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  1. Added yesterday thirty eight Katha files by Sant Giani Mohan Singh Ji Bhindrawalae including a number of various kathas from the Sri Dasam Granth on the Avtars. More to follow soon
  2. Added yesterday was audio by the following; Keertan; Baba Bhajan Singh Ji Nanaksar Wale Katha; Baba Lakhbir Singh Ji Ratwara Sahib Wale Baba Daljeet Singh Ji Preetnagar Wale Baba Harbans Singh Ji Jandiala Wale More to follow soon
  3. Added yesterday was a large number of Dharna Divans by Baba Ranjit Singh Ji Dhaddrian Walae More to follow soon
  4. Added today twenty seven new katha divans by Sant Baba Baljeet Singh Ji Dadu Sahib Walae more to follow soon
  5. Added yesterday, Questions and Answers by Sant Jagjit Singh Ji harkhowal Walae More to follow soon
  6. Added yesterday was the following Katha Divan by Sant Amrik Singh Ji Panj Bhainia Walae Gurbani Ucharan Nitnem Banis by Sant Ujagger Singh More to follow soon
  7. The cycle of the ages repeat just as the four seasons occur each year. Avtars will continue to come when the state of Dharma is at risk
  8. Unfortunatly the Janam Patree has gone missing along with the Harsahai pothi. The relecs of Sikhi are slowly vanishing as they seem to be considered irrelevant
  9. The 84 is from the bachan of Sri Guru Amar Das Ji The gurdwara mantioned is Likhansar Gurdwara These are points and bachans given by the Guru to the Sikhs, how typical with a user name of Singhsabha you question anything historical to do with Sikhi. Modern day nastacks
  10. Here are some more responses I have had. The interesting one is for the Conservatives Emma McClarkin, should be of interest to those who voted for them as they have no sympathy for the Sikh cause at all Emma McClarkin.pdf Glynnis Wilmott.pdf Liz Kendall.pdf
  11. Right people I am sorry to start another post about Bhai Sahib and I apologise if I am duplicating anything previous posts but I am sure many of you contacted MEPS and MP's regarding the situation Bhai Davinder Singh is facing. i was hoping we could use this thread to start posting any official emails or letters you have recieved to see who is assisting the Sikh cause of Human Rights and who is not giving a damn. Hopefully thought the collation of document we can raise these wtih the sikh secretariate and gurdwara committes so when these voted officials come looking for votes we can choose candidates and parties who have helped our causes. Two of the responses I have recieved are below. i hope others will follow with responses they have also recieved. If there are those of you who have not contacted your officails can i make a request that you do. If you cant take twenty minutes out of your time to help a fellow sikh in need there is no real place for you on this forum let alone this faith. FCO reply re death penalty for Mr Davinder Pal Singh Bhullar August 2011.pdf Professor Davinderpal Singh Bhullar.pdf
  12. Added audio divans by Baba Ranjit Singh Ji Dhahddrian Walae Also videos of Sant Waryam Singh Jis divans, 221, 222, 224, 259, 264, 319, 368, 724 and 732. Loads more to follow soon
  13. Singh i just want you to record as many divans as you can for me so i can get hear them. i would appreciate that.
  14. I havent but they will be inleicester ont he 10th 11th and 12th so i will try to get one then
  15. Apologies for the lack of updates. New videos added yesterday by Sant Waryam Singh ji Ratwara Sahib Walae. The divans are numbered 215,216,218,219 and 220. More to follow soon
  16. I suggest watching zeigeist for a real perspective. its free on the net
  17. Added over the last two days are a number of videos of Keertan and Katha by the following; Keertan - by Sant Sadhu Singh Ji Nanaksar Walae Katha Divans 204, 213 & 214 by Sant Wayam singh Ji Ratwara Sahib Walae Sant Kartar Singh Ji Bombay Walae Bhai Satnam Singh Ji Damdami Taksal Bhai Sukhdev Singh Ji Sangrur Walae Giani Sant Singh Ji Maskeen. More to follow soon
  18. I get the feeling that the gurmatveechar.com thread has got to such a length that no one can be bothered to have a look anymore so for that reason i thought i would make a seperate thread for this Below is a link to the katha by Sant jagjit Singh Ji Harkhowalae which was done earlier this year in Australia. The links are to the videos only at this point. Please take some time to listen or download the katha http://www.gurmatveechar.com/zenphoto/Katha/Baba_Jagjit_Singh_%28Harkhowal_Wale%29/Australia_2011/ Thanks
  19. I have listened to all of Sant Giani Gurbachan Singh Jis katha. VEry good sometime hard going but full of gyaan
  20. Sounds like good news. This was suggested before but things got in the way
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