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  1. What is Adole Avastha? Can someone please explain this?
  2. Gurdware ki karde firde sigay fer? We had problems with a "Sikh" and non Sikh getting married at the Guru Ghar, and people tried to defend it by illogically claiming that its okay because one party is "Sikh." What is the explanation for two Hindus getting married at the Gurdwara?
  3. Its a good thing that the photographer responded to this situation. I am gathering that she is not a Sikh? Regardless, its not just the photographer's fault. The bride should've known better.
  4. There is too much beadbi going on of Maharaj nowadays in regards to marriage its so heartbreaking. If Guru Gobind Singh Ji was sitting there in physical form who would dare to do beadbi? Guru Granth Sahib Ji is the jot of all the 10 Gurus I don't understand what people don't understand about that. :stupidme:
  5. Chardikala means to remain blissful and accepting Waheguru Ji's Hukam (or bhana.)
  6. This is so dumb! Women don't walk 'behind' men! They walk equally close to Guru Ji because they're getting married in Maharaj Ji's hajoori! People nowadays don't look into the essence of the practice and are brainwashed by western mentality. Anand Karaj should be a religious ceremony for our Guru Sahib Ji's blessings! Not for who is walking in front and who isn't! Respect to the bride? What happened to respecting Maharaj Ji. Seems like nobody was keeping Maharaj Ji's hajoori into mind. Wish this couple had spoken to a Poora GurSikh before doing this and 'inspiring' others to do the same.
  7. Focus on bhajan/bandigi. Listen to Kirtan listen to katha listen to gurbani. Get rid of all those things that make you feel negative. Forget about them all. And replace them with Gurbani and Sikhi Sidhaant. Then notice your life changing course! It'll become amazing because; charan saran gur eaek paiddaa jaae chala sath gur kott paiddaa aagae hoe laeth hai ||
  8. Women should decide themselves if they're comfortable doing seva of Maharaj because not all women are the same. Some have heavier flows whereas others do not. So for some men (and women) to generalize and prohibit other women from doing seva is not the right thing. Each woman to their own. Women know what they can or cannot handle and if someone wants to do seva of Maharaj they certainly should have enough sharda to refrain from doing seva when they know they cannot guarantee suchamta. Otherwise if a woman can guarantee suchamta I don't see why everybody else needs to interfere with her relationship with Maharaj.
  9. Nai veer ji mere toh galti ho gayi I read this thread through my phone and I did not notice the pictures posted by StarStriker Ji and I assumed JRoudh Ji was referring to the videos you posted. Ignore my ignorant response sangat Ji :blink2:
  10. Mehtab Singh Ji wasn't saying anything about Jatts or promoting them. He literally only posted videos from a Punjabi movie he enjoyed when he was younger that so happens to be about 'Muslim Pakistani Jatts.' This thread is about Punjabi. Punjabi is also spoken in Pakistan Punjab. Hence why this movie was brought up. It has nothing to do with jaat paat.
  11. When people portray us as "cartoon characters" in movies we complain, we complain when nobody highlights the Sikh itihas in India considering that we had a significant role against the Mughal empire, we complain when our own children have no idea what happened during that time period, we complain when RSS and other organizations try to change our history, we complain about all of these things and many more, and rightfully so. But when someone makes a movie to present the richness of our history, when our Sikh itihas is highlighted in Indian cinema, Guru Patshah and Guru Ji's Khalsa is portrayed as a force not to be reckoned with, when our children are learning about our itihas through an animated 3D movie, when sentimental emotions are evoked not only for Sikhs but for non Sikhs watching the movie, some of us still complain and thats just mind boggling. :stupidme: Bilkul samajh toh parre ah.
  12. 'Sochte huye Guru' gives me goosebumps every time I listen to it. Such a fantastic movie! Evokes emotions out of everybody and the most powerful thing was (as everyone has already mentioned) after the movie ended there was dead silence. Everybody walking out of the theater was absolutely silent no words were spoken even in my family until we started driving home. Loved everything about this movie! Dhan dhan Badshah Darvesh Guru Gobind Singh Ji Dhan Dhan Chaar Sahibzaade Dhan Dhan Mata Gujri Ji Dhan Dhan Guru Ka Khalsa
  13. He's being sarcastic and deliberate by comparing the Rampal Situation to Operation Blue Star. It is so ignorant of this 'Nihal' guy to compare the two because Sant Ji stood for the rights of Sikhs, paani da masla etc. plus there's countless proof indicating the government had already planned on attacking Darbar Sahib before Sant Ji 'fortified' it (if that's how the government wants to put it). So this Nihal guy really needs to pick up a history book before making ridiculous and naive comparisons. You can't take a situation and compare it to another situation just because it's a 'religious man' that has barricaded into a religious place. Sant Ji stood for political and religious matters. Whereas this Rampal guy no clue what he's doing but I'm positive it's nowhere near the atrocities the Sikhs had to face not only post '84 but pre '84. Truly a naive and uneducated statement.
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