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  1. These 10 peeps shud be mods Kira, SinghniMiriPri, MisterrSingh, Questioner, Simran345, Jonny101, Balkaar, InderjitS, Harsharan000 and Ranjeet01. I will try add 10 more mods once Hindu-Taksali-Bahmans like chatanga+waljinder go back to there Indira Gandhi admiration convention
  2. Lol Wally Suresh the Hindu-Taksali-Bahman-jinder So the Hindu-Taksali-Bahman like u who says Sant Ji are not shaheed is meant to be taken seriously All Sikhs know Sant Ji are a mahaan shaheed. U want to make up stories that they escaped are are living somewhere cuz ur a Hindu-Taksali-Bahman
  3. ^ Kazimakazima ji sorry bro that i was wrong b4 in thinking u were Muslim. So i hope u got my apology by pm + on thread at the time. I respect u as a good Sikh. Bhul chuk maaf But beware of a Hindu-Taksali-Bahman-chatanga that supports Indira Gandhi + RSS infiltrating this site
  4. Exactly bro. U know why this Hindu-Taksali-Bahman-chatanga that supports Indira Gandhi, Sant Samaj, Badal + Dhumma is angry is bcuz me+u exposed that Sanatani who he agrees with. What this Hindu-Taksali-Bahman-chatanga wants is a return to Hindu Mahants controlling Gurdwara's like they did between 1897-1920. This Hindu-Taksali-Bahman-chatanga accuses Guru Gobind Singh Ji of being a Hindu in a previous life + he knows any Sikh with half a brain cell will not blindly agree with these pro-Indira Gandhi liars like chatanga. I wish i could i tell this Hindu-Taksali-Bahman-chatanga what i honestly think of his support for Indira Gandhi but the banned word filters are stoppin me
  5. quote name="WaljinderSingh" post="641833" timestamp="1442254088"] but yes for seikh yo booty took some time to confirm. Lol so Wally Suresh posing as Waljinder Singh confirmed all this, huh? U have exposed urself Wally Suresh as supporting Hindu-Taksali-Bahman-chatanga I was always suspicious of u Wally Suresh when u denied that Sant Ji was not shaheed U insulted Sant Ji by denying that they bravely became shaheed for the Panth Instead u lied about Sant Ji claiming they escaped and are alive + living sumware So thanks for exposing urself Wally Suresh Why dont u go to the next level + expose urself to a 6 year old girl like Prophet Muhammad bravely did like a pedophile u Hindu-Taksali-Bahman-Wal-lySuresh-jinder?
  6. The key word being IF jagsaw bro. This Hindu-Taksali-Bahman-chatanga is the one with the agenda he supports Badal Every post i make is anti-Islam, anti-Hinduism and pro-Sikh This Hindu-Taksali-Bahman-chatanga is angry that I support Justice Khalra Ji Whereas this Hindu-Taksali-Bahman-chatanga supports Indira Gandhi, RSS, Sant Samaj
  7. I officially confirm 2u that u are a Hindu-Taksali-Bahman-Chatanga U r the pathetic piece of **** that accused Guru Sahib of doing Hindu havans U r a hindu-taksali-bahman-chatanga so **** off from this site u Indira Gandhi bootlicker
  8. Thanks Jagsaw for exposing this Hindu-Taksali-Bahman-Chatanga! I guess our secret about me+u being the same person might get exposed now dude! But yeah this lying Hindu-Bahman-Taksali-Chatanga has the cheek to accuse me of being another poster just bcuz i am not a slave to his pakhandi leader Dhumma But the good news is Jagsaw u are officially now deleted off my hitlist of hated posters + the number1 poster who i am going to trail like the troll i am is this Hindu-Taksali-Bahman-chatanga Ur right Jagsaw i am not the cleverest. Trolls have a low IQ. But at least i am not a peabrain like this Hindu-Taksali-Bahman-chatanga
  9. u lying Hindu-Taksali-Bahman-Chatanga u r a worthless piece of **** u don't even know that i disagree with DTF about Anand Karaj + other stuff but u chat **** cuz ur a lying Hindu-Bahman-Taksali-Chatanga every post u make i'm gana expose ur Hindu-Bahman-Taksali a$$
  10. The migrant Sikh taxi driver who turned a racist cab fare into a quest to feed Darwin's needy 105.7 ABC DarwinBy Emilia Terzon Updated 31 Mar 2015, 2:04amTue 31 Mar 2015, 2:04am Photo: "If you want to do something for society, you need hard work," Darwin taxi driver, Tejinder Singh said. (105.7 ABC Darwin: Emilia Terzon) Map: Darwin 0800 A migrant Indian taxi driver has turned a racist cab fare experience into a monthly quest to feed the needy, hungry and homeless in Darwin. Tejinder Singh and his three family members save $1 each a day so they can spend the last Sunday of every month handing out kilos of rice and chickpeas from a van. "When I see the people, I stop and say 'you need food?'" Mr Singh said to 105.7 ABC Darwin. The Singhs are migrants from Punjab, a region in India seen as the birthplace of the Sikh religion. By day, Mr Singh works as an air conditioner mechanic on a skilled migrant visa, but by night he drives through Darwin's streets in a taxi. He occasionally encounters racism from cab customers due to the black turban worn for his religion. In 2012, Mr Singh picked up a person who asked him which school in Darwin his children attended. After Mr Singh replied, the person said he would send his kids to the same school as Mr Singh was not likely to bomb an establishment that his own children attended. Photo: "Sometimes it's very hard to find people," Mr Singh said. (105.7 ABC Darwin: Emilia Terzon) Shortly afterwards, Mr Singh launched his food van for the hungry in Darwin, to help the community to not be so afraid of his turban. "Our religion says 10 per cent [of your income goes towards] the needy, poor, who need help, no matter if they follow your religion," he said. "I try to follow my religion." Darwin taxi driver's monthly ritualWhen the ABC visited the Singh family home last Sunday, Mr Singh had just finished cooking up 30kg of food for his monthly Sunday rounds. He had been driving his cab the night before and had not slept before cooking up vats of chickpeas, rice and peas in his backyard. "He worked all night and he didn't sleep at all," his wife Gurpreet Kaur said. "It's amazing how he does it. He drives for 12 hours in the night and then [spends] five hours cooking around a gas stove." Mr Singh and his 14-year-old son Navdeep Singh then hauled a few coolers of food into a van especially decorated for the occasion. Photo: "He helps us Aboriginal people in Darwin," said one person who received free Indian food from Mr Singh's food van on Sunday. (105.7 ABC Darwin: Emilia Terzon) Mr Singh does not have a designated spot to hand out his Indian cuisine and sometimes spends several hours searching for people who might be hungry. "Sometimes it's very hard to find people," he said. The food mostly ends up in the stomachs of long grassers in Darwin's northern suburbs, but Mr Singh said he does not discriminate. "I want to help needy people. Anybody, no matter black, no matter white, no religion," he said. "If they are hungry, I will give them food."
  11. Bro i get what u saying. But why would our Singhs work with those who did a bigger Genocide? No Singh would co-operate with Gen Brar or Sajjan Kumar today so neither did Kharku's forget the 1947 Genocide. Bro i honestly believe the weapons our Singhs had in their photo's were home made. Kinda like the Taliban replicating American weapons. Basically a heck of a lot of AK47 are not Soviet weaponry. Also remember that the Pakistan Army was totally supplied by the Americans back in 1984 using M16's etc. As the AK47 is the most copied and world's most popular assault rifle so the blueprint was out there big time. The Economist explains Why did the AK-47 become so popular? Jan 8th 2014, 23:50by T.W. Add this article to your reading list by clicking this button Mikhail Kalashnikov shows a model of his AK-47 assault rifle at home in the Ural Mountain city of Izhevsk, 1,000km (625 miles) east of Moscow Source: AP A member of the Mexican army shows an AK-47 rifle seized from alleged drugs traffickers Source: AFP A man from Dinka tribe holds his AK-47 rifle in a Dinka cattle herders' camp near Rumbek in central South Sudan Source: Reuters Armando Guebuza waves the Mozambique flag during his swearing-in as president of Mozambique in Maputo in 2010 Source: EPA Osama bin Laden poses with his own Kalashnikov assault-rifle Source: Getty Images A boy holds his Kalashnikov rifle on the streets of the Iraqi city of Ramadi Source: Reuters A student of Russia's Scorpion Youth Military Club levels a Kalashnikov assault rifle as he takes an exam on the Defender of the Fatherland Day, near the Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk Source: Reuters A visitor walks past the 2011 work "Kalashnikov (multicolour)" by German-Hungarian artist Kata Legrady, on show in Karlsruhe, Germany Source: EPA Wyclef Jean, a Haitian-American singer, poses backstage with a guitar shaped like a AK-47 in New York Source: Getty Images Baluch rebels hold their weapons as they pose for a photograph in Pakistan's Baluchistan province Source: Reuters 1 / 10 MIKHAIL KALASHNIKOV died on December 23rd, aged 94. But his 66-year-old invention, the Avtomat Kalashnikova, has plenty more shots left to fire. Developed in 1947 and first used by Soviet forces in 1949, the AK-47 assault rifle and its many derivatives are now used by the armed forces of more than 80 countries, and by freelancers in many more. No-one knows quite how many are in circulation: 100m is a reasonable guess. As a proportion of all the guns in the world—another number no-one can be quite sure about—Kalashnikovs probably make up more than one in ten of all firearms. Why does an ageing Soviet invention still dominate modern warfare? The cultural impact of the AK is felt all over the world. Quentin Tarantino’s villains celebrate its appropriateness for “when you've absolutely, positively got to kill every [enemy combatant] in the room”. Mexican outlaws boast about their cuernos de chivo, or “goat horns”, the nickname given to the rifle because of its curved magazine. In some parts of Africa, where the gun is seen as a symbol of the ousting of colonial rulers, Kalash is a popular name for boys. Mozambique displays the gun on its flag. In Lebanon, a model nicknamed the “Bin Laden” sells for twice the price of the standard AK-47, because it is the type that al-Qaeda’s former boss was seen toting in some of his videos. The gun is nothing special. Its controls are unsophisticated; it is not even particularly accurate. But this simplicity is a reason for its success. Compared with other assault rifles, the AK-47 has generous clearance between its moving parts. That is bad for accuracy, but it means that the mechanism is unlikely to jam, no matter how clogged it gets with Sudanese sand or Nicaraguan mud. Designed to be operated by Soviet soldiers wearing thick winter gloves, it is simple enough for untrained recruits (including children) to use. These features explain why the gun has remained in demand. But its success is also down to supply. The Soviet Union wanted to standardise military equipment among its allies, and so shipped giant caches of the weapons to friendly states, where it also established factories to churn out the rifles by the hundreds of thousand. (The USSR was unconcerned with copyright, too, meaning that knock-offs proliferated.) The gun has spread all over the world. But where the Soviet Union had less influence, the AK-47 was less popular. To this day, bandits in the Philippines are more likely to use variants on the M16, an American-made assault rifle supplied to the Philippine army by the United States. With the AK’s dominance firmly established, it has proved hard to displace. In Syria, some fighters were pictured using FAL assault rifles, which by some accounts are superior. But they didn’t last long because it proved hard to find ammunition: the FAL takes 51mm-long cartridges, which are thinner on the ground in conflict zones than the 39mm-long cartridges used in the older types of AK-47, according to Nicolas Florquin of the Small Arms Survey, a Swiss research-organisation. Perhaps most fundamentally, the basics of warfare haven’t changed all that much since the second world war. Drones and smart weapons are revolutionising rich-world armies. But elsewhere, much of today's bloodletting follows a similar pattern to that seen in the 1940s. Until warfare evolves, the AK-47 will remain as devastatingly useful as it was half a century ago.
  12. Khoon bro it wasn't Rahul Gandhi but Sanjay Gandhi who via Zail was using people like Dhumma at Damdami Taksal Sant Ji never had any AK47. All Sant Ji had was a 1939 World War 2 rifle that was fully licensed. Bro u know the weapons used by Kharku's were actually home-made weapons and weapons smuggled internally from within India and stolen from the Army as the border was completely sealed remember as they did prior to 1984. But what Congress did they deliberately switched home-made weapons for Pakistani weapons in photo's in order to falsely show Kharku's were getting help from Pakistan. As by showing these fake Pakistani weapons it made it legitimate for the terrorist government to kill innocent Singhs and those in the Kharku Lehar by painting them as traitors collaborating with Pakistan. Remember that the Pakistani's had killed 20% of Sikhs in the 1947 Pakistani Genocide of Sikhs only 37 years earlier. So nobody in the Kharku Lehar would ever co-operate with Pakistan. It's like saying Kharku's would co-operate with Beanta 30years after. That's what these terrorist Congressi's expect us to believe with their lies.
  13. But bro remember this was 1980 that DamDami Taksal overall (people like Dhumma) were campaigning for Congress. But by 1982 Sant Ji realised Indira was against Sikhs + joined the Longowal Akali Dal's Dharam Yudh Morcha And by June 1984 Sant Ji had abandoned DamDami Taksal and was public enemy number1 for Indira But sure if DamDami Taksal hadn't campaigned for Indira Gandhi, Raghunandan Lal Bhatia Congress MP in Amritsar etc in the 1980 elections then June 1984 + the Genocide of Sikhs after that by Congress might never have happened.
  14. ^ Singhni MiriPiri u mean Simran345 Ji? :respect: Good luck CanadianSingh hope u get stronger soon bro :stupidinternet:
  15. Bhai Jaswant Singh Khalra Ji were made shaheed 20 years ago to this day! Gone to SachKhand but will never be forgotten about on Earth! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NH-Q-lEBf8M
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