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  1. He did trim it. He started out with a full beard, then he started gluing it down, and eventually he said that was too time-consuming and stressful so now he trims it. """"" After giving it some hard thought about three years ago, Swatch decided it was time to cut his beard. The pressure, the stress, the time investment — it all became too much. I concluded that it's not how long you keep your beard, it's that you keep a beard. People still identify me as a Sikh," he said. "I don't like having a painful face anymore." Swatch still keeps a beard, but it's only about two inch
  2. https://www.cbc.ca/radio/docproject/raising-hair-1.4796906/after-struggling-for-an-ideal-sikh-beard-he-s-easing-up-on-his-face-but-not-his-faith-1.4797667 After struggling for an ideal Sikh beard, he's easing up on his face - but not his faith "Is 'struggle beard' a term?" asked Tej Swatch when asked to describe decades-long battle with his beard Tanara McLean · Posted: Oct 05, 2018 4:43 PM ET | Last Updated: October 29, 2021 Tej Swatch spent years perfecting his beard-beautifying regime — until one day when it all became too much. (Submitted by Tej
  3. I've also about heard about this. The Roman Emperor Justinian was against the idea of reincarnation and had it removed from Christian doctrine. It was also easier to control the masses if they did not believe in it. No doubt religions have been corrupted over the centuries.
  4. I would check out @cv19vaccinereactions on instagram. They are trying to take it down but it has some really eye-opening accounts of what some people are going through after getting the vaxx.
  5. Nope, it's real! This is one of the women who run it.
  6. These guys seriously have nothing better to do.
  7. I think his personal account is: the.achal He follows 6 people from the valorous.hindu.2.1 account We should report: valorous.hindu.2.1 valorous.hindu.3.6 the.royal.hindu harris_park_aajao2 the.valorous.hindu
  8. I just checked and Twitter finally took it down.
  9. It's amusing seeing people that many of these Modi bhaktis look up to turn against them. Now they try using their perverted insults against them which just shows more of their true colors.
  10. Yeah it's pretty obvious that all of these Indian celebs coming out and saying the same propaganda garbage at the same time on Twitter was set up. At the end of the day, it's either they do what they are told or they lose their fame/career. Puppets - all of them.
  11. Definitely a good thing bringing awareness to the situation. However, I do have my suspicions about her being a puppet of the elites, illuminati, etc.
  12. I noticed this as well and was wondering if there is a connection. I think ultimately their plan is to get rid of independent farming and to control the global food supply. Once they control the food supply, they have unlimited power.
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