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  1. That's a question that came to my mind, this will put these Hinduvis into quite a quandary, but I think that essentially they will support us. This is probably the best time to sort out the problem of these Gujjars, if you read all the comments online the 90% of apnay and Hindus are supporting the Kisans. It is interesting that these comrades are playing their dirty games with this issue as well as Jatinder Chinna of Kirti Kisan Union and supporting the Gujjars. He got confronted by Sikhs while he was trying to take the side of the Gujjars. I wrote a few months ago that we need to unite as a people and we need to confront the liberals and their allies because they people have shown that they will always stand with the Muslims against us. I think people are definitely waking up in Punjab. The fact that Ravi Singh and his KA clowns have kept out is that they know that the issue is one where no amount of BS Punjabiyat and Bhaicharak sanjh will undo the damage the Gujjars have done.
  2. One thing that I have noticed on this forum is that there are some people who use the forum to grind their personal axes, these being mainly Daily, MisterSingh and CaliforniaSardar who based on what personal experiences they have had determines what they think of Punjab and Punjabis (Jats in Daily's case and Sikh women in general in CS,s case). The person who wrote this rant has some very serious personal issues and these are best resolved by him outside of the forum. From what I gather from previous posts, it was freshies flexing at his Gurdwara and then I think land issues in Punjab. Using these experiences to post drivel like Punjab is finished shows that there is no even an iota of sympathy for his own people in this person especially, even Daily at least gives some constructive solutions but people like MisterSingh are here to spread their negativity and any of our enemies who reads these types of posts will think that Sikhs have already given up. This guy is the very opposite of Chardi Kala.
  3. Contrary to the usual detractors (pendu this pendu that) with a axe to grind, our people are incredibly resourceful and ambitious if given the right conditions, the main one being a corruption free political/bureaucratic system. Hopefully if AAP lives up to their claims and provides such an atmosphere then the Punjab could turn the corner and again become a prosperous state.
  4. You do know that the horror stories are what get the tongues wagging and hence the perception that these horror stories are the norm.
  5. It's not just the physical, it's how you carry yourself and what your self confidence is like. To be honest, your posts about not getting a wife does show that you lack self confidence and if that is true then your body language will show a woman exactly how confident you are and you will already have lost even before you speak to her. If you want to gain confidence I would suggest you think about taking up boxing. It gives you a lot of confidence and the gait of a boxer appeals to many women. Even if it doesn't and the woman still rejects you then you could follow her and beat up the guy she rejected you for!!
  6. Ok, I will see your 'prince with the natives' and raise you 'Rasta demands reparations'
  7. The political atmosphere is Punjab is heating up. The fact that AAP won has added to the sense that anything is possible now. The SGPC has stated to act very Panthic now but not amount of pro-Panth statements will stop them from suffering the same fate as their master Badal. The attempt to reignite the Kisan andolan is interesting, one of their demands is to withdraw the history books which present Sikh history and Sikh Gurus in a poor light. I say Interesting because the leaders now understand that an andolan has to have support from the Panth otherwise it fail before it has even started. The youth especially have been getting more politically engaged, the fact that Kultar Singh Sadhwan the Punjab speaker who incidentally is the grandson of Giani Zail Singh apologised so quickly to the Akal Takht Jathedar after a video of him undergoing a ceremony where a Bahman waved a cow's tail on his turban shows that he understands that excuses that were used before that politicians need to keep all sections of society happy won't wash anymore. The Delhi based Giani who presented a Siropa to Modi when he met 'sikhs' along with MS Sirsa was stopped from doing Katha at a gurdwara in Sohana in Punjab. The Sangat did not confront him or physically stop him in the presence of Guru Granth Sahib, they started to do Naam Jaap as soon as he started his katha. The Naam Jaap went on for a few minutes and ended with a jaikara. Then a member of the Sangat said that those who give siropas to Modi will not be allowed to do katha at the Gurdwara. The Giani seeing that he would not be able to do katha, left the stage although he was later confronted by some youths when he was starting to leave the Gurdwara premises.
  8. I agree that Bhagat Singh is propped up the Indian media but you second point I cannot disagree with more, I have never met a mona who justified him being a mona on Bhagat Singh! I
  9. To be honest the average Sikh has no idea what Bhagat Singh's ideology was or what his struggle was. They just know he was hanged by the British for fighting for independence. This is about the sum total of their knowledge. The comrades are more knowledgeable in that they know that he was an atheist, he wanted Sikhs to give up Punjabi and he wanted Hindi to the language of India and even wrote an essay on it when he was younger and he never revised his opinion. He had links to Arya Samaj, he shot the wrong British police officer who he thought had beaten Lala Lajpat Rai with a lathi resulting in his death. In fact it is commonly believed the Lala died of a heart attack soon after the attack. Lala Lajpat Rai was a top Arya Samaj leader. Bhagat Singh also shot a Sikh constable Chanan Singh who attempted to apprehend Bhagat Singh when he shot the British police officer. The comrades never want a debate on Bhagat Singh and his ideology because they know that if the truth of Bhagat Singh's ideology comes out then he will lose mass support among common Sikhs.
  10. Look at this attempt to look like some Viceroy come to see the natives!
  11. Although not related to Sikhi but I thought it was interesting how the world has changed over the last few years. Back then these two sometimes called the best loved royals after the Queen would have been mobbed and their tour would have been a guaranteed success. Here is a right wing gora trying to blame the BLM activists for hijacking the tour. The blanking of Kate by the Jamaican politician is a classic.
  12. It is mainly the leftist and Ambedkarites who have taken the side of the Gujjars, the usual anti-Jat, anti-Sikh crowd. Most Punjabis know what these Gujjars are like. The lack of coverage by Panthic media is disappointing. The Gurbani Akhand Bani channel which has been very good in covering Panthic issues has not posted any videos. The irony is that when some Hindus protested against the Namaz at a Hoshiarpur mosque this channel had their video cameras there and interviewed the Muslims the next day. The good thing is that if you read the comments on the youtube videos at least 90% are supportive of the villagers and many are even saying what was unthinkable even a few months ago, that these Gujjars need to be kicked out of Punjab. The other 10% are Muslims, leftists and the usual 'bahut bura hoiya' id.iots. The youth of Punjab and becoming more aware and now understand that if we don't get our act together we could lose Punjab in a few years time. Here is a video of the attack on the farmers' houses when they threatened the farmers' wives with rape.
  13. I would have thought they would have waited until they were at least 5% of the population before they tried anything. 2 killed, 10 injured as farmers, Gujjars clash in Majitha village - Hindustan Times
  14. I would be dubious of such stories because many falsehoods were spread by the British to try and paint the Sikh royal family members as illegitimate so as to support their own claim to Punjab after annexation.
  15. This what they are told behind closed doors. No wonder they display such hatred towards us and yet our leaders never tire of showing solidarity with these people. I have always said, we need Sikh-Sikh Bhai Bhai and not fake slogans like Sikh-Hindu Bhai Bhai or Sikh-Muslim Bhai Bhai. This is why I could not care less that their school girls are can't wear Hijab in Karnataka. Them having to fight this battle means that they are expending their time and resources so they have less time for their usual mischief. If the Hindus come after us after they have dealt with the Muslims then so be it, be strong and organise but don't lose time and energy on showing solidarity to these people, let them feel the heat.
  16. Since you are such an expert on Punjab, please share your wisdom regarding what should have been the Sikh response to the annexation in 1849? It should make for an interesting discussion.
  17. I remember our armchair expert was waxing lyrical a few years ago about a Khalsa army general and how great he was during the time of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, but when I pointed out that in 1857 he had joined the British and fought for them in UP our armchair expert revised his opinion and said the former Khalsa general was a gaddar..lol. Armchair experts especially those whose only experience of Punjab is through reading books and who are many thousands of miles away from Punjab tend to have a very binary view of any situation or individual.
  18. This something that armchair experts who have no experience of rural Punjab fail to understand. After 1857, the Sikhs were in competition with the more numerous Muslims and Hindus of Punjab. What our armchair expert thinks our people should have done is stayed out the British administration and army and fought back against the British. The Muslims and Hindus would have loved that, the Muslims especially would have cornered the army and police jobs and relished having the British to back them while they enacted another genocide against us.
  19. The real anti-Hindu violence was after 1984, prior to 1984 the Hindus who were killed and for which action the Kharkoos took credit were anti-Sikh Hindus like Lala Jagat Narain and his son Ramesh Chander. BJP leaders like Harbans Rai Khanna who had vandalised the model of Harmandir Sahib at Amritsar railway station. There were killing on buses but unknown organisations like Dasmesh regiment too credit for it and it is likely these killings were by Indian agencies. Bluestar was justified by the Indian government and Indian media by using the excuse that Sikhs were intent on driving Hindus out of Punjab and force Sikhs from outside Punjab to move to Punjab. Even though none of this was the case pre-1984, it became a self fulfilling prophecy because when Sikhs started the migrate to Punjab after 1984 genocide, then Kharkoos would have been less interested in keeping Hindus in the villages of Punjab.
  20. Your family history is the history of the majority of our people. My grandfather's younger brother also fought in the trenches of northern France. Unfortunately his didn't survive the war and became Shaheed in 1915. We have a matti in our village to commemorate him. His name is written at the Indian war memorial at Neuve Chapelle. Before Corona we used to visit that memorial every year on his death anniversary. There is a visitors book there and there were so many comments by apnay whose ancestors fought in the battle and have visited the memorial from countries like UK, Canada and USA. http://www.radcliffeontrentww1.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/Sikhs.png
  21. I think the mass ouster of the traditional parties especially the Badals and Congress was much needed. I feel that some element within in AAP will revolt especially when the SYL issue comes up and Kejriwal because of his political ambitions in Haryana and as CM of Delhi will naturally conflict with those of Punjab. I hoped that in 2017 especially after many of the well know faces in AAP revolted or were forced out of AAP that AAP in Punjab would cut off any political ties with AAP in Delhi and Kejriwal and go on to become a truly regional party that Punjab needs. We should hope that SAD(A) gains even more credibility in the next few months and the youth continue to gravitate towards it. Let's see what the future holds.
  22. There was a migration of Hindus from the rural areas of Amritsar and some parts of Gurdaspur in the late 1980s. These areas had pretty much been liberated of Indian rule and the Mand area on both banks of the Beas was referred to as the capital of Khalistan. There were criminal elements who were using the name of the Kharkoos to extort money off the Hindus and those who could not afford to pay used to migrate to places like Sirsa or Delhi. There was no doubt a hardening of attitudes by the Kharkoos against the Hindus especially after the genocide in Delhi and most viewed them as a fifth column in Punjab.
  23. At 25 -30 years of age - " I want a man who looks like a male model, with a super personality, and who is a Doctor, Lawyer, Accountant or has his own business and who has a jet setting lifestyle" At 30 -39 years of age - " I want a man with a good personality, handsome, a professional job and a degree who likes to travel" At 40 years of age - " I want a man who has a personality, ok looks, has a job" At age 45+ -" I just want a man"
  24. This seems to the location when Channi was CM. It is difficult to see what the picture behind him is of due to the light reflecting off it, it looks like some kind of landscape. There is a clearer yet still incomplete picture of the image below. The interesting aspect of this whole issue is the AAP supporters are no different from the Andhbhagats because until there was proof presented that the pictures were of different parts of the room, the AAP supporters were responding with <banned word filter activated>,ic statements like " so what, what did Badals or Captain do even if they had the picture of Maharaja Ranjit Singh in their offices"!
  25. Horses for courses. Each reaction has to be according to the situation. But the fact that we as a community have never had a reputation to reacting in such a way and that is changing has to be a positive development because the Hindutvis and Jehadis have to think twice before attacking if they think that there will be a reaction against their people in Punjab. The Waris Punjab De jathebandi is showing some good promise. I watched a video of their Mukh Sewadar Amritpal Singh Sandhu and he appears to understand perfectly the situation that Punjab is facing. He said that both public and private sector jobs in Punjab should be reserved and 80% should go only to Punjabis. While Haryana has recently passed this law, in Punjab any tom <banned word filter activated> or harry to come there to work. The same was the case with buying land. Only Punjabis should be able to buy land. Other states in India have had these laws for decades and yet any non-Punjabi can buy land in Punjab. Bhaiyas and Gujjars have been buying land in Punjab and yet Sikhs cannot buy land in Himachal or Rajasthan.
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