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  1. With the recent replacing of the Door of the Sri Harmandir Sahib Darshani Deori and now this incident, hopefully it will stop. They all denounce it now because it has been made public and majority of the Panth is against them. These Kar Sevaks have been under with SGPC for over 4 decades now destroying our heritage, but these guys never said a word. Where was Dhumma (who has a large influence in SGPC in the past decade) when these decisions were made? This is SGPC's fault, they authorized these Kar Sevaks to do the damage they did. The SGPC is frantically trying to fix its image by blaming the Babas, but reality is that the blame goes on them. The Kar Seva Babas are just contractors.
  2. This Gurdwara is where my Parents and Grandparents used to go as they originally came from Banga. While the land for the Gurdwara was given by Maharaja Ranjit Singh, the building itself was built in the 1920's I think.
  3. I posted a photo earlier of some guy destroying the Original Sri Akal Takht Sahib that was built by Guru Sahib, people do this type of stuff.
  4. Look here: http://dailysikhupdates.com/collection-rare-pictures-sri-harmandir-sahib-ji/
  5. http://karsewatarntaran.com/karsewa.aspx?SewaId=7&Sewa=Completed Look the first photo of the tree. How is that tree going to survive!!?!?! So many Historical trees have died because they literally choked the tree roots with marble.
  6. Yea, some of them they just plated the original building with marble and painted them. Thats fine, but I never understood them knocking down the whole building, even if it is structurally unsound. They should be hiring experts to preserve them.
  7. If they were proper civil engineers and architects, they could have a plan to build on top of the original building and solidify it. Then expose parts of the original historical building (and maybe cover with glass for protection) to show sangat. But nope, lets just let Kar Seva babay knock it down and rebuild.
  8. My hope lies in Pakistan, where Gurdwaras are still have been mostly left untouched ever since partition. While a few Gurdwaras have crumbled and gone away, there are many that are have no one looking after them but are still standing. I want to see real Civil Engineers and architects restore these Gurdwaras without knocking anything down.
  9. It's good to see people are now FINALLY waking up to what these Kar Seva Babas (which SGPC gave permission) have done. Here are a few pictures of Anandpur Sahib (Qila Anandgarh Sahib): Old: New: (notice the similarities, keep in mind the angle is a bit different) There is hope, look at the original brick work exposed.
  10. The Indian Government paid Santa Nihung to rebuild the Sri Akal Takht Sahib. The Sikhs at the time did not accept this new Takht and called it the Sarkari Takht, so they tore it down and built a new one. In reality, they just used Santa Nihung to "legitimize it". He never built it, Indian Government contractors did. Santa would get some his guys to pick up buckets full of rocks to show they were doing something while being recoreded on Doordarshan TV.
  11. That brick is the original Takht built by Guru Sahib. Maharaja Ranjit Singh built on top of it. I think if you go there today, the brick is exposed behind some glass. Where Parkash is done is on top of the Brick Takht.
  12. These guys are illiterate, honestly. After '84, when they were knocking down the Sarkari Takht and rebuilding the Sri Akal Takht Sahib, some Maha Moorakhs had started hammering away at the original brick Takht that was build by Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji and Bhai Gurdas Ji!!!! Giani Mohinder Singh (the first secretary of the SGPC, who is retired at the time) had to protest there and tried very hard to convince them to stop destroying the Takht built by Guru Sahib. If it wasn't for him, we would have lost the original Takht!!!! Here is a photo:
  13. They have done this for years, look at the Tanda Burj recently for example.
  14. With the money, knowledge, and connections SGPC has, they should be hiring experts to preserve these buildings and solidify them for the coming centuries. SGPC had to bring international scientists to make sure the Dukh Bhanjani Beri didn't DIE at Sri Darbar Sahib due to the Marble around it (which was put by Kar Seva Babas), the tree roots couldn't get enough nutrients. Why SGPC can't do the same with buildings baffles me. There are also many other Historical trees in other gurdwaras that are either dead or dying, but no one cares as they aren't popular gurdwaras like Sri Darbar Sahib.
  15. Why can they not just restore it? That is also Kar Seva. If these Babas really want their name on the building and want $$$ in their pocket, restoring Historical buildings still gives them the same outcome. What incentive to they have to destroy it? There has to some agenda to destroy our heritage.
  16. The Indian scholars are already reforming and changing the calendar anyway. They switched from Suraj Sidhant to Drik Gannit in 1967, and they have hinted that further reform is needed as Hindus are worried about their festivals drifting with the seasons as well.
  17. Specifically if CM Beant Sio authorized it. Correlation doesn't mean causation.
  18. Here is the link, I recommend you watch it with an open mind.
  19. So we aren't allowed to reform the Bikrami Calendar? If you read my posts above, Nanakshahi is a reformed version of Bikrami. It uses the Tropical Year (sayana) rather than the Sidereal year (niryana). Reason being is that the Sayana year is attached to the Vernal Equinox (or in Nanakshahi, the Summer solstice as Guru Sahib mentioned it in Gurbani in the Asarh month in Barah Maha Tukhari). This means the calendar is linked with the seasons. Also, I have mentioned that during the time of the Guru's, the Surya Sidhantta was used for Bikrami calculations. Now, a different method of calculation called Drik Gannit is used for Bikrami calculations. Can we really call the modern day Bikrami Calendar the same as the one Guru Sahib used? And if we have (presumably, as no one pro-Bikrami cares this change happened) accepted the change from Surya Sidhantta to Drik Gannit, why can't we now accept the change from using the Niryana year length to the Sayana Year length? No one takes Anurag Singh serious on the Nanakshahi calendar issue. He just uses Ad hominem attacks and sets up many strawmans on this FB posts. I was blocked by him from commenting on his posts as I used to argue with him on the calendar issue. I argued on technical grounds only, I wasn't interested in arguing with whatever strawman or political issue he made up. Any proof for this? Or it this just Anurag Singh rambling on Facebook creating a false cause. His Jantri 500 has been checked by Western and Indian scholars alike and has been praised for being a good tool to calculate dates in history. Other Panchangs (like An Indian Ephemeris) only differ by a day because of different rules used and which location. Purewal used Punjab Sanskranti rules (similar to Orissa) while others used rules from other states (as Bikrami isn't a singular calendar, there are various versions of it. The actual name of the calendar is not Bikrami, it is Panchang. Bikrami is just a sammat). I have personally checked his calculations using the Pancanga program above. I was only a day off on certain Sangrands. This is because the Japanese professor who made the program studied the calendar in Kerala, where Sangrand rules are much different from Punjab. They still don't know the science being both the Nanakshahi calendar and the Bikrami calendar. Anurag Singh blocked me for calling out his lack of knowledge on the technicalities of both calendars. Yes, he has. The most vocal has been Col. Nishan Singh, which Purewal debated last year in Surrey, BC. There is a video on YouTube that is around 3 hours long of a debate between Purewal and Col. Nishan Singh. Purewal answered all his technical points and Col. Nishan Singh (out of fear of losing I guess) starting going into emotional and political arguments. I don't know who this Bhai Jaswant Singh is, but unless he makes a credible technical argument on the Nanakshahi calendar, I don't see why anyone should waste their time dealing with the nonsense that is the political and emotional strawman arguments made against Nanakshahi.
  20. I will show other examples aside from Purewal then: An Indian Ephemeris, Vol VI, Swamikannu Pillai Pancanga software (version 3.14), By M. YANO and M. FUSHIMI, Kyoto University, Japan. According to Purewal, if we use 1754 Sammat, Bhadon Sudi 8 comes on Sunday. Maybe Guru Sahib used elapsed years instead of Vartmaan years? This is a question for scholars to look at Puratan Birhs of Sri Dasam Granth or do research in history to figure out why. I have given the math.
  21. Nanakshahi was released in 2003, how could he have used a year in the future? 23 Poh, 2064 BK was on January 7, 2008 and Poh Sudi 7, 2064 BK was on January 15, 2008. There was no "base year". I'm still baffled by this as mathematically, when calculating Nanakshahi dates, there is no base year used anywhere.
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