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  1. There is no such thing as a "soul mate" Hmmmmmm.. So I was correct lol.. There is a such thing as soul-mate. You contradicted yourself.. .......... Now that sounds more like 'SIKHI' :lol: To prevent such confusion in the future, word it correctly next time :umm: ...meaning....post your opinions, with in mind, the fact that girls and guys are reading..lol
  2. uhh no ....i can name five of my immediate friends who were " taken advantage" of by hindu men, married men at that... one of them was a dentist :S Err... Sorry, but.. What does dentistry have to do with that? :6 :6 obviously with years of training on proper conduct with people you would expect better out of a dentist ...is that a surprise? It's surprising that one would think that. Years of training on proper conduct with people...doesn't have anything to do with a dentist. I am still confused.
  3. Umm.. There is no introductory line in your post. I am confused what you are referring to, as being "true" and it(?) having "nothing to do with ritualism. Additionally, which baba ji are you talking about, and which bachan? :umm: Am I missing something here, or am I missing something? :6
  4. uhh no ....i can name five of my immediate friends who were " taken advantage" of by hindu men, married men at that... one of them was a dentist :S Err... Sorry, but.. What does dentistry have to do with that? :6 :6
  5. Guru ji's would NEVER outcast spiritual people when they provided teachings to others as well. Guru ji does not tell us to reject other religions, and their morals etc. Guru ji encourages us to respect others and take in the positive, and leave out the negative..of ANY human being.
  6. Yes... Well.. What more can we expect from a religion that preaches inequality amongst people of the same nationality, race, culture, AND religion?!?! Yes... I am talking about the caste system that is a RELIGIOUS HINDU 'way of life'. I'm really so in love with 'SIKHI'. I thank God I'm not anything else. The religion that is closest to 'SIKHI' when it comes to gender equality would be Buddhism. Don't get mixed up with the teachings of a Buddhist priest, regarding sexism, in Thailand today..because the TRADITION has CHANGED SO MUCH, but the RELIGION is the same. Buddha had actually said that
  7. Let me ask you why is the common definition of the 'Punjabi word' always referred to as 'learner/disciple/follower'? Why isn't the actual definition of Shri Guru Gobind Singh ji used commonly? Bhul chuk maaf Khalsa jio wjkk wjkf Actually.. The common definition of the 'Punjabi word "sikh" does not refer to a Sikh person. TO ANSWER QUESTION 1: The word 'sikh' means '(to) learn'. This word is a VERB. .. Whereas the the spiritual word 'Sikh' is defined as a disciple/learner. This word is a NOUN. So one is a verb, and one is a noun. TO ANSWER QUESTION 2: The verb is, of course, more c
  8. Huh? :6 Please answer my question before I get even more confused.
  9. I laughed at all of them!! This is the best: "my boyfriend (SLAP) is a paki (SLAP), i got highlights in my (cut) hair" (SLAP) "i'm a {insert cast}" (SLAP, SLAP) Applause, applause! And as for Sikhism/Sikhi.. It is just really annoying when my spell check highlights words it doesn't recognize, so I just put in 'Sikhism'.
  10. That is disgusting! Thank God I have never been on a public bus before. ESPECIALLY in a country like India. And about the girl.. Umm... Since he was telling her to keep quiet about it, he was obviously being secretive about it. That is when you take the mans arm, pretend to be kind, and twist his hand/wrist. Problem solved. She didn't mention trying to help herself. She just kept mentioning the men around her who didn't help. :umm:
  11. This is what I am trying to tell Raju to read for him/herself. Although we are not to entirely discuss dasam granth on this forum, I am trying to encourage Raju to read holy Hindu scriptures. Many Hindu gods took advantage of being the male rulers. Many male Hindu gods disrespected the female Hindu gods just because of they were females. I do not wish to post links or whatnot to prove the existence of sexism in Hinduism because there are young visitors browsing this site. Raju, please read the religious Hindu scriptures. You will find the proof you are looking for, regarding the existence of
  12. I'm not quite understanding the Chinese (majority) plan. :umm: I know that they basically want to wipe out the minorities..butt... What is the Han community? Is the Uighur community Muslim? There was a reporter who said that the Chinese are cautious, concerning the activities within Muslim communities (especially one large area, predominantly Muslim, western part of China) because they suspect the Muslims in that area are planning a massive terrorist attack. (The reporter mention that 'After these brutal attacks started last week, discussion about this suspicion is being put aside.')
  13. No one should be shaant about this. The reason why it frustrates me so much is the utter confusion I'm left with. Just where DO people get these ridiculously insane ideas? I just can't seem to understand ONE ("good") reason why honour killings exist. The population of men is already far greater than women. They already rule countries like India etc. ...WHY kill a girl for doing something like having a boyfriend, but only beat a boy for doing drugs, and later have him marry a girl that has to go through his drug-life?
  14. Hell no. It is so annoying. It's the same thing as using the tunes/beats from a rap song. (No, I'm not despising rap. It's my fav form of music...just an example..) Using bollywood tunes and rap tunes for Kirtan shows the same disrespect.
  15. Why thank you. This one is more colourful: http://www.sikhsangat.com/index.php?s=&amp...st&p=422645 :lol:
  16. ...nope

    You the stalker. Who pulled up that site in less than 5 seconds altogether?!?! STALKER

  17. LOL. Everyone's learning through life, that makes everyone a sikh. Please look up Dhan Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji's definition of Sikh (in the later years of life). It is not 'one who learns'. The Punjabi word 'sikh' means 'to learn'. However, in Sikhism, the (spiritual) definition of 'Sikh' is not the same. I'm not directing this comment at 20legend..but.... People need to stop calling these girls 'stupid' 'dumb' 'not sikh' 'despicable' etc.... your comment cant be directed at me because what im saying the same point your making about sikhs and karas you should make about sikh girl
  18. hmm to be honest I think it would only be what SGPC consider to be proper anand karaj. I would say not even the "proper" anand karaj introduced by the anand karaj act (which was last century right?) is the traditional way of marriage. I think the style of anand karaj would depend on how much someone follows SGPC, and less to do with how much one follows Guru ji. Hmm.. SGPC is not always correct, yes. I agree with what you're saying. What I was specifying though, was the absence of Parkarmaas itself.
  19. I'm not saying you are wrong for your opinions, but I must point out: Mothers Day, Fathers Day and a birthday do not have any sexist reasons behind them, like Rakhdee does. Unlike rakhdee, there are no ideologies attached to birthdays, Mothers Day, and/or Fathers Day.
  20. Reciting GurBaanee off by heart is no problem. Please don't take Gutkaa Sahibs, Phones, iPods, any types of PDAs, Laptops etc near the washroom.. LET ALONE IN IT.. AND DEFINITELY NOT WHILE ON THE TOILET. ..... Please do NOT compare GurBaanee with a newspaper.Would you read the newspaper in a Darbaar Sahib??? ..... I hope this question wasn't a joke cuz your last statement was very immature.
  21. If you would like to see these facts, then please go read the RELIGIOUS HINDU scriptures. There, you will find the sexism that spreads through the minds of Hindus. The concrete examples which you are asking me for are in the religious Hindu scriptures. Christianity, along with Hinduism and Islam have countless set of restrictions against women for no reasons. These rules are sexist. I am not talking about the Hinduism TODAY. I am not the one who is stating my opinions. Please do your research on the Hindu religion. (NOT CULTURE..RELIGION) I'm sorry to burst your bubble, but I am not at all
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