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  1. talk about being assuming and a bit condescending, there are many sikh grandfathers and fathers who wore their dastars despite prejudices against them during the early days here , in fact, that is the reason my Nana ji said Yes to my Dad because he had lived in UK and returned sabat soorat . I learnt from the AKJ Jathey's bibian , my mum, my dad , friends and ultimately keep practising like everyone else . Now I teach my kids and husband. I also track down video channels for the kids and my nephews and nieces to learn for themselves .
  2. That's why they've been attacking it hard prior and during the covid 'accident' and since people started raving about getting better from vaccine damage . Sad thing to see is how our associations are being baimaan and trying to force us to be under control of our enemies . So many homepaths are deciding to abandon such associations and building our own working /educational groups.
  3. brother that's why I trained as a homeopath so I could look after people and earn an honest roti
  4. well whilst this has been going on they sold 375000 GP practices to an American operator rather than keep it under an answerable trust
  5. truth be told there are so few staff to cover purely through mismanagement of NHS by Bojo and crew that even regular hospital scenarios are too tough to cover let alone the added covid restricted wards.
  6. latest news https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9366963/Coronavirus-Pfizers-Covid-vaccine-linked-blood-clots-AstraZenecas-UK.html?fbclid=IwAR0fSYZCh5Diza3hKVVfQbsOz5STbK3TiemqjcfDBc471_QCQmSVy1SNASs
  7. wrong analogy it should be asking a car manufacturer if their car will burst into flames unexpectedly , and history shows that they will knowingly sell those cars , killing people until there is an outcry by public/government agency. Ford was one such company that thought the money was mor important than fixing the problem. but there are still companies to this day who will choose the money https://www.theclever.com/20-dangerous-cars-with-the-highest-risk-of-spontaneous-combustion/
  8. yes you can counter the actions/reactions caused by the vaccines to a certain extent through homeopathy and detox therapies like chelation therapy that's how some autistic cases have been reversed but the teaching of such techniques has been attacked vigourously by Pharma interest groups such as AMA , BMA etc But once you create biologically programmed/transmitted nano tech it will be very hard to counter.
  9. viruses and vaccinations are the combinations by which humanity will be snuffed out https://abcnews.go.com/Health/super-flu-controversy-brews-scientists-creation-killer-viruses/story?id=15721283 https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-30416844 now the nightmare begins Bill Gates wet dream has started : https://www.msn.com/en-us/money/markets/astra-pfizer-covid-vaccines-to-be-combined-in-oxford-trial/ar-BB1dmQdE
  10. personally if you follow the money bill gates is driving the Pfizer and moderna offerings priced at for profit levels (10X AZ/Ox one of 3$) Oxford uni took 350 million from UK Government to develop the vaccine based on viral vector tech , and had announced from the outset its intention was to make it patent free and at cost to allow maximum coverage in poorer countries . Despite BG trying to influence AZ through 400Million investment he could not turn this around or monkey the results enough to cast doubts as OXford uni had announced their data warts and alll including the mess-up with dosing
  11. pasarana is to spread /expand , with one sound the universe was created which is a vibration that can still be heard now . To start from unity to the expanse and repeat the cycle then you would have to have death or collecting up of potential mass /force . Sikhi are not christians who cannot fathom other s lifeforms prior to this human domininant one sikhs KNOW that all life is Akal Purakh and whether we came from a homo erectus prior to now that is not important for a Sikh . Are you seriously saying that Guru Granth Sahib's metaphors should be taken in literal form? are you an ex abrahamic?
  12. give it a few years and everyone will be speaking punjabi in Uk ...
  13. might get you a knuckle sandwich from the real deal though ... we knew all the lingo groing up but never used it as NO ONE wants to get on my Mum's bad side , my Mum would come and ask me what tings meant and you never imagined she would clapback to local ruffians in their own patois ...funny as hell.
  14. you trying to take away my idenitee... bro you handed it away when you started talking like a bronx hoodrat SMH Waheguru akl bakshde
  15. she is right that he should have been honest from the outset , I've seen girls getting married to guys who they thought were normal but were actually raging alcoholics or druggies and their folks thought because of Bollywood movies that marriage and responsibility would somehow fix it up . It is a crime to do that either way around, there have been guys who thought they were getting married to nice girls but found out they were sluts or alkies/druggies . Nobody has any business taking on more than they can handle and that was the only fault of this guy after the omission of truth /lie abou
  16. by welleducated you mean 'loosey goosey' with maryada and rehit , we are talking faith not physics/chemistry etc and for faith to be there you have to believe in the institution of Anand Karaj, in Guru ji , in sikhi as is . It is not condescending to point this out as that is the basic minimum requirement for a sikh wanting to partake of the blessing of Anand Karaj . The OP' s own parents did not marry by the frankly ridiculous manner they are suggesting , it is trying to say that western mores of 3rd wave feminism have more weight than Guru given maryada which is insulting in the highest man
  17. Guru Nanak Dev ji explained the birth of our universe stepwise (Arbad Narbad dhundukara ) , that there are countless planets and stars (Patala Patal lakh agasa agas), there is repeated cycles of of big bang and crunch(keh baar pasario pasar) , all well before the first telescope was developed during the period where the prevailing thoughts on Earth was that it was the centrepoint of the universe and the sun and moon turned orbit around it in the western canon and middle eastern canon. Of course , Guru ji also talked of fish that lived in trees (which detractors thought impossible but is a re
  18. they were going to do the same in front of Gravesend Gurdwara later this month.
  19. little bro , you could still complete the thread post when you can . Stay in Chardikala .
  20. you don't need the drone so much , at worst you can buy an electronic tuner which can play that note.
  21. beause sikhi is in the world and our Guru ji is Jagat Guru our parchaariks and Granthis should be able to explain to seekers of truth in that country's language or at least in English which is the most widely known . That's also why homegrown parchaariks are important.
  22. stick to non gene therapies methinks ...especially when ish like this is going down remember that they are charging full whack plus not sharing patent free rights
  23. If you read Dasmesh Pita ji's writings it is clear that he is not impressed by the actions or lack of preachings of Mohammed . At a point he mentions that the way it is practised it is the faith of shaitaans
  24. sometimes I listen to Tanti Saaz kirtan and I feel like did we ever hear true kirtan in our youth? just a jugalbandi but still so rich : asa di vaar:
  25. Waheguru ji ka Khalsa , Waheguru ji ki Fateh , firstly what you are doing is throwing out sikh culture and gurmat for some supposed 'modern' and WISER ???? way , in some mistaken impression you know what Guru ji meant better than he did. If you are happy and grateful for being a sikh on the long line of sacrificing sikhs upon whose bodies you stand then it should not be US the descendents, telling the GURU that 'we know better than you' and altering his given ways to bless you both as a Couple. If you look at the history of the Lavaan it has ZERO to do with Vedic resams as we ar
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