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  1. The enemy was silly to stand where he did! why I never stand high up on/ directly near stairs to talk with anyone
  2. I consider these images more realustic these are all from google images if you search ‘Guru Gobind Singh’
  3. So the real issue , since football is a lot more popular is why so few Sikhs have made it professionally
  4. Yes, and the pakistanis are usually of lower class economically, so more inclined to push their kids to cricket . Sikhs in England more likely in future to emerge from private school system as around 1/3-1/2 English cricketers privately educated
  5. We should be encouraging our boys (and girls) to be batsman - they get much more glory. who cares about bowling 140km/hr if you are making big scores? i see it somewhat like the way army uses the working class in England - most bowlers are more lower middle:working class. batsman usually middle-upper class . Similarly in India with likes of Navjot Sidhu
  6. Are you saying putting total force of your body vs more controlled slower force is less strain? why damage yourself physically if you can achieve similar outcomes with a different approach? a lot of fast bowlers get many chronic injuries. Not saying spin bowlers don’t but I know which option I would choose
  7. They're sensible and know it is less strain on the body. Also, Virdi, Panesar and Harbhajan Singh are all from Ramgharia background, so maybe it's because they're 'good with their hands'
  8. https://www.tribuneindia.com/news/punjab/abducted-sikhs-wife-appeals-to-pm-as-afghan-gets-more-risky-for-minorities-104868 Abducted Sikh's wife appeals to PM as Afghan gets more risky for minorities Nidan Singh was abducted earlier this week Nidan Singh. Photo: Twitter Tribune News Service New Delhi, June 26 The wife of a Sikh man abducted in Afghanistan has asked for Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s intervention to have her husband freed and then granting Indian citizenship to her family of six. Attacks on Sikh minorities in Afghanistan have increased ever since India cast its lot with the Kabul regime in the ongoing peace talks with the Taliban. Another threat to the minorities has been the rise of an ISI-affiliated terrorist outfit. Security analysts believed it was behind the Gurdwara Har Rai Sahib massacre in Kabul to announce its presence. The abducted Sikh, Nidan Singh, is an Afghan who had moved to India for some years when the Taliban gained ascendancy in the early 90s and worked odd jobs here. It is still not clear how and by whom Nidan Singh was asked to return and man Gurdwara Tala Sahib in Afghanistan’s Paktia Province near the border with Pakistan. The wider region called “Loya Paktia” has been a Mujahideen and then Taliban\Haqqani Group stronghold since the early 1980s. Nidan Singh lived at the gurdwara where Guru Nanak was reported to have visited with his wife and children and was responsible for its upkeep, sources said. Nidan Singh was abducted earlier this week. India and other countries are worried over the shrinking of space for Sikh and Hindu minorities ever since US-Taliban talks got into high gear and India excluded itself from establishing contacts with the insurgent group. India has condemned Nidan Singh’s abduction and the government hopes the Afghan government will be able to secure his safe and early release. Soon after the May 15 massacre at the Kabul Gurdwara, former US Vice-President Joe Biden had promised to raise the annual global refugee admissions cap to 1.25 lakhs if he won the November US Presidential elections. Implicit was the assurance that some of the quota would be for Afghanistan’s embattled Sikh community. The USCIRF, which frequently upbraids India for its treatment of minorities, had described the Kabul attack as a “terrible tragedy” for a “wonderful, peaceful religious group” that has been virtually decimated in Afghanistan with just a thousand left. Its chief Senator Sam Brownback was more guarded than Biden on the issue of citizenship but has mentioned the possibility of settling them in Canada, India or Pakistan. “We’ve been inquiring, as others have, of possible places for the remaining Sikhs in Afghanistan to go to be able to be safe. I don’t have anything publicly that I could say,” he had observed.
  9. It’s good news but I wish these cricket players adopt a smarter look with their head ware.
  10. Although most of us cannot live without electronic media like Tv and movies, by spending time watching them and being programmed they have done big damage to society in the past 100 years. Similar for radio and audio music industry too
  11. Surprised by that, not seen it myself. but maybe not so surprising that they are closer to Asia so will have more in common
  12. This last weekend in the Uk, in Reading which is not far from London there were 3 people killed by someone originally from Libya who has ‘-allah’ at the end of his name. one of the dead is an American. The other one looks like he could have been gay It looks well staged to me to maximise public outcry . Could I be right?
  13. Good luck, hope this goes well
  14. I’ve seen it. I think he’s meant to be Pakistani Sandhu but maybe they chose Sandhu deliberately to be ambiguous if racism really was this bad in 80’s then that was a very difficult time
  15. Are the narratives credible ? Shooter (2007) is good
  16. Never met any of these Indian nationalists in UK. are the North Indian Hindus the main ones in India who are anti Sikh or is it whole country? which states where Hindus live are the most and least nationalistic in India? Are Christians nationalistic in India
  17. Looks like she just wants an excuse to cry racism
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