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  1. i am not aware of how accurate this story is or of where it has come from however i can say that i have heard the mool mantra viakhiya by baba gurbachan singh ji and they do specifically state that the mool mantra is up to "nanak hosi bhi sach" they state that this is the manglecharan for the guru sahib
  2. if anyone is a computer specialist i think it would be a good idea to creat our own version of the age of empires and call it the Age of Singhs after the age of kings. we should do all the battles that took place during the times of the gurus and after should have all the gurus including the satguru granth sahib ji should have people like banda singh bahadur, baba deep singh ji, bhai mani singh ji, baba binod singh ji buddha dal the anglo sikh wars i think it would be fantastic and the wonders could be making that takhats. gaining knowledge creeating the udhasis, nirmalas and seva panthis warrior advancement shastervidiya i think it would be such a cool game can anyone try to make such a game or would we have to put a petition in to show demand.
  3. took it june the 28th 1996. that i know accept as my date of birth as that is when i was born into the faith of God.
  4. the only thing you can do is talk to him make him understand. if this does not work cover your back and you might have to tell his parents or family members before he turns it on you and states that you knew about it and didn't think he did anything wrong. when people get caught they look for a scapegoat bring it up with the local gurdwara committee as well. dont physically assault him. you'll get paap for that.
  5. best book Society of the saints by sant baba jagjeet singh ji harkhowalae
  6. singh when are you online i am after the divans from jarg sahib that you said you had in mp3. if your on the hub when i'm there let me know please das
  7. however it is not cleaned up yet however it is audioable just has some background noise. if you want you could wait a week and it will be on gurmatveechar.com soon in better condition. but it is there if one wants it.
  8. katha of japji sahib by sant jarnail singh ji now available in 10 mp3z. its only oof the paurees between 5 and 15 so pretty in depth. on the kirtan hub under my name kam1825 for those that are interested
  9. katha now up to download on mp3 format of chandi di vaar and bhatta dae savaiyae on gurmatveechar.com by baba gurbachan singh ji
  10. i can understand if it is bani in gurmukhi like on the shastervidiya website where the manglecharans are in larivaar but with a translitaration i dont think it makes a diference as that is not gurmat.
  11. well its free to participate. if you have issues with the site. please give them feedback at either their lessons or by the web. belive me they have not put a lot of things on due to feedback. anything you dont like tell them for the forum i am a sikh who has taken amrit, no meat no drugs no anything as per the 5 piaray and the bani of Bhagat Kabir Ji
  12. which site on the net is right then. it just seems to be another view. i think it is a good site plus he is my shastervidiya gurdev so whoever wants to insult me can. we have spent a lot of time putting that site up and before you say it i do not agree with all of it but the nirmala side is what i have been helping with i am sorry that people feel this way
  13. where is it bro on your ftp. i will go straight to it. i just got four very small clips to put on. by the way to all out there check out the new look shastervidiya.org iste it is cool. will be updated further soon along with <Anti-Sikh Site> and the up and coming sites of nihang.net and sanjamkriya.com
  14. why do i get this message when i try to log on *** Connecting to gurseva.no-ip.com... *** Connection refused by target machine have i been banned or something. i want to put on some short clips of sarbloh granth bani can someone help
  15. fantastic that is what i wanted to hear thank you for your post
  16. the questioni s how many of the people who said yes have had to take it again due to faults
  17. sorry just get bothered with the same endless arguements no the emphesis is on the root of the exact bani itself. such as with sashtervidiya all the manglecharans and the old puratan ardas is manglecharans from dasam and sarbloh granth. they do not use this in order to prove authenticity of the raag mala. that is another matter altogether. i am more interested in the actual meaning of the word mangle charan. it comes up so often in the bani of the tenth master guru gobind singh ji
  18. i'm not getting involved in this arguement. there is no need to bring this up gain and again. if you want proof for or aginst the raag mala i can direct you to other sites. stops being so stubborn and ruining this board for those who want to learn something rather then reading posts where arguements are constantly brought up again and again
  19. yes it is considered bani. the mangle charan is the root or preface to the bani. It is very important that is why they emphasis on the manglecharans.
  20. mangle charan for japji sahib is ik onkar to nanak hosi bhi sach. as explained by taksal as the bani in guru sahib starts and finishes with the same letter. which is 's'. Sochai soch na hovaie (start) Athara das bees (finish)
  21. What is the manglecharan. I know there are many such as the mool mantra, first chuppai chand of jaap sahib, opening salok of sukhmani sahib and many more but what does this mean. any ideas
  22. bhai Balbir Singh Ji fantastic everthing is according to Tanti saaz raag kirtan. Plus knows dasam and sarbloh bani
  23. it seems to come up in bani dukh daroo sukh rog bhaiya (sorry about the spelling) pain is the medicine while happines is the disease. only when one is in pain they remember god. its seems natural for us to try to blame someone as a scapegoat or find strenght in a great entity when down.
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