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  1. let me quote singh with dunalli again its BAMAN-STAN
  2. achaa jemaa nai aundi, kay mari moti aundi aa?
  3. eh jehra merey uppar aa, ehnu punjabi kath samaj aundi aa
  4. harwinder84


    like papi veerji i too lost a lot of hair on my head n my beard stopped growing i wish it was still growing
  5. right on click on the file click rename juz add .flv at the end anyways thanks a lot i managed to download the videos i needed :TH:
  6. tiger peta nai kerhey jungle vich betaa ali hona kitey morh tey singh da nai peta LOL
  7. yup thats true & its been quite a while
  8. ^^^ leh ki hoya sareyaa nu sare buddhey hogey? babeaa tera business kidha chaldaa? theek thaak? down ta nai ??
  9. lol gabaar in sholay said " ab tu golee khaa" i'd say tu tyaar hojaa....bahut sariya goleea milnia tenu......khaa khaa key hambh jaanaa haha
  10. stone cold steve austin rulezz!!! lol wat bout tiger ali singh lol tat was a joke
  11. i was there during summer n i was told my grandma i'd regret goin india in summer..due to the mecher n garmee but it was all good there was mecher n etc but i didnt need to use any repellant
  12. wow that take whole lot of skills man the motu gotta suck it up n burn some fat around his tummy..tat wil enable him to fly haha
  13. r u serious or is it a joke LOL
  14. okay i have this track, i only want the music how do i filter the music out of tat track? is it possible? pls do help thanks in advance
  15. I am a darji, if you could send your measurements to me, i can make one for you :D :lol: . someone already told you about the site >>> http://charhdikalaa.ecrater.com/ i read it as im a daarji i was like daaarji? as in grandpa? hhahaha :lol: :umm:
  16. i agree...tats the best way :TH:
  17. ^^^yup i agree well heard tat baba bidhi chand dal nehungs dun do this sukha sakha, meat moot stuff
  18. ^^^ calling another user name of a subjeee imna bring this up to the ISC
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