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  1. An honest portrayal of life overseas. Here I was thinking Punjabi music was all about drinking and scantily clad females.
  2. I've been giving this some thought, Singh Ji, it's not being ignored. Not the kind of topic that a reply can be rattled off. Unfortunately, some of us need a bit more time to think things over; all that flowery language can cause befuddlement.
  3. I apologise if you think I was misquoting you, but I did say if that's the kind of people you've encountered, then you can't be blamed for holding those opinions. It just pained me to read where you were heading with your argument, because I know from my own experience it simply isn't true.
  4. I understand why you'd say the above, and you say it's your experience which is fine, but you're verging on snobbery, bhenji. It's a very black and white way of looking at things. It's a few steps away from saying the more prestigious occupation and social status a person has, the better they are as a human being. Do educated people not philander? Do they not swear? Do they not gossip? They do all those things and more. It's just society likes to pretend it's the unwashed masses or the blue-collar stiffs who have no idea how to conduct themselves with honour and respectability. That's so untr
  5. Might want to work on that passive-aggression like I advised you a few weeks ago. Good luck to you, bhen Ji.
  6. Singh Ji, haven't you heard of the unwritten rule whereby 'flowery language' is perfectly acceptable when used by a person whose opinions and thoughts align with your own, but whenever someone who doesn't share your opinions on the world dares to slip in an exotic synonym or two into a sentence, then all of a sudden it's a sign of arrogance and being an intellectual lightweight?
  7. BhenJi, I haven't even eaten my cornflakes yet and I'm having to put up with so much aggro so early in the day. Whatever happened to the holiness of the Sabbath? Bare Kaljug. ?
  8. Well, things aren't black and white. I'm still formulating my opinions on various issues. I'm not arrogant enough to believe I have the answers to everything. Sometimes it's devil's advocate, other times I'm trying to gauge other's opinions and views to aid my understanding on a subject. I'd rather be flexible and open to all points of view than corner myself into a place where I cannot accept another point of view that doesn't chime with my own pre-conceived notions, prejudices and bias. If I may critique your personality and powers of comprehension for a moment. You're too idealistic. You e
  9. As a Sikh, if only you'd put all the effort you placed into learning about Islam and directed your efforts into learning about your own religion, you wouldn't have to ask these foolish questions. You're a troll. Plain as day. You're trying to be clever, but the language you use and the points you make scream troll. Very amusing though. I look forward to more of your posts and your poor attempts to further disguise your true intentions.
  10. @jkvlondon - Sister, I voiced similar suspicions to you a few weeks ago regarding how I think Mohammed and his original message might have been co-opted by various parties over the centuries. As you say, I believe if the Mohammed we're told about in modern times is the same fellow from back then, why would our jaani-jaan Guru Sahibs neglect to mention this about the founder of a religion they were in active and violent opposition to? It would've served to strengthen our position, surely?
  11. Big picture, Preet Ji, big picture. Munching on a macchi is hardly a crime against humanity, or an act which justifies stripping him of all divinity. Maybe they ran out of rotis that day?
  12. If I have to write an essay that covers every single outcome and permutation in order to make a point, then I just haven't got the time for that. I attribute anyone who reads or replies to me to have enough about them to understand the gist of what I'm saying. Obviously, I assume too much in some instances. My reply to another forummer that you've quoted above was within the spirit of the conversation being conducted at that time, whereby the conversation was about individuals or a smaller subsection of Punjabi society, as opposed to a more general view on the merits of education and how spir
  13. If the system and its apparatus is corrupt, you will either have to bend to its will or you'll be spat out. Look at politics. How many times have we seen idealistic youngsters declare, "When I become a politician I'm going to shake things up!" Yet, 10 or 15 years later they've become part of that very system they swore they'd never allow to defeat them. I never said reaching the top is bad at all. I said those who strive to get to a certain level, more often than not, neglect those noble intentions they may have harboured when they first started out. It's human nature. I'll say it again: when
  14. I don't wish to generalise at all, but from what I've observed about our people over the years, Punjabis value a person's worth mostly on what profession somebody works in and the resulting status that profession affords them. I wish I could say this attitude has shifted with the rise of the newer generations, but if anything, it's only become worse. Rarely are our people content with what we have, however little it may be. There's always the mad scramble to climb higher and obtain more. But I guess you could say the same for most groups of people, but I'm merely discussing this issue in the
  15. One thing I would say is be careful, because I completely understand your point of view, but a lazy kid could be reading and thinking, "Great! I don't have to work hard anymore!" Lol, you know some people just don't want to put the effort in, and they'll use God as a shield to deflect any criticism or justify their own lack of motivation. You aren't doing that from what I can deduce, but a cynical individual might be getting ideas to chill out whilst pretending to be a Baba or something. Also, I believe if one has been blessed with an aptitude for education or the like, the fruits of those la
  16. Singh Ji, as far as I'm concerned you've nailed it with the above observations. Your "new caste system" theory is also first-class. I'm not knocking education though, but rarely do we learn anything for the love of discovery and self-improvement; it's almost always a means to an end. I'd be mad to say we don't need doctors or technically minded people in those professions, but as you said, the pursuit of those jobs are mostly for increasing wealth and status, particularly amongst our people for whom wealth and status are considered to be the holiest of holies.
  17. Not a comment on a terminally ill young lady allegedly swindled out of millions under the guise of a holy man allegedly promising to heal her of cancer, but some kiddies have learned their Panjabi alphabet in one of his schools, and that makes everything okay. Out of everything outlined in the case against him on the previous page, his supporters can only comment on what they perceive to be a conspiracy to defame him. If only you people were as loyal to your Guru as you are to these intermediaries.
  18. I've made my point. There's nothing more I can contribute to this discussion.
  19. On that point I agree with you, brother. Analyse and criticise if necessary, but don't stoop to their level, which is to denigrate, mock, and belittle anything that isn't Islam.
  20. Respect is earned through deeds and conduct, not haphazardly assigned for any old reason.
  21. I wasn't referring to you, more so the people who encourage others to compromise when one side is beating the hell out of the other!
  22. "What's in a name? That which we call a rose By any other name would smell as sweet." http://www.sikhsangat.com/index.php?/topic/77291-sikhpunjabi-athleticism-and-physical-prowess/
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