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  1. because obviously theres no singhs in canada that really care, otherwise he wouldve been dealt with by now!
  2. this guy SHOULD be allowed in the uk, so that singhs over here can sort him out, i dont see why people are saying no, why not create a smokescreen let the guy in, found out which gurdwara hes at and then sort him out?
  3. arrogance is rife amongst the youth, you only need to read some posts on here to see what there like having been brought up with all singhs in the uk, id say i found out more about sikhi from either researching myself or other sikhs who werent singhs/ singhnia, arrogance and no brotherhood two biggest problems i would say in regards to sikhs not being 'nice' to each other
  4. as always you provide us with very informative, well structured arguments... :lol2:
  5. you watched the video and the only conclusion you came to is that he shouldnt be wearing a cap, seriously get a grip
  6. fantastic news *awaits haters to enter thread and somehow spin this so to make the new mayor look bad*
  7. bit of a silly uneducated post really, koran is much much smaller than the guru granth sahib, in addition to this they can read it in english, its not exactly mandatory for all young muslims to learn arabic, whereas the earnest on gurbani is to learn punjabi and gurmukhi, all in all its much harder to read guru granth sahib ji than it is for kids to read koran im sure you would see a massive incread in numbers if every kid were to read guru granth sahib in english, but this clearly isnt the case and it shouldnt be either, children should learn gurmukhi and understand the true meaning rather than settling for second best translation
  8. to a few of the earlier posts recommending opening up small taksal centres - cant we open up nihang centres and other centres aswell, why such a bias towards taksal and nothing else?
  9. some of the people on here amaze me, in the worst way possible anyway well done akashdeep keep up the good work, ignore all the people posting spewing hate, what can i say haters gonna hate
  10. i think consciousness has a point, dont be dramatic KhalistaniGunMan, i think he was simply implying we should sort out our in house problems first rather than create a khalistan state where sikhs would want different things
  11. my brother in law teaches shin kin and hes definately not radha swami, might be a different group but state only things you know as fact not speculaltion
  12. dont post propaganda against a single party, i can google search and find enough links that portray santh jarnail singh as a terrorist but we dont believe that do we? (and rightly so!!) so dont come with one side of an argument, only a fool listens to half of the galh
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