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  1. That is true. Very valid points noted Sikhlionz. It is true that pro spokesman comments have been made in anti Sikh media, and perhaps that the directive was issued after pressure from other jathebandis. Your points are very valid, an dmake a lot of sense..but I'm still very suspicious over the fact that..Vedanti or anyone else against spokesman have made any excerpts or quoted exactly what is anti panthic. For example, to write that "the panthic Maryada says hallal is prohibited" will be an anti-panthic, anti Sikh remark - where does the line go? I'm very suspicious over vedanti...and his
  2. cause there wasnt a need for it yet... what would be the point of spreading sikhi in it's early years? sikhi community was not mature enough to start spreading to other places of the earth. And language is not irrelevant, it along with culture compliment but are not part with sikhi... we need cloths to wear to gurdwara, and language to communicate with others. So these things compliment, but not mix. If people try too, then we create confusion and barriers. Brother I disagree with your logic. Did Not Guru Nanak Dev Ji go arounda and preach? Did onot Guru Amar Das Ji send people to preach?
  3. I wear Kapris...and I dry my hair using hair dryer is it needs to be dried quickly. Hair dries tend to wear our hair (atleast mine)..so i try to avoid it as much as possible, unless it's urgent..otherwoise tying wet hair..is even more disrespectful..since that would mean that they will start smelling...etc Regarding Kapris...Thers nothing in SIkhi that prevents you from wearing it. In Punjab they might give you some dodg looks (since you're a female)..Sikhi has no input whether you can wear that or not. Remember back in the day..Peoples used to go around in bare Kacherey. Bhull Chukk Maaf
  4. KNH, I agre with you that there is no excuse at allfor anyoen to say "Hindus out of Punjab". There is absolutely no excues. Sikhi teaches toelrance, acceptence, equality etc. The reason most Sikhs see Punjab as their property is due to two main reasons: While negotiating for independence with the British, Sikhs were treated as a Third party, although their tiny amount...due to there immense contributions. Sikhs would get an area much much larger that Punjab is today. Unforunatly our leadesr screwed up..and accepted the empty promises of the likes of Jawaharlala Nehru chacha ji and Gandhi pit
  5. Lionchild..why do you tihnk the Gurus invented Gurmukhi? If language is completly irrelevant (I agree...learning Gurmukhi will not amke you a brahmgyani..nor will not learning Gurmukih take a a lot further from Vaheguru).. Why Would the Guru spend time on inventing Gurmukhi..when he coudl have used that time for translating the Gurbani into other languages
  6. Actually most fo the time, what has been published is how he's been excommunicated, and his newspapers is allegedly anti-panthic, anti-sikh, pro kala and what not. Not once has - 1- One Single anti-sikh/panthic comment made by the editor been provided- 2- Any other proof that what goes on in the mag is anti-sikh anti panthic etc. For some reason this wouldn't surprise me, considering him actually considering excommunicating or summoning prabhsharandeep singh who questened the jathedar in the US. I do not have any contact or relation with the spokesman..I do not know what tyhey publish, a
  7. Exactly. That is the qurabni that is needed. The Qurbani of raising Ak-s isn't the qurbani today. Khalras Qurabni is supreme. He was an amazing person. If you want to give Shaheed and give qurbani - do something good. join human rights groups.. Tuahdi qurbani parvan hou.. Bhull Chukk Maaf
  8. Butmost of it has been recorded. Although by Very biased authors (Mohsin Fani, Jahangir himself...Qazi Nur Muhammad etc etc..lets goes on) It's all recorded. Unless you can back up your claim, which is utterly against Gurmat, I doon't see any reasonw why I shouldn't question it. Most fo the Panj Baniya arn't from Guru Granth Sahib JI. Secondly the Banis in Guru Granth Shaib ji are as long as they are in Gutkey. Also Gutkey are publishe dby pulishers..who put tiles on the different prayers by THEMSELVES. by the titls in Guru Granth Sahib ji, are those that matter. For Example your Gutka fr
  9. Nimana das jee, My location is Guru Ji's sharan. Indeed some remote corner of the world Not at all angry..just sayign tha mentionign his surname or caste won't make any difference. Wouldn't make any difference if he was a mazbi Sikh, or Kathri Sikh, I'm sure he wouldn't be very different.
  10. Is it today? I can understand (not saying I disagree or agree) that they did it 22 years ago. But is violence being thrust upon you today? Yes, these are all huamn rights abuses thast people from Punjab have had to go through. What are you doing about it, except sitting on a chair behind the screen? Have you joined any Human Rights Group (theres loads, ENSAAF, IHMR, SHRG, Citizens for Democracy, the list goes on..)? I agree, what was going on was wrong. It is still happening to an extent, I agree - but is it happening to everyday citizens today? If your answer is yes, I suggest you go to
  11. First you make up stories, next you do othing to substanciate them. Fair enough if these fairy tales follow Gurmat, but they are utter manmat. Nowhere in Guru Granth Sahib Ji is there KIRTAN Sohila mahalla PELA, Which Gutka are you using? Sohila Sahib startts with: Sohila Rag Gauri Deep Ki Mahala Pehla. sohilaa raag gourree dheepakee mehalaa 1 http://www.sikhitothemax.com/page.asp?ShabadID=49 Nowhere in Guru Granth Sahib Ji is Kirtan Sohila used (might be used in Bhai Gurdas JI diya vaara..not sure..) Actually, if you pick out your Punjabi dictionary from the cupboard, the word 'soh
  12. I agree with max toa certain extent. When people speak of Khalistan the question of weapons, ammunition voilence comes up. We justify it using the famous quote of Guru Gobind Singh Ji - When ALL other means of negotiation fails, it is righteous to raise the sword. Today, are we ready to use ALL other means? Remember ALL is a very huge word. It's not, using 1 resort, 2 resort, 5 resorts. It's when ALL other means of nefotiations fail. I'm not saying you should take off your Kirpan (that would be stupid), but remember that it is ONLY ot be used when all other means fail.Instead of picking u
  13. eh, what does being Brar have to do with anything? Why have you refered to someone who you respect as a brar? Was a he a Brar or a Khalsa. He can't be both.
  14. Pritam Singh Khalsa, where exactly can this story be found? Historical reference please. If you read Sohila (as it it's real name is), you will realise that it is not only composition of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, but also Guru Arjan Dev ji and Guru Ram Das Ji. Thus the story cannot be true. Any Bani can be read at any time. It is Bhamansvad to say that some banis can ONLY be read at some times. yes some banis are COMPULSARY at some times, since that is when you get the most out of it... But ther eis no restriction. When someone dies, you read sohila Sahib. What if someone dies 10 in the morning?
  15. Taksali Singh, have you had to compromise the size of the Kirpan? What size do you use when boarding on air?
  16. Actually It's the Rahao lines that shuld be repeated..otherwise the wrong 'arth' are gotten. For example, the shabad 'Vadiya Vadiya Vadiya, GurSikha man Vadiya' has nothing to do with someones birthday. The way it is sung has 'tor marorna' (altered) the true meaning of the Shabad.
  17. http://www.desicomedy.com/dc/index.php?opt...id=45&Itemid=34
  18. Are you sure that's beant Singh, cause the pics off him I've seen are quite different. He seems to be fair skinned in them (among other differences)
  19. Now let's make an effort on unitign these so that people can visit one site instead of 20 different ones... to get everything on one place. Is that possible? Any Ekta? Unity?
  20. Baljitk, I believe he also holds Amrit Sanchars.. so you can speak to that jatha of Singhs. I'm positive they must have spare Kirpans /gatre and other kakkars
  21. Bhenji, regarding Kirpan and gatra....if your passing by London there's some shops there. Otherwise you can order one from here - http://www.dtfbooks.com/Pages/ShowProducts...D=NjEw&PageNo=2 Or you can request on the forum.. I'm sure someone would be ready to send a gatra and/or Kirpan free of charge.
  22. The reason dates are different is because calandars are different. In India they use the lunar (moon calandar) which is different from the solar (time earth takes aroudn sun) years. Due to one moon year beign different from a sun year.. different dates (in solar calandar) appear every year. Although at the time the date might be 30 May, it's differnet today due to the fact that those who follow the lunar calandar (DDT etc)... the date is different in the solar calandar every year. confusing.
  23. Where is this from? Do you have any links kandola jee..or? Puran Singh's narrations of th things can also be found in Citizens for Democracy's report "Oppression in Punjab: Report to the Nation", where they interview many eyewitnesses only ONE YEAR after the attach. THe Part on bluestar can be found on allaboutsikhs.com
  24. Nice post Pheena jee. Reminds me of the example used in Gurbani and BHai Gurdas JI about a Gursikh being uneffected like a lotus in the (dirty?) pond. Baljit Kaur ji, talk to your Guru. Go and talk to Punj Pyaarey (Guru Roop) before you take Amrit and ask them about it. No-one cna give an absolute answer about what they will say, except them. Talk to them. They do not bite. They will give you a satisfactory answer
  25. I'm not sure if this is the Rehras one... I believe it's the morning one.. All you need to do is go to - http://sgpc.net/hukumnama/index.asp And on the bottom of the page, select which date's Hukamnama you want to read
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