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  1. pavitarsk


    Oops! At last... it dropped, I meant the ‘en’y
  2. pavitarsk


    Is it really possible for a goat to impregnate a female lion?
  3. How can a positive contributor such as yourself post nothing but negative crap, can you explain?
  4. 100 % correct but the Vedas recommend burial not cremation! The practice was introduced by the Dravidians which spread all over Hindustan. Sikhs just followed suit! No big deal.
  5. Thanks for telling me this. I thought he looked strange. Is he living in Italy then?
  6. Shocking information regarding sri sahib in italy.
  7. Well, you have a point @parmjit10 why are they not studying for degrees or becoming professionals instead of going abroad like this? Are there no good schools or colleges in Punjab for these youngsters to gain educational qualifications? How appalling! Why are they so hated in their own country?
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