the correct nutrition you will not benefit. It’s like the people who eat regular square meals and have a ‘Slimfast shake’ and think they will lose weight. Not gonna happen that Slimfast Shake will make you pile the weight on. Yeh the complete opposite to what it’s supposed to do!. Same as saag, daal, nuts and all the right stuff which
  13. I’ve seen this guy in London a few times. He was accompanied by another Singh wearing a Dumala with Shingars. Both appeared to be drunk and were having photos taken with Gorian. I gave them evil eyes and they looked quiet paranoid when I kept eyeballing them. Looks like a jester and I find him quite dodgy. I don’t know what it is but I get impression he is an agent who is put out there to malign the Sikh image. Also I have seen a video of him in some convertible with flowers stuck on the entire bodywork with a Gori sitting with him in the car. Either way he is a disgrace and gives Singh
  14. Replace the word ‘bar’ with brothel, shisha lounge, casino, head shop, vaping lounge etc etc. Should a Sikh be defending his right to wear his dastaar in these places and then go public with his protest. I couldn’t care less about people going to these places but remember who you are representing when you are wearing a Dastaar.
  15. I can’t believe this guy ran to the media with this. I heard the recording of his conversation with the bouncer on BBC news. I mean come on he’s using the religion card of being a well integrated Sikh and the Sikhs being exempted from wearing helmets on the battlefront in WW2. He clearly sounds intoxicated in the recording. You would never see a Muslim run to the media after being denied into a bar for a drink. The Sikh lad should have thought about what he is actually protesting about and what mixed messages he is giving to the wider public. He should have taken the advice about Sikhs
  16. Bro, I’m doing the exact opposite to reducing Jatka and Shikaar marayada to just eating meat. I know this was practiced and is still practised amongst the Nihungs. I also see, understand and respect the reasoning behind it. What I also see is that this Puratan practice and Marayada has been pushed to the confines of Shaunis and Nihung Dereh. The benefits of these practices are not surfacing in the actions of Nihungs as they are no longer willing to engage in combat or willing to step out of their zones to challenge tyranny in the real world. Neither are the Nihung Singhs I have seen in t
  17. TigerForce1

    Gol dastar

    Full Voil is good! It has a nice feel to it but some prefer Mal Mal but I find it too light and flimsy. I like to split the Dastarr material down the middle of the width to create just enough material in hand to tie the dastaar otherwise you might find your larrs are too bulky.
  18. The whole Meat vs Veg argument vs Shaheedi Degh equalling a better warrior is becoming a favourite amongst the youth. The question is for what purpose does anyone promote Meat and Sukha. Is it for building stronger bodies or is it for courage in the face of war or is it a combination of both. Does Sukha bring courage in a coward, does Jatka Meat build a stronger body frame and mind for someone who is trying to bulk up and do the two combined create the ultimate warrior. On the other hand does a veg diet build a weaker body and mind and does a narcotic free state of mind limit o
  19. Agreed! I have seen this video recently and the one thing new I learned other than the colour being blue was that the shape of the Nishan is completely wrong. The point on the Nishan Sahib should be at the highest point of the triangular shape not the lowest. The Farla should be just below the teer at the top. All of these are missing in the present Nishan Sahib and it’s baffling how we have ended up with something that is not even remotely true to the original design. I would also like to see the original Nishan Sahib reinstated and also the design to be incorporated in the future fl
  20. I don’t think it’s about maintaining a pure environment just for the Laavan ceremony. It’s a mockery of the ceremony if the newlywed couple have just committed to have Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji as the center of their married lives and to then go on and Party. This is not expected from and Amritdhari and I thought being a public figure Jagmeet Singh would have thought carefully about this.
  21. Bro! I know this is banter but ‘Disability’ should never be mocked or used in this way.
  22. The Guru Saroop is taken to the streets every year in Nagar Kirtans throughout the world. The question is about maintaining the sanctity of the Saroop. If the place is serving alcohol, meat or playing lachar songs (ie Punjabi Wedding) then this unacceptable. This is what the Hukamnama form the Akal Takht is about and it should extend to Akhand Paths in homes where these activities take place.
  23. The bachans of the great Sant! To all the the disbelievers Khalsa Raj is inevitable!
  24. The first few lines of the speech referring to the aftermath of the attack on Akal Takht.
  25. I can recall a speech by Sant Jarnail Khalsa Bhindranwale where he refers to Singhs asking him a question “Sant Ji when will Khalistan be made?” Sant ji says “Khalistan will be made when all Sikhs become Khalse” This is a simple reply but the logic in the bachan makes complete sense. You can see Indra understood this as it is evident with Amritdhari Sikhs being hunted after Bluestar. You can still see this now as the Government of India have used all sorts of tactics to insure Sikh youth in Punjab discard Sikhi in favour of a secular lifestyle. Our Sikh institutions including SGPC have
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