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  1. well veerji these are made of tankpin so no doubt its expensive
  2. srb rog kw AauKdu nwmu ] sarab rog kaa aoukhadh naam || The Naam is the panacea, the remedy to cure all ills. kilAwx rUp mMgl gux gwm ] kaliaan roop ma(n)gal gun gaam || Singing the Glory of God is the embodiment of bliss and emancipation. this is wat u need....read more baani
  3. i love that baagh nakha man its juz beautiful
  4. be guru ka sikh n follow HIS hukam
  5. i got it from www.saintsoldiers.net if its not there...pm me....i'll upload it somewhere n send u the link
  6. hey i know these dudes n lot more of other familiar faces cool stuff.....the big guy forgot his name.....he seems to be enjoying it like anything check this out....hahaha....all i can see is ppl yawning http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-6...eguru&hl=en
  7. if they r not free how can they watch these dramas.....lol tell me bout it yaar.......since zee tv is here.....mum n the gwanden is like......tenu petaa ajj ki hoya........ hahaha
  8. heard the same too......it seems they took amrit(sarovar da jal) from sarovar at darbar sahib n mixed at durgiana........since then its all fine....(this is suni sunayee galh)
  9. ^^^^planning to increase protein intake :D
  10. ^^^ knows wat ppl can pick on her :D
  11. i was aneamic too juz after taking amrit.....but then after i got sarabloh karaa.....it was all good :TH:
  12. doin good :TH: n its good tat u r doin good too :TH:
  13. it doesnt work tat way for audio
  14. woah the baataa is really BIG man hahaha but not all nehungs drink sukha
  15. tofu n soya products is the way to go :TH: + majh da dudh....yummm yummm well kaley choley is also known as ghoreyaa dey badaam(almond)
  16. yeah i remember coming across tat in bhai gurdas jee's vaaran its goes like pichall raatee cant remember the pangthee though but yeah it says get up at the last pehar of the night :TH:
  17. ^^^^^ came up wit a good suggestion i agree wit ya :TH:
  18. can u pls explain wat u meant here by ~~Guru Granth Sahib ji does not require food or drink or even a bed.~~
  19. well said nama singh ji :TH: humans are stuck with 5 evils, karam n etc....we r here due to our sin.....we hav no choice guru sahib came to do udhaar guru sahib is beyond all tat guru sahib is agamm (out of the reach of the mind) agochar(out of the reach of the senses) those who treats guru sahib as a book will hav a life like a book as well
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