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  1. Meant to type Saranda ended up typing Sarangi ...go figure anyways Guru ji de ditte hoe Saaz jaroor sikhna chahida and pass the knowledge down seena baseena
  2. His name is Tajinder Singh not 'rinku' any way they can diminish us they try
  3. Modern bannen di koshish 'ch apni virsa bhul gahe ... fitt jaun da aase Principals da ... maybe a visit from the Ajnalis will sort out his violent tendencies ... :nono:
  4. Only Guru ji is our friend the rest ...is dependent on their actions weighed up against gurmat ... remember Guru Gobind Singh ji warned us not to trust EVER those who 'vow' to do something for us or that they will not do something ...so in this case Muslims and HIndus have broken many many promises. So you work it out ...
  5. Try keeping a large kanga with you to comb your hair my eldest son and my nephew have very heavy long hair and this has helped a lot , also look at changing your shampoo for something that deep cleans and has a matching conditioner it will help prevent your hair from getting overly dried out and hard to manage . Use Coconut or almond oil to keep them easier to comb try to get the best quality oil you can we use organic unprocessed coconut oil if you don't like the smell try Bajaj Almond drops. Try to stay away from baby oil as it is mineral oil which prevents natural function of hair (acts
  6. veer ji all bani is parvan ...just we need to revive the tools given us by Guru ji if wasn't important they would not have used raag in Guruji and developed tanti saaz specific to Gurmat Sangeet and this was stolen from us by The British missionaries because they could see how much Bani in the form of kirtan gave us an internal support. Darbar sahib was resistant to the introduction of the harmonium as it was considered very lowly instrument, was a much lesser thing than Guru ji's Saaz . Time has passed but we can still learn and propagate higher standards in kirtan ...we shouldn't be lazy Kh
  7. Bhagat Farid ji , is the Farid whose lifestyle is described as part and parcel of his bani ...which is now GurBani so what new controversies do you want to start ? Ardas is free form and changes ...the ardas that was before Guru Teg Bahadur ji's shaheedi is beshak different from now there is no controversy ...it is communication to hirdey from hirdey. Bus nam japo sabh kuch teek hoga ... that is what my dad's last sentence in this life was ....and he died japping nam for 48 hours no water no food no talking ...bhagti that's the name of this life
  8. Yes I agree it has a big impact on my kids they can tell what is reality(moth, dharam raj, lakh churasi joon) from the fiction you guys want to peddle to them (sharab pio, assh karo, drugs kao, kuch nahin hona tuvhnu )
  9. SOPW got there within 9 hours https://www.facebook.com/SikhRelief/photos/a.662943063789023.1073741828.518336921582972/666870313396298/?type=1
  10. This has happened despite the locals acknowledging Sikhs have never shown predjudice to the local people's children ... I feel that it is yet again outsiders shipped in to make trouble by scheming Masood A riot broke out in Saharanpur among Sikhs and Muslims over a land dispute issue near the local Gurdwara on July 26th, 2014. There has been 2 deaths and 19 injuries so far. Curfew has been imposed in the area. News Sources http://tribune.com.pk/story/741507/saharanpur-district-communal-riots-in-up-leave-two-dead/ http://www.hindustantimes.com/india-news/post-riots-curfew-in-place-jat
  11. forgot to mention gora also has raag vocal practice vids ..
  12. Look be realistic people no 11 year old male or female is going to be confronting their father over dodgy pics ...go to your Mum explain to her what you saw and did , then ask her to handle it . The father will get angry , be dismissive at the least or violent at the worst do you really think you are giving great advice to place a child in that situation. The mother has a right to know if she is unaware of the existence of these photos so she can fix her relationship if needs be and confront her partner for the need of this gandh. Obviously the child knows that these pics are not right so stop
  13. Non -news ...just the same old tired studies drawn upon by atheists to show how religion warps people ... miracles are called such because they are not normal occurences...anyway back to nam jap
  14. how is is this beadbhi ? the poster says that it is a sports day and I cannot see Maharaj di saroop anywhere , it does look like it is being run in tents outside . Please clarify or chilll.
  15. veer ji , I think that you didn't really think it through anyhow ...taliban have killed schoolchildren and school teachers, beaten family's menfolk to death for perceived collabaration, which in reality means non=cooperation to their edicts . Forcing girls of very young ages to get married to them and then beating and abusing them . They destroy hospitals deny healthcare to the womenfolk, imprison women in the house, forbid them from leaving the house with out a man accompanying them . all this and more besides none of the agnalis have done that I think , true they have overly punished wrong
  16. The Indian news report I watched earlier today states that the land was never an issue because the gurudwara has held the land for twenty years and has the only paperwork these muslims braying for blood are just gunfodder for the congress cause .
  17. Waheguru ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji ki Fateh, if you have access to a dilruba you can follow this guy's lessons on youtube he explains very clearly about technique , tips on treatment of bow and instrument . wholegreaterthansum is the channel name good luck and enjoy your practice
  18. don't you think using those terms yourselves is just handing it prepackaged for others to critcise all sikhs ...remember we are all terrorists if we are amritdhari and wear our panj kakars already...thank carefully discuss indiviuals and their actions not banding people under labels .
  19. his best bet it to leak it outwards in foreign countries first so gurudwarey can stop money flow immediately and demand answers .
  20. veer ji you cannot replicate sikh raags properly on the harmonium for instance Shri raag which is one of the most used cannot be correct because the re note is incorrect thus raag is not correct thus naad of shabad is destroyed . Naad guru and Shabad guru make the true kirtan for us ...naad creates the emotion which enhances the pakard of the shabad into your hirda. listen to bhai Avtar Singh ji dhann so raag sorangeh on www.gurmatveechar.com volume 1 ...and see how different it makes you feel compared to aam kirtania vaaja kirtan
  21. I know brother they want us to lie down and die quietly while they steal from us , tell us our Gurus were the lowest criminals thats why they died , they want steal our children's futures and self-confidence ... the English knew that Dasam Granth is were our strength lies thats why they tried to reduce our nitnem from 5 to two to create kinthu pranthu over Dasam Granths legitimacy... and we are still fool enough to fall for all that . My wish is that EVERY gurudwara worldwide start putting jor onto Dasam bani , doing Jaap sahib japs , Chaupai japs, even Chandi di // japs, camps to teach/ do
  22. Veer ji Bhaine ji is just getting started , I was starting to put her in touch with raag vidiya through vocal side then was going to share some resources to learn those tanti saaz .. however most vidya for raag kirtan is on vaaja . I mean you can learn the raags but normally vids are mostly demoed on vaaja, even panthnrattan bhai Avtar Singh ji Hazoori raagi spent a long time using vaaja despite his family's background going back to Guru Har Gobind ji's time . Jawaadi Taksal have a channel on youtube teaching raag they have made good efforts to keep Gurmat Sangeet alive I would also us
  23. How about actually saying what you mean instead of being cowards and start name-calling hoping that others will insinuate some harsher meaning from it .... if the act is not in line with Guru ji rehit i.e. warnings given three times then the sword can be lifted . However if Guru ji di beadbhi hova or Maa bhain di izzat di sawal then straight to action mode . Nirmalas may have been infiltrated by RSS agents same anywhere in the panth just look to rehit of guru and Bachan of Gurbani and you will be able to say this is NOT Sikhi . Khalbani term should be boycotted by all forums where sikhs spea
  24. RagaTracks .... you can tune your voice to scales MeetKalakar... have loads of beginner vocal exercises to strengthen voice female leader of lesson more classical desi raag
  25. Oh Waheguru ...you made me laugh ...I don't know of any specifically but if you start with those I'll try and find some more things that will help will building up your voice
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