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  1. These 10 peeps shud be mods Kira, SinghniMiriPri, MisterrSingh, Questioner, Simran345, Jonny101, Balkaar, InderjitS, Harsharan000 and Ranjeet01. I will try add 10 more mods once Hindu-Taksali-Bahmans like chatanga+waljinder go back to there Indira Gandhi admiration convention
  2. Lol Wally Suresh the Hindu-Taksali-Bahman-jinder So the Hindu-Taksali-Bahman like u who says Sant Ji are not shaheed is meant to be taken seriously All Sikhs know Sant Ji are a mahaan shaheed. U want to make up stories that they escaped are are living somewhere cuz ur a Hindu-Taksali-Bahman
  3. ^ Kazimakazima ji sorry bro that i was wrong b4 in thinking u were Muslim. So i hope u got my apology by pm + on thread at the time. I respect u as a good Sikh. Bhul chuk maaf But beware of a Hindu-Taksali-Bahman-chatanga that supports Indira Gandhi + RSS infiltrating this site
  4. Exactly bro. U know why this Hindu-Taksali-Bahman-chatanga that supports Indira Gandhi, Sant Samaj, Badal + Dhumma is angry is bcuz me+u exposed that Sanatani who he agrees with. What this Hindu-Taksali-Bahman-chatanga wants is a return to Hindu Mahants controlling Gurdwara's like they did between 1897-1920. This Hindu-Taksali-Bahman-chatanga accuses Guru Gobind Singh Ji of being a Hindu in a previous life + he knows any Sikh with half a brain cell will not blindly agree with these pro-Indira Gandhi liars like chatanga. I wish i could i tell this Hindu-Taksali-Bahman-chatanga what i honestly
  5. quote name="WaljinderSingh" post="641833" timestamp="1442254088"] but yes for seikh yo booty took some time to confirm. Lol so Wally Suresh posing as Waljinder Singh confirmed all this, huh? U have exposed urself Wally Suresh as supporting Hindu-Taksali-Bahman-chatanga I was always suspicious of u Wally Suresh when u denied that Sant Ji was not shaheed U insulted Sant Ji by denying that they bravely became shaheed for the Panth Instead u lied about Sant Ji claiming they escaped and are alive + living sumware So thanks for exposing urself Wally Suresh Why dont u go to the next level +
  6. The key word being IF jagsaw bro. This Hindu-Taksali-Bahman-chatanga is the one with the agenda he supports Badal Every post i make is anti-Islam, anti-Hinduism and pro-Sikh This Hindu-Taksali-Bahman-chatanga is angry that I support Justice Khalra Ji Whereas this Hindu-Taksali-Bahman-chatanga supports Indira Gandhi, RSS, Sant Samaj
  7. I officially confirm 2u that u are a Hindu-Taksali-Bahman-Chatanga U r the pathetic piece of **** that accused Guru Sahib of doing Hindu havans U r a hindu-taksali-bahman-chatanga so **** off from this site u Indira Gandhi bootlicker
  8. Thanks Jagsaw for exposing this Hindu-Taksali-Bahman-Chatanga! I guess our secret about me+u being the same person might get exposed now dude! But yeah this lying Hindu-Bahman-Taksali-Chatanga has the cheek to accuse me of being another poster just bcuz i am not a slave to his pakhandi leader Dhumma But the good news is Jagsaw u are officially now deleted off my hitlist of hated posters + the number1 poster who i am going to trail like the troll i am is this Hindu-Taksali-Bahman-chatanga Ur right Jagsaw i am not the cleverest. Trolls have a low IQ. But at least i am not a peabrain like t
  9. u lying Hindu-Taksali-Bahman-Chatanga u r a worthless piece of **** u don't even know that i disagree with DTF about Anand Karaj + other stuff but u chat **** cuz ur a lying Hindu-Bahman-Taksali-Chatanga every post u make i'm gana expose ur Hindu-Bahman-Taksali a$$
  10. The migrant Sikh taxi driver who turned a racist cab fare into a quest to feed Darwin's needy 105.7 ABC DarwinBy Emilia Terzon Updated 31 Mar 2015, 2:04amTue 31 Mar 2015, 2:04am Photo: "If you want to do something for society, you need hard work," Darwin taxi driver, Tejinder Singh said. (105.7 ABC Darwin: Emilia Terzon) Map: Darwin 0800 A migrant Indian taxi driver has turned a racist cab fare experience into a monthly quest to feed the needy, hungry and homeless in Darwin. Tejinder Singh and his three family members save $1 each a day so they can spend the last Sunday of every mo
  11. Bro i get what u saying. But why would our Singhs work with those who did a bigger Genocide? No Singh would co-operate with Gen Brar or Sajjan Kumar today so neither did Kharku's forget the 1947 Genocide. Bro i honestly believe the weapons our Singhs had in their photo's were home made. Kinda like the Taliban replicating American weapons. Basically a heck of a lot of AK47 are not Soviet weaponry. Also remember that the Pakistan Army was totally supplied by the Americans back in 1984 using M16's etc. As the AK47 is the most copied and world's most popular assault rifle so the blueprint was
  12. Khoon bro it wasn't Rahul Gandhi but Sanjay Gandhi who via Zail was using people like Dhumma at Damdami Taksal Sant Ji never had any AK47. All Sant Ji had was a 1939 World War 2 rifle that was fully licensed. Bro u know the weapons used by Kharku's were actually home-made weapons and weapons smuggled internally from within India and stolen from the Army as the border was completely sealed remember as they did prior to 1984. But what Congress did they deliberately switched home-made weapons for Pakistani weapons in photo's in order to falsely show Kharku's were getting help from Pakistan
  13. But bro remember this was 1980 that DamDami Taksal overall (people like Dhumma) were campaigning for Congress. But by 1982 Sant Ji realised Indira was against Sikhs + joined the Longowal Akali Dal's Dharam Yudh Morcha And by June 1984 Sant Ji had abandoned DamDami Taksal and was public enemy number1 for Indira But sure if DamDami Taksal hadn't campaigned for Indira Gandhi, Raghunandan Lal Bhatia Congress MP in Amritsar etc in the 1980 elections then June 1984 + the Genocide of Sikhs after that by Congress might never have happened.
  14. ^ Singhni MiriPiri u mean Simran345 Ji? :respect: Good luck CanadianSingh hope u get stronger soon bro :stupidinternet:
  15. Bhai Jaswant Singh Khalra Ji were made shaheed 20 years ago to this day! Gone to SachKhand but will never be forgotten about on Earth! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NH-Q-lEBf8M
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