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Found 26 results

  1. I was reading another thread about women and wanted to make a thread with women and men addressing issues of sexism in society. I believe this is still a Huge problem not only in minority cultural groups in the world, but also society as a whole. What are people’s views on issues and how can we tackle them? One of my strong opinions is that sexism is still rampant with Punjabi’s, and I have myself fallen victim to it, leading me to having been beaten up by a close family member violently,
  2. Guest

    Our sikh youth

    WGJKK WGJKF Whilst going through college and university, I have noticed a huge divide in our Sikh youth. I've seen many young Sikh men either go full cultural or full Sikhi. Women on the other hand, I rarely see any that truly follow Sikhi. I know one woman, 21 now who is dating an amrit shuk man in his 20s. She got personal and told me that they've had intimate relations and that it only took 4 days of them speaking for her to give him that intimacy (intercourse.. ). And she really shows interest in Sikhi but didn't truly see how wrong this was. And for the man, he said he was forced to shuk amrit, so that's pretty bad in itself as he has had various gfs and other stuff whilst amritdhari. Now if this woman is someone who goes gurdwara every weekend and shows genuine interest in Sikhi but still does panga like this, I am losing faith in humanity. The rest of the sikh women that i have met in my life, 95% of them are fully cultural with a drinking, clubbing and sexual lifestyle. Smoking, getting many tattoo's etc. Why aren't women going towards sikhi? Many men that I've met, although there's a lot of messed ones out there, I've met quite a few that took deep steps towards guruji and sikhi. Can't say the same about women. What can be done as a Panth? A lot of women don't even care or have any respect if you point things out like them posting stuff like smoking weed but having a khanda in their bio. Etc.
  3. Guest

    Women in sikh youth

    WGJKK WGJKF Whilst going through college and university, I have noticed a huge divide in our Sikh youth. I've seen many young Sikh men either go full cultural or full Sikhi. Women on the other hand, I rarely see any that truly follow Sikhi. I know one woman, 21 now who is dating an amrit shuk man in his 20s. She got personal and told me that they've had intimate relations and that it only took 4 days of them speaking for her to give him that intimacy (intercourse.. ). And she really shows interest in Sikhi but didn't truly see how wrong this was. And for the man, he said he was forced to shuk amrit, so that's pretty bad in itself as he has had various gfs and other stuff whilst amritdhari. Now if this woman is someone who goes gurdwara every weekend and shows genuine interest in Sikhi but still does panga like this, I am losing faith in humanity. The rest of the sikh women that i have met in my life, 95% of them are fully cultural with a drinking, clubbing and sexual lifestyle. Smoking, getting many tattoo's etc. Why aren't women going towards sikhi? Many men that I've met, although there's a lot of messed ones out there, I've met quite a few that took deep steps towards guruji and sikhi. Can't say the same about women. What can be done as a Panth? A lot of women don't even care or have any respect if you point things out like them posting stuff like smoking weed but having a khanda in their bio. Etc.
  4. I understand women are treated as equals generally in the Sikh religion. This is so good. But how high can they go in terms of being in very responsible roles? In our Church of England we have female vicars.
  5. So why don't Sikh brides cover their heads? they normally have their buns covered but not their heads. whats the reason behind this? if i walked into gurdwara with my patka slipping and hanging of my bun i would probably get death stares, People would probably feel like tossing me out of the window. But why do Sikh brides get away with it? a few years back during the summer i wore a cap to the gurdwara, i soon had 5 singhs standing behind me not looking very amused. i was told to take it off and wear a ramal. why the double F,ing standards? heres a quick google search., Why were none of these women dragged out or told to cover their heads before guru granth sahib ji ? you can hardly call any of the below a head covering. The double standards are really starting to annoy me
  6. I don't get what it is with discrimination against women. Why does it happen? I don't understand? As a guy I always see women higher than males because there's so much sexism towards them so I try and do the opposite to what others think. But what is the cause of why women are looked down upon? I really cant get my head around it. One day I cant wait to get married and just shower my wife with so much love and Pyaar because that's how I look at women. I can't wait but I just don't get how people can look down on women like what is it ?
  7. Description Fight at Gurdwara Sahib Dukh Niwaran, Surrey BC Canada on June 3, 2015. Unlike the videos the anti-panthic people have posted, this one is NOT tampered with and is completely unedited. If you skip to 16:48 you will see the Sher-E Punjab 1550 loyalists start causing problems. 4 women and 6-7 men. (Please note that this radio station is completely against anything related to Gurmat. They have been causing problems for panthic-minded pracharaks for many years). For many days they had been doing nindia of Sant Baba Hari Singh Randhawa Wale on the radio. When callers would call in to say, "No, you are the ones who are wrong", they would cut the phone on them. They came to the Gurdwara Sahib right before Baba Ji’s katha, with a list of questions, and demanded that Baba Ji provide answers to them. They were told that after katha they would get the opportunity to sit with Baba Ji and he would answer all the questions that they had for him. The anti-panthic group agreed, however, in the darbar, IN GURU SAHIB’S HAZOORI, they began creating a commotion. These people have no respect for Guru Sahib. They interrupted the Dhadi Jatha, and during Baba Ji’s katha they just lost control and began acting like wild animals. Police had to enter the darbar with their shoes on to escort the troublemakers out. Even after the katha, during the QA session, they continued to cause drama. One of the ladies questioning Baba Ji would not even allow them to respond! They called in PTC news as well, who only took the input of the "feminazi" ladies. They ignored the rest of the sangat and Baba Ji. The ladies also pushed some elderly women from the sangat who had just come to listen to katha. On Shere-E Punjab 1550 radio that evening, the same ladies continued to spread venom and lied about the events that unfolded at the Gurdwara Sahib. When eye-witnesses would call in to reprimand them for lying and doing nindia, they would cut the phone on them. It is clear from the video that the anti-panthic media people only came to the Gurdwara to cause problems. They were not interested in receiving answers. They recruited a bunch of other "feminazi"-minded ladies to protest alongside them, using an old katha clipping of Baba Ji as an excuse to cause a commotion. Their actual target was Baba Ji because they are a student of the Damdami Taksal and are a Pro Dasam Granth Pracharik. Their only purpose was to give Panthic-minded Gursikhs, Sampradayas, and the Guru Ghar a bad name and decrease the Sharda of the general Sangat.
  8. There is a petition initiated in which women will begin the " Amrit Sanchar". We must support this petition and women should get their rights because our Sikh religion is the great and foremost, it doesn't believes in caste system, then why there is a discrimination between men and women. Instead, Guru Nanak Dev Ji has given the highest status to the women, this is why, we need to support this petition. https://www.change.org/p/jathedar-sri-akal-takht-sahib-ji-empowering-sikh-women-to-administer-amrit-sanchar
  9. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ali Fateh Ji, I have been a lurker here for years mainly to grab information for use in articles etc. But I noticed the post in the other forum and since I am not a member I can not post there. I see many of you are back and forth with arguments on whether you personally think women should be allowed or not to do Panj pyara di seva, and I wanted to chime in just to say a couple things. 1. Nowhere has Guru Gobind Singh Ji written that women are not allowed. Nor did he ever write explicitly that it must always be males. Some of you try to make argument that no women were ever chosen while Guru Ji was still here but there is hardly any evidence at all of who exactly administered Amrit in those years so how can we say there were no females? Absence of proof is not the same as proof of absence. 2. Guru Gobind Singh Ji himself gave power to the panth to make decisions. The decision was made (Most likely in response to backward male ego much as it shows now) that there is nothing written in Gurbani to say that women have lesser rights or even a lesser privileged role than males and that women have full rights as males donin all seva including as Panj Pyaras. Outside of procreation differences we see women and men both excelling in all avenues in life. If women's supposed role was simply to remain at home, remain passive, serve and be in a subordinate role to us, then certainly women would not have excelled in all areas of life, including military service. Women have shown time and time again they are willing to sacrifice and fight alongside men equally and have devout courage. Women are excelling in all sciences and beating out men in many instances. This decision was codified in the Sikh Rehet Maryada. Any Singh's who now go against this decision, are not doing so because of any explicit rule written by Guru Ji (for which there is none) They are not even having any genuine desire to follow any so called puritan Rehet but are basing their objections on only their male egos, because we have always treated women as lesser it still permeates all of our minds that somehow women are lesser and that by keeping them even from this one thing without giving them something equally valuable to do which would be theirs alone (say granthi for example if it were only women, or gyanis should only be women) then you can never say we are treating them equally or that their role is equal (having less privilege than someone else is never a role) and seeing it played out this way reinforces in our minds that women are indeed one rung below us. That it is only male ego is highly evident as you can see in the writing of those Singhs who oppose it, they feel personally violated, like something they feel entitled to will be lost if women are given this privilege. It sounds much more like me me me than recognizing Waheguru is in all. If it were indeed about simply wanting to reinforce Rehet then why not have the same strong opinions about other issues? I don't see nearly the same passion from these same Singhs about other issues which very much are against any Rehet Maryada! This we need to change and it has to come from us as Singhs. Which brings me to my main point for posting: 3. The example has already been made, and I won't mention 3HO because I know many consider them not true Sikhs. Even I am dead set against the idol worship, hinduized rituals and yoga in presence of maharaj. But you may or may not be aware of a monumental move which Lucknow Gurdwara Prabandhak Committee has done and selected women for first time to do seva as Panj Pyaras already at Sadar Gurdwara, and soon to be followed by Naka Gurdwara confirmed as stated by Gyani Devendra Singh, head priest there. All Gurdwaras in the city have welcomed the initiative with no opposition. This initiative was brought about without any link to the petition which is circulating online. And indeed as pointed out, there is no need for a petition because Rehet Maryada already makes it explicit. Anyway here is the link from April. It may not have gotten too much notice before. Change is already happening. I for one support it! https://www.google.ca/amp/m.timesofindia.com/city/lucknow/gender-bender-women-panj-pyara-at-sadar-gurdwara/amp_articleshow/58231304.cms Admins please keep up the good work! Sikh sangat is a treasure trove!
  10. Thakur Dalip Namdhari did Amrit Sanchar (Baptise) by Amritdhari women to flourish amritdhari community. is it wrong or right ? Yesterday Akal Takht Sahib has announced that they will conduct meeting of 5 jathedhars on 5th May against women empowerment step taken by namdhari head Thakur Dalip Singh, Thakur Dalip Singh has given rights of Amrit Chhakauna ( Baptise ) to Sikh Women. Thakur Dalip has taken step by authorizing amritdhari women to give amrit (Baptise) others for the seek of practical equality of women in Sikhs religion. He said according to gurbani and Sikh philosophy women are equal. If women can take Amrit then after being amridhari women why they cannot give amrit to others. His aim is to baptise more and more women. To achieve this goal he says women are influenced more by women than men. Therefore we should authorized women also to baptise (distribute Amrit). Now some people objected openly and started propaganda against this step of women authorization of distributing Amrit (baptising). They have approached Akal Takht sahib against this women empowerment. Now I request all you learnt people to give your views to clarify this point. Has Dalip Singh committed sin by authorizing women to give Amrit to others? or he has done a good deed by authorizing women. For information of all readers Sikh rehat maryada published by Sharomani committee approved by Akal Takhat sahib on page 20. It is clearly written that women can give Amrit (Baptise).
  11. http://www.msn.com/en-ca/news/world/a-driver-not-to-mess-with-siberias-strongest-woman-gets-road-rage-after-man-cuts-in-front-of-her/ar-BBz0mmL?li=AAggFp5&ocid=UE12DHP @Mahakaal96 I found a woman that you need to tell to her face, she can't be part of your women hating army. Let's see how much of a man you are, little boy.
  12. If we view women and men as equal, why is it only ever male Saints in the Panth and never female? Yes we have certain female Gursikhs that you can look up to, but why never a Saint? Can we only look up to women as our sisters, daughters and mothers? Is it not possible then for females to open their Dasam Duar?
  13. https://www.quora.com/How-many-Sikh-women-have-been-trained-in-the-specialized-martial-arts-of-gatka-Do-they-feel-safe-due-to-their-skills-or-have-their-skills-proved-useful Do sikh women train in the martial arts like men do?
  14. what the... http://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/midlands-news/streetly-teacher-who-groomed-sex-8463297 Streetly teacher who groomed and had sex with underage pupil jailed Jan 16, 2015 19:00 By Ross McCarthy Amardip Bhopari groomed boy who had ADHD and dyslexia at academy for youngsters with learning difficulties in Birmingham 1575 Shares Share Tweet +1 Email Amardip Bhopar at Birmingham Crown Court A teacher has been jailed for two years for having sex with a pupil with learning difficulties at a Birmingham school. Amardip Bhopari showered gifts on the 16-year-old boy and also plied him with drink while she groomed him. The 28 year-old, of Foley Road East, Streetly, who admitted three charges of sexual activity with a child, was also ordered to register as a sex offender for 10 years. Judge James Burbidge QC said “I do not suggest you sought him out as vulnerable. “However as a teacher you owed him a duty of care that all teachers must owe to a child. “You had sex with him in public places, on an industrial estate and hotels and you also provided him with experiences that, as a 16-year-old, meant that he would be attached to you.” Hugh O’Brien Quinn, prosecuting at Birmingham Crown Court, said the defendant started working at the academy school, which catered for pupils with learning difficulties or behavioural problems, in December 2012. He said there was an occasion when the victim, who was in the teacher’s art class, wrote his phone number on the back of a piece of paper and she subsequently rang him. Mr O’Brien Quinn that the conversation was “sexual” and over the next few nights there were further calls. He said the first physical contact took place just before Valentine’s day in 2013, when Bhopari texted the boy and told him to meet her in the art room before classes began, where she performed a sexual act on him. Further sexual activity took place at an industrial estate near the school and they went on to have sexual intercourse in the teacher’s car on a number of occasions while they also had sex at her home. Bhopari also took the victim, who suffered from ADHD and dyslexia, to a Formula 1 hotel on his birthday where they stayed all day and where the defendant gave him vodka. Mr O’Brien Quinn said although the boy had indicated he was not looking for any kind of relationship Bhopari continued to contact him frequently and ask him to meet up. He said Bhopari had also taken the teenager to Drayton Manor Park where she “paid for everything he wanted” and that she had also allowed him to drive her car even though he did not have a licence. There came a stage when the victim began a relationship with a girl more appropriate to his age, but when he told Bhopari they should end their relationship she made it plain she wanted it to go on. Matters came to light in December 2013 and Bhopari was arrested. John Smitheman, defending, said Bhopari, who had left the academy as a result of the matters being discovered, was full of remorse. She had got a job at the school without any teaching qualifications where it appeared she was a great success. He said “She fell in love with this young man, they had a relationship. She knew that it was wrong but it happened.” Promoted Stories
  15. first of all , this is NO joke thread or any topix like thread. This is a serious. Well I have to admit that I am a bad Sikh - I watched porn and was somehow addicted for more than 4 years now.. I know there is nothing to be proud of and I feel ashamed . But due to Maharaj I managed now to stay away from all these "lustful" things in this society. I hate this society - every where is sex - from little you are forced to see such things.. really . I guess if there werent such things - I would never fall into this "addiction" . Anyway.... Now I am clean for about 1Month - and trust me it was REALLY hard. I did everything to avoid lustful thoughts and things and seeing woman in wrong way ( its hard cause most of them even attract us guys with short pants etc.. but thats not the topic) Well now I must say I feel very strong and clean - I keep saying myself "Mann jithe jagg Jeet" and it works - but I start to notice "physical problems" , like my intestinal making trouble and my testicles are feel "heavy" , like they are full or smth - there is such a pressure and I have cramps.. I dont know why! I didnt touched myself since 1 month , why all of this is happening now??!? I thought I have overcome that shitty Kaam... and I thought i can control it ( I know i cant kill it , because its a part of human being - but I want to control it) The Problem why I am posting this here as gupt is - that I dont want to go to a doctor. The reasons: 1. I feel ashamed of me 2. Maybe there is a woman dr. and it all will go worse - I dont want that - I still not feel that i conquer that. the battle goes on you know.. 3. I would NEVER tell my parents even if I die ( punjabi ... you know) I try to handle it myself .. have you guys ANY tips? I googled alot and searched the internet but there is nothing ABOUT abstinence only about SEX.. people are mad ... they say you have to "realease " the pressure etc- but I dont want to! This is a fight between me and my Paapi mann - I am trying to get the control over FULLY. So can you guys please help me? Or any dr.. here? Thank you..
  16. I notice that Sikh women and girls wear turbans in a distinctive style then Sikh Men. How come most Sikh women won't wear turban styles that the overwhelming majority of Sikh men wear? Amrit Singh
  17. I really want to know, be honest in other forum some Punjabi girls and Muslims call us the worst things women could be call. thank you
  18. This world and most of the religions discriminate between Males and Females - I am OP of this Thread I am a Female..... I question some religions of this world for the way they interpret women........... Buddhism Says: “Women can be the cause of great suffering. If desire is destroyed, there will be everlasting happiness. The dead snake and dog are detestable, But women are even more detestable than they are.” Christianity We can easily find quotations of women’s oppression from the Bible , for example, I Timothy 2.11-12, where it says “Let the woman learn in silence with all subjection. But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence.” In Ephesian 5.22-24, Paul says, “Wives, submit yourselves to your husbands, as unto the Lord….” And further, “The head of every man is Christ, and the head of the woman is the man”…. Man is the image and glory of God; but the woman is the glory of the man.” The apostle Peter says (in I Peter 3.1-2,6) that let wives “be in subjection to your own husbands” and have “chaste conversation coupled with fear.” Judaism Even to this day many devout Jewish men recite in their prayers, “Blessed by God King of the universe that Thou has not made me a women.” Ecclesiasticus is simply rampant with religious edicts against women. According to Jewish tradition, a husband owns his wife as he owns a slave. To this day many husbands deny their wives any control over their property and their earnings. When she married, not only did the wife lose her property, she lost her personality also! Under Jewish law, a husband can divorce his wife any time. But a woman cannot without very strong reasons such as unfulfilled conjugal responsibilities. Worse still, a husband can desert his wife any time and then refuse to grant his wife a divorce. In this case she becomes an agunah – a chained woman. Neither can she divorce, nor can she remarry. In the US today there are maybe 1000-1500 such agunot while in Israel there are more than 15,000. Husbands blackmail their deserted wives for thousands of dollars, finally agreeing to a divorce.“ How is it that Jewish sisters everywhere tolerate this abuse, this persecution – this extreme injustice? Islam Ibn Al-Ghazzali, the famous Islamic theologian said that “The most satisfying and final word on the matter is that marriage is a form of slavery. The woman is man’s slave and her duty therefore is absolute obedience to the husband in all that he asks of her person.” Dr. Nawal Sa’dawi is a Muslim woman who has rebelled against her own religion and its oppression of women. She has written that it is not possible to talk about rights of women, “…since a woman under the Islamic system of marriage has no human rights unless we consider that a slave has rights under a slavery system. Marriage, in so far as women are concerned, is just like slavery to the slave, or the chains of serfdom to the serf.” Marriage is a kind of slavery, for the wife becomes the slave of her husband, and it is her duty absolutely to obey him in everything he requires of her…” Hinduism Young Hindu girls when given in marriage could be abandoned at will. Quoting from Manu Smrti IX.72: “Though a man may have accepted a damsel in due form, he may abandon her if she be blemished, diseased or deflowered, and (if she have been) given with fraud.” Such girls, thrown out by their husbands, led a pitiable life as outcastes of society. Yet Brahmin men were free to engage in debauchery with devadasis any time they wanted! Subscribing to Hinduism means being a “mindless male supremacist pig”! Sikhism Views of the Gurus Guru Nanak Guru Nanak broke the shackles of women by admitting them into the sangat (congregation) without any restrictions or reservations. Guru Nanak felt that his message was meant as much for women as for men. Guru Angad Guru Angad encouraged the education of all Sikhs, men and women. Guru Amar Das Guru Amar Das condemned the cruel custom of sati, female infanticide and advocated widow remarriage. Guru Amar Das also believed that women wearing veils (purdah) was demeaning. The Guru refused to meet the queen of Haripur or to allow any women into the congregation wearing a veil. Guru Hargobind Guru Hargobind respected women and declared, "women is the conscience of man". Guru Gobind Singh Guru Gobind Singh made the Khalsa initiation ceremony open to men and women alike, a woman being just as worthy. At the time of Amrit a man is given the name Singh meaning lion, the woman is given the name Kaur, meaning Princess. A Sikh women is an individual in her own right, she does not have to take her husband's name and is Kaur till her death. Guru Gobind Singh did not see any distinction between the Khalsa, men or women could keep the 5 K's. Guru Gobind Singh issued orders forbidding the Khalsa having any association with those that practiced female infanticide. Guru Gobind Singh also forbade Sikhs to exercise any proprietary rights over women captured in battle, they could not be kept as slaves or wives but were to be treated with the utmost respect. I AM A KAUR NOT A NORMAL FEMALE - I AM DAUGHTER OF THOSE GURU WHO ARE NOT BIASED - I ENJOY KEEPING MY HEAD IN THE LAP OF MY GURUS - I AM NOT HATED FOR WHAT I AM - I AM LUVED TO BE CALLED HIS DAUGHTER - Why should I bow my head in-front of those who think I am evil... :nono: :nono: Yes i will help those in need whether they are muslims/hindus/chritains etc. coz my Gurus taught me to do so.... please keep me away from such people who says I am evil/slave... I am not slave/evil I am a beautiful creation of Almighty. :D :yay: I AM BLESSED TO BE SIKH OF MY GURUS BY AKAL PURAKH :lol2: :lol2: :respect: :respect: WAHEGURU JI KA KHALSA, WAHEGURU G KI FATEH
  19. Is this possible or not ? 99 % Amritdhari women are Kurehati's and will never do Pesh in front of Singhs doing Seva of Punj Piyaras. Does it mean they are doomed or can there be an Amtit Sanchar for the women by the women.
  20. I need an article from a reputed author/publisher which highlights the positive status women enjoy in Sikhism. Essentially, it should discuss about how Sikhism stresses against gender inequality and rather focuses on equal status for women.
  21. The Role Of Women In Sikhism The role of man and woman is an essential part in marital relationship and these are essential for a happy married life. I f either is at fault the life becomes very difficult and unbearable. It believed and realised through experience that womanhood is such a beautiful, loving and unique creation of God. That one comes to the conclusion that God has bestowed upon women all the responsibilities of this world. Women give birth, care for and educate their children. It is women who bestow qualities upon society, not only in our country but all over the world. The thinking and attitude of men towards women has been changing all the time. The birth given to men, the idol of love and motherhood, the model of sacrifice has always been insulted, pack of lies, root cause of sin. Scholars are of the opinion that the country or society that sees religion as essential to salvation must exclude women. They see celibacy as essential for salvation. In all Indian history, women have been seen as obstacles in the path of God by Saints and Sages. In the Vedic women became to be revered and respected as without them no religious sacrifice could be completed without them but this did not last for long. Male dominated society saw women as low, characterless and weak Man also suggested that women were dependant on men for their protection. Recluses, hermits, Sages and Saints and the Siddhas all belittled women. This continued until the Middle Ages. No one realised her protective and nurturing role but instead found her as an obstacle. The preachers of Jainnism saw women as a lamp of darkness, a root of unhappiness, a cause of dark age and a bottle of suffering. The well famous writer Tulsi Ram, compares women to cattle. Islam does consider as a part of recreation and sees her as a toy. In the east and west a negative attitude has been displayed towards women. The Indian society was very hesitant to give independence to women. The loss of Draupadi in a game of dice exemplified that women were then property of men. Foreign invaders robbed our women and sold them like cattle in markets. This shows that women were seen as less than human. Women married when small to aged men, women performing Sati, women refused entrance to temples and Mosques all were examples of the injustices women suffered at the hands of men. The founder of the Sikh religion Guru Nanak Dev Ji was the first in the annals of world history to fight for the rights of women. He was against injustice to women and made people realise that women gave birth and cared for their young as well as being an essential companion in married life. He added that the whole world was born to her womb. Women is the birth giver to all as a wife, daughter, sister mother, she supports man in his every step. Guru Nanak DevJi in Asaa Devar raises the voice for women, he says in Gurbani that both men and women have essential roles in this world, without either it is impossible to live a balanced life. Gurbani states that each man has inside him a woman and each woman has inside her a man. Guru Nanak Dev Ji removed all doubts regarding females and brought a new concept to this world. He encouraged both men and women to sit in the congregation of God, he encouraged the idea of marriage as essential to spiritual progress. This is why marriage is very central to Sikhism. Recluses, hermits, celibates are discouraged in Sikhism. When Guru Nanak Dev Ji returned to Kartar Pur after his world travels he went to Achalbatale and told the Siddhas that those who run away from house hold duties why do they beg at their doors again. The householders become your protectors. Bhai Gurdas Ji reinforces this idea. The Gurus emphasise that males and females are both equal. Gurus preached those who walk in the path of God are Gursikhs but those who follow their minds and turn their backs on the Guru are self- centred people. Both women and men can listen to Gurbani and both can receive salvation. In Gurbani a Sikh is referred to as feminine whilst the only male is God. In Sikhism both male and females have equal role. Women played an important part in sacrifices courage and example led lives. The wife of Guru Nanak Dev Ji Mata Sulakhni Ji served the congregation with utmost devotion. Guru Angad Dev’s wife Mata Khivi made tasty pure food for the holy congregation. When Guru Amar Das Ji was installed as the third Guru Mata Khivi Ji reprimanded her rebellious sons. This shows exemplary motherhood. In the times of Gurur Amar Das Ji women were appointed as Sikh preachers. Guru Amar Das Ji encouraged women to come to the holy congregation with uncovered faces. The third Guru Nanak disapproves the burning of women along side her husband’s funeral pyre. Guru Harogobind Sahib Ji led a householders life he proved that a woman was a man’s honour, a son his memory and wealth as being essential to lead a happy life. In 1699 Guru Gobind Singh Ji gave birth to Khalsa Panth by administering Amrit of Khanda. Mata Jito Ji placed sugar candy in nectar and thus made the baptism complete. Guru Gobind Singh Ji made the baptism open to men and women alike. Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s elder sister Babi Nanaki was the first to realise that her brother Guru Nanak was no ordinary person. Guru Angad Dev Ji’s daughter Bibi Amro was naam intoxicated and she was spiritually very strong. It was she who led Baba Amar Das Ji to the feet of Guru Angad Dev Ji. Bibi Bhani Ji is the great woman who gave birth to seven Sikh Gurus. Mata Ganga was an exemplary Sikh who lived her life according to the ways of Gurmat. She accepted the martyrdom of her husband Guru Arjan Defv Ji as the will of God. This gave rise to the concept of the Saint-Soldier aspect of Sikhism. Mata Gujri Ji received the news of the execution of her husband Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji with such patience and put in her lap his martyred head in Anandpur Sahib Ji. She also encouraged her younger grandchildren to give supreme sacrifices to uphold righteousness. Mai Bhago showed unparalleled bravery in the Battle of Mukatsar. In the 18th century Sikh women went through extraordinary tortures in prisons. Their sons were butchered into pieces, sown into garlands and hung in their necks. They bore all this without shedding a tear but instead thanked the God Almighty who stood by them in this test.They saw their sons being pierced by spears but still they prayed that their Faith in the Sikh Gurus be unshaken.
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