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  1. why is deep sidhu being vaunted as the one who climbed and placed the flag when we saw two different individuals put two different flags up , one elder gursikh and a young lad with a kesari parna? who is this guy his face gives me the creeps ... Police were given anything goes instructions but didn't expect that shooting an unarmed guy in the head whilst he drove by would result in people pushing back against it. it is also clear over 11 police ID guys sabotaged tractors smashed windscreens and windows and also did the bus damage they were were caught and handed in to police comissioner . Many
  2. the eyewitness accounts say that the people attacke dfirst and then got their comeuppance after attacking peaceful protestors don't believe all you see , the Trianga WAS NOT removed as that was inside and on seperate pole , and both Khanda and Kissan flags were raised on the smaller ple outside the Red fort. The bus incident is a false flag , the media have not reported on the death of a tractor driving farmer who was shot with bullets and teargas ... Of course Kangana Ranaut opened her big gob demanding that all the people at red fort should be arrested and have all their land and money
  3. so maybe as someone had commented on one of his demonstration videos he has taken kali/escrima moves and made a hybrid art which he is saying is the real deal
  4. looks like escrima philipino knife art which I mentioned before apparentely he has filmed tutorial style available here: https://www.aperture.university/store/FyXFXwWP
  5. I have it , maybe I'll read it next it's on my TBR pile.
  6. can include UK, USA in the list of soft targets too , in fact we can see that the tories are full of BJP fanboys and girls as well as the hindus in Labour . Thankfully Biden has listened to Indian orgs and kicked these sleepers out from frontline jobs . Priti openly acknowledges her links with such idealogues in the BJP/RSS uk chapter's newsletter.
  7. he is not the only teacher and his attitude of money money first is wrong attitude for an ustaad teaching such skills much like jujitsu/karate/escrima teachers the quality of the internal changes the whole transfer of knowledge and the final product. If the ustaad is full of ahankar he cannot show the student how to be a neutral minded warrior, which is vital for sikh warriors
  8. bhai Rama Singh ji talks about this punishment also as he had experience of darshan of this
  9. Also Nigella /kalonji ground and used with raw honey(unheattreated) will also reduce severity of covid19 ...
  10. alakh and alekh are interchangeable , you will find in Jaap Sahib in both versions to describe Akal Purakh's atrributes
  11. Alakh Niranjan (अलख निरंजन) is a term used by Nath Yogis as a synonym for The CReator, and to describe the characteristics of God and the Self, known as the Atman. Alakh means "one which cannot be seen (perceived)" and niranjan means "spotfree"
  12. hindu mantra , have you watched an old bollywood movie because it is a phrase used by sadhus in those
  13. Could you please cut paste or summarise thanks
  14. it's interesting how this guy's claims parallel the other pretender Yogi Harbhajan who was an ordinary bloke who claimed he was the only master of Kundalini yoga lalala and sold it using sikhi as the spiritual glue to stick students to him ...both have links to RSS and GOI . When you see someone monetising your heritage immediately you should pay attention to exactly what is being peddled as authetic sikhi. Interesting he is now shacked up with one of those 3HO females
  15. just like the MP feeding beefburgers to his kid to prove british beef was OK at the height of the mad cow disease epidemic. It is just PR stunts with no real dangers to the individuals
  16. it is when such people use Guru Nanak Dev ji's words to make themselves seem spiritual I know they feel spiritually lacking for their job , Osho , Ashutosh, Ram Rahim, Sadhguru
  17. one thing I have noticed he is superpatronising to women no matter what level of education, spirituality etc and dismisses any questions they have by trying to get the audience to back him in his nonanswers.
  18. both Gandhi and Modi are losers par excellance because they imprisoned their wives in marriages that they themselves left , giving neither wife respect or freedom to execute life decisions like getting healthcare whilst massive haemmorhaging illness(Gandhi) 'she should accept it as God's will (when he had European doctors and latest treatments available for himself) getting a passport (Modi) BTW he refused to sign the paperwork . Modi was married very young by arrangement and he rejected his parent's choice he had no real excuse the Gandhi thing is an excuse to look good for the sheep He has
  19. This is not a vaccine but a disease generator mechanism simply put which will churn out alien proteins which will cause stress to the whole body on a possibly chronic disease time scale and with the enhanced chances of developing ADE in the presence of real Corona viruses (including common colds) could be considered a bioweapon as they knew it could cause massive death. Now we have Sikh channels on FB with sponsored NHS messages to encouraged apney to get the vaccine as soon as humanly possible , that they is no truth to the fact that there is alien proteins either fetal or animal (no one c
  20. maybe sikh channels should switch to Minds as it seems that it is not liked by Facebook or youtube as it is non censoring and copeting in their arena
  21. I had also seen this women's sons posts early yesterday but couldn't find the link again . My colleagues and I were discussing her case and the lady above in Pink they look like the cases of damage caused by the ergot toxin and so we think perhaps that could be a remedy worth trying in their cases.
  22. Please REALISE that the vaccines developed for SARS in 2003 had the fatal flaw of creating a vulnerability in the taker to develop ADE i.e. extreme immune enhancement (read that as overreaction and failure) in the face of the actual virus . DEspite years of trying they could never get a successful solution past the animal trials most animals would survive the jab but die with exposure to virus . these vaccines have a similar problem https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/33113270/
  23. https://www.lifesitenews.com/opinion/pfizer-covid-vaccine-trial-shows-alarming-evidence-of-pathogenic-priming-in-older-adults?fbclid=IwAR2ZUiVDmreiBgrh55hDnx-IuA30FdjOsNXr93wBnvuLRz0FvrMzqbm87ao
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