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  1. Yea, first we should have at least Audio Tapes or transcripts from Sri Akal Takht Sahib released. Purewal didn't get to implement his calendar fully though, as Baba Kashmira Singh and others wanted to keep three dates (Parkash Guru Nanak Dev Ji, Holla, and Bandi Shhor/Diwali) as Lunar Dates. There was definitely some criticism of Purewal. I personally don't agree with him on Guru Nanak Dev Ji's Parkash being on 1 Vaisakh, I still believe its was on Katak Pooranmashi. But this is a issue for historians, not me.
  2. He was at various meetings at Sri Akal Takht Sahib where he presented his ideas there. Many scholars and Sants where there. Maybe SGPC should make transcripts of the meetings available. You can go to Purewal's website and read his papers there. Missionaries don't do the calendar any justice, they support it because of their agendas, not because of the science behind it. Ask any of them what are calculations behind Nanakshahi are and they will fall silent (same can be said for Bikrami supporters, some don't even know its a luni-solor calendar).
  3. I'm not going to reply to the emotional and personal attacks, keeping it strictly on the technicalities. Purewal never fixed the date to January 5th. He converted the Lunar Bikrami Date (Poh Sudi 7, 1723 BK) to the Solar Bikrami Date (23 Poh, 1723 BK). Since Nanakshahi has the same months as Bikrami, 23 Poh became Parkash. In Nanakshahi, Poh Sangrand is December 14. If we add 23 Days to December 14 we get January 5th or 23 Poh. I recommend reading the English version of the Surya Sidhantta for more detail and research papers on Indian astronomy which is a very old subject, India has been doing astronomy for many centuries and they were very accurate at it too until now where we have computers and satellites to track stars and Earth's movement. Celebrating on different dates isn't a feature of the Bikrami calendar, it is the method in which the days are calculated. Do you have any evidence in support of this claim? Nanakshahi is based of Bikrami, however instead of using the Sidereal Year (Nirayana Year), it uses the Tropical Year (Sayana Year) and the Sangrands are not based off of Sankranti (when the sun enters a sidereal zodiac). Look up calendars such as the revised Julian calendar or the Iranian Solar Hijri Calendar. These have much better rules to match the tropical year than Gregorian. What is so extremist about this? Do some research in astronomy first.
  4. I've read Col. Nishan Singh arguments. He makes the mistake of mixing Nanakshahi, Gregorian, and Julian calendars. Purewal never even touched Gregorian or Julian, he only converted between Bikrami calendar systems. While I do respect Col. Nishan Singh, he wants us to celebrate Parkash of Guru Gobind Singh Ji on January 1st (the Gregorian Date). This completely rids us of any desi months and dates.
  5. Yea, these people do more harm then good for the argument for the Nanakshahi calendar. Nanakshahi is based of Bikrami, but it uses different calculations. Saying Bikrami is a Hindu or Brahman calendar would make Nanakshahi the same because it's based off of Bikrami. The only thing "Brahman" about Bikrami was that you had to go to a Pandit, but now you can do the calculations yourself by reading British translations of their Sanskrit texts (mainly Surya Sidhantta). So that argument doesn't hold up. People who make those arguments are usually missionary types. I base my argument on the actual math and science behind the calendar. To my surprise, there is much discussion about the Bikrami Calendar in the Hindu world today. Traditional Hindus want to maintain their traditional calculations as mentioned in the Surya Sidhantta Granth, while modern Indians want to use modern calculations called Drik Gannit. I don't like saying the calendar Guru Sahib followed or favored by Purewal. The calendar is the same, but the calculations are different. Think of it as replacing the engine of a car.
  6. 1. Yes I am aware, Nanakshahi Sammat was first mentioned by Banda Singh Bahadur and then also mentioned by Giani Gian Singh and Bhai Vir Singh. This calendar used Bikrami Calendar calculations. 2. Is that relevant? Guru Sahib used the Bikrami Sammat as in Punjab. As I mentioned, Nanakshahi Sammat was based of Bikrami calculations. Purewal made suggestions to use modern calculations for the calendar. It still keeps the desi months and uses Bikrami Solar dates.
  7. To be clear, I support the Nanakshahi Calendar by Purewal. The only "fault" that I can see is that he mentioned he could have made the calendar accurate to have an error of 1 day in 99,000 years, but that would cause the dates in Nanakshahi to shift compared to Gregorian because it would be too accurate.
  8. I originally supported the Bikrami Calendar, but then I got interested in the calculations behind the calendar. I read many research papers by Indian scholars online. It's very interesting to note that we know Trigonometry was created in India, but the reason why was to do astronomical calculations! I am a computer science student, I created a program to convert Bikrami Dates.
  9. Yes, because we are doing a conversion in the Bikrami calendar. For example, Guru Gobind Singh Ji's Parkash is on Poh Sudi 7, 1723 Bikrami. If it is converted to Bikrami Solar, the date is 23 Poh, 1723 BK. This is why the Nanakshahi calendar created by Purewal has Gurpurab on 23 Poh.
  10. Yes. Purewal never assigned dates. He converted Bikrami Lunar Dates given in Sikh History into Bikrami Solar Dates.
  11. This calendar is still the Bikrami Calendar. Why are they still publishing it under the Nanakshahi name? They use Panchang Martand and Panchang Divakar for Gurpurab Dates, not Nanakshahi. It is sad to see an honest attempt by scholars create the Nanakshahi calendar failed due to political interference by people who lack basic knowledge about astronomy. EDIT: Article is from last year, but my question still applies.
  12. Amritvela is 3 Hours (1 Pehar) before Sunrise. Amritvela changes based on the seasons. There are 8 Pehars in a Day (Ath Pehar). 24 Hours/8 Pehars = 3 Hours. So 1 Pehar = 3 Hours.
  13. Only in Punjab, Haryana, and Himachal Pradesh.
  14. Looks like SearchGurbani FINALLY added Charitropakhyan. I remember before it was greyed out. I personally don't like the Sri Dasam Granth SikhiToTheMax has, it has many mistakes. Their hukamnama from Darbar Sahib updates a whole day after, sometimes it shows the hukam from two days ago even when new one has been taken already.
  15. . Someone has a tinfoil dumalla on today.
  16. But that has to do with crazy soccer moms scared that vaccinations will give their kids autism (which has no backing). Nothing to do with abortion. I'm not surprised it passed, considering its California lol
  17. The odds of Ohio House Bill 565 passing are slim. https://www.snopes.com/news/2018/11/24/ohio-bill-death-penalty-abortions/
  18. There is nothing happening to Women's rights in the USA. Why such fear mongering?
  19. https://www.reddit.com/r/Sikh/comments/9ypqmz/women_were_never_given_amrit/ea4iji3
  20. Technically it isn't. Sikhi is about doing. The proof will come when one starts japping Naam. There is nothing to prove in Sikhi (in the Abrahamic sense), you need to do something for yourself to prove it.
  21. He is right, I've seen Sikh Coalition change in the U.S., going from an org that only works on sikhs right to an org that supports the Far-left intersectionality BS.
  22. Then there is no incentive to make the cure in the first place. Why become a scientist and study/research for years when in the end, you will get nothing out of it (aside from I guess moral upliftment). These people have families to feed as well.
  23. History, good or bad, should be preserved. It should remain as Allahbad.
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