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  1. ਗਨਪਤੀ ਬਾਪਾ ਮੋਰੀਆ !!
  2. Work, on you're. Spelling Grammar: Punctuation. pleaze. Lord have mercy. @MrDoaba may be able to shed some light on your concerns. What do you make of this hindunisation?
  3. VJKK VJKF Ji Hmm... MrDoaba has never been well per say... He's just having a break though. Spending his time wisely. Entertaining kaamdeva and his ਤੋਤਾ. I'll pass on your concerns, though I'm afraid he won't hear them for the brown RSS kashera he's managed to stuff in his ears. Hare ਓਮ. On a real though, he's fine. ਏਨੀ ਛੇਤੀ ਨੀ ਖੇੜਾ ਛੁਟਣ ਵਾਲਾ l
  4. Over kill pata ki hunda? Jesus.
  5. That's a very catchy tune. First thing in the morning urgh! Thanks
  6. One of the fundamental beliefs?... You're looking at sikhi through abrahamic lenses.
  7. Not a favorite but I'm hooked to the first shabad. Prabh dori haath tumhare.
  8. S4NGH

    wearing red uniform

    You asked a question, had a little debate with yourself and then answered it. What's the point in this post? Other than to rake up pointless controversy.
  9. LMFAO ??? savage!!
  10. Here we go again
  11. ? good riddance to these type of people. Girls or boys. Please get a one way ticket. Thanks in advance.
  12. Veer what do we do then? I've never been one for petitions or desi "protests"/get togethers. Do you think civil disobedience is worthwhile?
  13. Look dude I know how you feel. I used to constantly lock horns with my bibi but now she isn't around, I regret all that so much. You may hate her now but trust me, when she's gone, she'll leave a massive void. Make the most of the time you have with her. She's probably 70odd? Probably set in her ways. She won't be around forever. You'd rather have sweet happy memories right? She loves you whether she shows it or not. I'd do anything to spend a moment with either of my grandmother's. Do what she says, keep her happy. Talk to her about her childhood and stuff. How the good old days were. They're like cute little wrinkly history troves. Urgh <3 I want one.
  14. S4NGH

    Dream? Peshi?

    ਗੀਤਾ ਪਰ ਹਾਥ ਰਾਖ ਕਰ ਸਹੁਗੰਦ ਖਾਓ... ਜੋ ਵੀ ਕਾਹੂਗੀ ਸੱਚ ਕਹੂਗੀ । ਸੱਚ ਕੇ ਸਿਵਾ ਕੁਛ ਨਾਹੀ ਕਾਹੂਗੀ ਮੀ ਲੋਰਡ... My hindi is a little iffy... Also this is like a staple bollywood dialogue. If you don't know it, are you even indian bro?!? @MrDoaba
  15. S4NGH

    Dream? Peshi?

    You forgot the "serious" hashtag bro. Oh wait...
  16. No veere, I agree with your point. Just thought to clarify.
  17. Don't think OP meant anything by it. Amongst us, it's simply another term for Kharkhus.
  18. S4NGH


    Definitely worth a share of your dasvand
  19. Also, the majority of Chamkila and Amarjots songs were pure filth. Ye olde pornography... They received numerous requests to tone it down during the kharkhu period. In response they released a "religious" album in 1985 I think? And then went back to producing filth which worked perfectly for the indian establishment. If it was Khalistanis behind their murders (which I don't believe to be the case), I wouldn't necessarily condemn their actions. Not that I condone their murders... Amarjot was pregnant at the time...
  20. A gang of motorcyclists fired several rounds, fatally wounding the couple and other members of the entourage. However, no arrests were ever made with connection to the shooting and the case was never solved. There are many other conspiracy theories as to why Chamkila was killed. It is widely reported that he had been the victim of several death threats. The nature of those threats or the rationale behind them still remains a mystery. The high-profile murder sparked a frenzy of controversy and speculation. Some of the most prominent theories explaining the killings are: -The Khalistani movement may have been behind the killing of Chamkila as his songs might have been objectionable to the movement. -Due to the public’s declining interest in other Punjabi singers in favour of Chamkila, one or more of these other artists may have planned his killing. This theory is further backed by his colleagues (musicians, booking staff etc.) in a number YouTube interviews. -Punjab police could have been behind the murder, as killings by government officials and police were very common and many high ranking Punjab police officers were outraged by Chamkila's lyrics and what they perceived as his vulgar songs. -Chamkila may have been murdered by an individual he might have refused to perform for due to a scheduling conflict or other reasons. -One of the possibility is honor killing, because Chamkila's wife Amarjot was belong to Tarkhan family. Her parents & relatives might be involve in Chamkila's murder.
  21. S4NGH

    Dream? Peshi?

    He means 10 gods. Fire water sky earth etc.
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