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  1. Soho Gudwara (GNNSJ) have one every month.. first Sunday after Sangrand.
  2. I see how you are seeing this.. but there are other hidden agendas behind why this has become what it is now. Deepa Singh has allegations against him, as a sewadar/parcharkar to Sikhi he should defend them. In his recent video statement he did highlight that his approach and the sewadar in SYUKs approach to many things needs to be tamed down. But what has happened has happened & I believe personal issue should be solved personally & not on a level it has. Ekta in our daily Ardas is a must. Waheguru
  3. Just to be clear to the sangat no one can say SYUK havent done no Sewa, what they are doing at the forefront is good.. it’s a ace how they’ve helped families & got youth to go to camps rather than going with mates. It’s how they think it’s right to have the bullying, intimidating approach within the Kaum that I think most are fed up about. The money that is raised by the sangat is not getting used to what was told to the sangat etc etc. The politics that happens when they formed SYUK when they were with SAS all of that, maybe yes it’s an excuse this situation with Herman Singh and family but it’s the right time for Deepa Singh to own up to all his allegations, make a video statement & step down from SYUK, his doing nothing but tarnishing a great organisation for Sikhi and a bad role model for the youth.
  4. I think it’s how they’ve apologised this time and addressed things.. usually they will do video statement and explain things more better, this time they did a written statement and introduced Panj Singh. Simple if your head of your organisation you take the wrap.. simples.
  5. From going recently to see the Gudwara in Coventry, I have to say that the main aspect of respect for of SGGSJ is at the highest. For whatever the allegations are about them it is what it is.. it is a shame as Sikhs we have to have soo many GuruGhar though. Waheguru
  6. Yes you are missing a lot.. the fights at Vaisahki mela (Where SGGSJ was) & there stall is blasting dharmic music, beating a 80year old then being the face of Sikh Youth UK & not taking responsibility. Why make a paper statement when other times his made videos about things..
  7. To what you said, I agree. He is a top sewadar for the youth & grooming situation at times, his mind set is kinda there BUT I’m not trying to bash his organisation or him. I’m trying to tell the youth who run after him what his really about aswell.. if you live in Midlands (UK) you will know the people he has around him and there antics in the past years at events can not be accepted, if your the face of a organisation who does so much good sewa you have to shuffle the group up (like if you was a government party and the leader wasn’t performing etc they step down). It’s putting Sikhi down, Deepa Singh should of made a video I feel not have a statement made that he is a hypocrite because when it suits him he takes hukam from a random Panj Singh, which should of been shared. The other problem is that with when someone is getting found out all there other antics are coming out, I feel that’s wrong it should of been tackled when it happened as this situation is getting dealt with now. I love my Sikhi but it’s 2019 the people who are egotistic are getting squashed.. if you feel Deepa is going good I believe you think the Jathedar are doing good too. I’ve met Deepa, talked & it’s like talking to a militant group which we don’t really need now because that’s al qaeda & we know how that ends & gets portrayed. Bhul Chuk Maaaf
  8. Sikh Youth Uk.. the message was clear today - Deepa step down and get out of town. His ego was always going to get the better of him. Sewa was always done but never humbly. Waheguru
  9. I think this statement was definitely made by the youth.. but quick question who chose the Panj Singh and is it Sikh law to actually listen to them??
  10. Sikh youth uk had some 12 year old make a statement!! What a bunch of clowns
  11. Sikh youth Uk officially need a new face to represent them. Deepa you are finished mate. Waheguru
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