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  1. The style tied by men is generally looked as the more masculine of sorts. This probably has to do with Indian history as if you look at old pictures of Indian men they all tied turbans and those turban styles from late 1800`s -1900's looked somewhat similar to the current style worn by sikh men (nok style). But generally speaking a dumallah tied by men & women looks very similar though. And I don't believe i've seen too many non sikhs of old times with a dumallah, so that style has probably always been associated with Khalsa, instead of a specific gender like nok/tikkhi style turban.
  2. You need to calmly and consistently explain to your mum that you have made up your mind. Tell her about the deeper spirituality you two share, how it will impact both of you positively going forward and just how important Sikhi is to both of you. Another thing you could do is regularly take your mum to Gurudwara Sahib because she doesn't seem very sikh like at all. Have her listen to kirtan, kathas and have her spend time with gursikhs. Maybe she'll change her racist/narrow minded views once she realises you truly have made up the decision.
  3. I don't see anything wrong with the ad, nor do i see any beadbi happening. Heck we need more of this kind of thing. Constant ads highlighting Sikhs possitively could go a long way into changing non sikhs perspective of turban.
  4. Bareheaded. Only time i tie patka/pagh/keski is when im going outside or doing paath. Am im guessing people sleeping with a small keski tied is a very rare thing because personally this is the first time im hearing of it. What's the reason for doing it?
  5. Eating meat because your lifestyle demands it is understandable. Taking bhang when one is perfectly healthy & when the panth is not at war..doesn't really make much sense to me. And if it aids in mediation, then why didn't Guru Ji tell the whole panth to take it regularly? The way im looking at it is this; If something could help a Sikh in mediation of all things, then wouldn't it be mentioned & stressed upon by our Gurus? As for using goat's blood on Guru Ji's weapons..eh i really do want to understand the logic behind this but i need some historical reference of it being acceptabl
  6. Yes there are many paths that lead to akal purakh. But im talking about the path laid out in Sikhi. So with that in mind, how exactly does those practices help me reach akal purakh? And for arguments sake, consider me a murakh who knows nothing about these matters. Im gonna ignore your next paragraph since i got nothing against people eating meat when they need to.
  7. When i ask myself how reading gurbani, keeping kesh, taking amrit & living by sikhi lifestyle help me reach akal purakh, i end up finding answers that make perfect sense. Yet i struggle to see how killing animals when other food is easily available, taking bhang or putting goat's blood on GuruJi's weapons help me reach akal purakh. So if anyone can tell me how these practices help me re unite my soul with the creator, please do let me know.
  8. I know. My post was more of tongue-in-cheek.
  9. Today i learned that Muslims are our enemies.
  10. You're doing a great job :khalsa: My only request is that could you in the future make a video regarding why Sikhs shouldn't celebrate rakhri? My generation could use a english video on the topic.
  11. This should clear it up for ya: http://www.realsikhism.com/index.php?subaction=showfull&id=1248369578&ucat=7
  12. Times have changed and issues facing us have also changed. After 1984, Punjab and the sikh panth needed Khalistan more than anything. But today, Punjab and the sikh panth needs education of sikhi more than anything. And that is something which can easily be achieved without a separate sikh nation.
  13. So are you agreeing with me on the lack of credibility or believing this dal khalsa story? Your post is a little confusing lol.
  14. So the killings have been going on for weeks and yet no sikh or non sikh news agencies has picked it up except for this dal khalsa uk? I gotta say this doesn't seem credible to me at all.
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