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  1. Play/do gurbani, simran and keertan often, make sure you do your nitnem, use sarbloh and wear sarbloh!
  2. process is to find a vichola and then the vichola talks between your family and theirs. The process should be similar to how rishta is done in India side!
  3. No. If you read the histroy of Guru jis' times and even centuries later, usually marriages were done in childhood. Then when they were old enough to start their grihast jeevan partnership, the bride is brought over to her husbands's house in muklawa ceremony. 4-5 years engagement is silly. You get Anand Karaj now, and then after university she you do muklawa, that is much more in the guidelines!
  4. you need to explain that even the devtay kept their kes, and is a part of the ancestors' culture, that sikhi is also preserving the kshatriya and dharmik cultures!
  5. Chandu was of a higher Khatri caste than the Sodhi khatri background of Guru Arjan Dev ji. In the end, Guru Arjan rejected the rishta for Sri Hargobind with Chandu's daughter, because of Chandu's behaviour.
  6. Do japji sahib and ardas. Then take your children for jhoola amrit so that you can share food with them!!!
  7. enjoy losing control of 5 vikaara? You need to learn to do jhatka bro!!
  8. decided to research this online and there has been discussions about this: https://www.theweek.in/news/entertainment/2020/05/23/paatal-lok-anushka-sharma-slammed-showing-sikhs-as-rapists.html https://x.com/mssirsa/status/1264066128193732608?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw%7Ctwcamp%5Etweetembed%7Ctwterm%5E1264066396465627136%7Ctwgr%5E853ba1ff35d6f57a2c1e044d52d38acc812f770d%7Ctwcon%5Es3_&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.theweek.in%2Fnews%2Fentertainment%2F2020%2F05%2F23%2Fpaatal-lok-anushka-sharma-slammed-showing-sikhs-as-rapists.html
  9. I forgot to post this during covid. This is alarming as they are trying to portay amritdharis in such a disgusting way, on a hindi drama! The act isn't being done by an amritdhari, but still a sardar type person and the amritdharis are part of the gang that is watching! I feel like there was some anti-sikh sentiment and is dangerous as it came to air in 2020, during the big farmer kisaan andolan rallies in Delhi! The scene is not graphic and only a few seconds, so kind of NSFW. this is on season 1 episode 3! For context watch from 13:50-18:00 https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/video/detail/B08BYZB14R/ref=atv_dp_share_cu_r
  10. Listening to Panjab Radio today. There was a discussion on the Friday topic between 12 - 2pm One aunty ji came on and complained about Men with full white beards khulla prakas, wearing gatray, drinking glassy at parties (I presume mostly wedding parties) and throwing money over dancers (I think she said it was dancers). I think she was talking about Ilford mostly, but could be other areas. I think she also complained about them scanning women up and down in Ilford. I haven't seen this happening myself, with old men wearing gatray drinking shraab, in uk or Panjab? Can someone on here clarify if this happens often? This aunty ji seemed to imply it's happening amongst some men and family parties at least.
  11. was researching this and came back to this thread. Also found an older thread:
  12. I still think about that incident now and then, just haven't heard any developments regarding what happened, just like so many other things that have happened in Panjab!
  13. Can actually even go around with bana and weapons if you get a licence from dal panth after taking khanda pahul. Even dal panth Nihang Singhs should be able to supply a India certification licence booklet in USA and Canada, the booklet allows free train travel and allows carrying of weapons - so I wouldn't see problems in being sabat soorat!
  14. You wouldn't have been allowed to write that on this forum back when OP posted this in 2013. These groups confused me as well, and the meat thing was really confusing me about when to do my evening paat, just so much of this stuff came from elders' baggage in the pind. Not going to write anything else because the original post is so old.
  15. It's the lack of keski which hurts the head when tying a turban directly on the skin/bone. I reckon the lack of keski/boonga and the resulting pain is why some modern panjabi boys stop wearing turbans and cut their kes!
  16. Head granthi Bangla Sahib, usually does the evening kathas. Often gives examples of his visits and people he met in the uk and USA.
  17. Amritsar needs to become it's own city-state country similar to Vatican City, or an area with it's own government like the City of London region within London. Even during the Misl era, the Misls would come together to defend Amritsar.
  18. If relationship with Guru is strong, then kanga is done twice a day, and turban should never be taken off or put on like a hat, there is a lot wrong with that as it is against rehit! maryada is to take off every layer of turban/pagh/dumalla individually, and tie fresh turban each time!
  19. Excellent idea. I was thinking about using AI in gurdwaras projectors can display shabad slides using AI software, as laptop operator sewadaars are not always present.
  20. yeh it's true, we shouldn't be lazy and need to learn jhatka shikaar. It doesn't help some of grew up in surrounding areas like Slough and Southall where everyone thought it was super bad for amrit dharis to eat meat, and they were following Sant babas and jathas, and instead the Singhs should have been normalising jhatka just like the recent world war soldiers did. We are trying to rectify this and khalsa should learn jhatka. But I am just writing about bhog for those that are still learning rehit. As I explained, there are all these negative influences in the panth that talk against rehit, but this shouldn't deter us from taking khanda pahul, no matter what level of rehit we are!
  21. In langar it should be common sense for peopel to find a suitable space to sit. Normally in my local Singh Sabha gurdwara, there is enough space to sit, so I am able to find a space with enough space away from other people. There have been a few times, where there has been a lot of sangat and I have been forced onto a table. In Slough and Southall Singh Sabha, Park Avenue, I will just sit near another group of men unless I am with family, but again there shouldn't be strict gender separation and instead common sense logic.
  22. Yeh I could do to be honest. It's not really chardikala to be coming from the diwan hall and then sangat putting on shoes to go langar. I like sitting in the gurdwara with family, and there are spaces for this in bigger gurdwaras such as Slough, Southall, Coventry. In my current local area gurdwaras this is not really possible for weekly sangat, and also not for sangrand and gurpurb. Need to complain about these tendikalaUK practices to be UK chardikala Singhs!
  23. Also nobody really got back about gurdwaras being used like restaurants and diners. Who started this recent tradition of wearing shoes at langar, is it a colonial army thing, did soldiers bring this to gurdwaras? It's strange because it was practiced across many uk gurdwaras in the past, yet those who migrated from Panjab would never have seen this back in Panjab gurdwaras, so how did this shoes and tables thing even come about for langars?
  24. which goes back to my original post, most gurdwaras are scamming us by using the Ramgharia label. the amount of monay and trim Singhs that call themselves Ramgharia, is bare disrespectful and just continues the scam! There are some Nihang groups which use the misl label nowadays. There should be a group of Nihangs to claim the Ramgharia misl label, and it needs to be taken away from the scammers!
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