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  1. There is always a factor of sabotaging in elections in India. Parties will pay people who have the same names as their opponents to stand as independents so that some of the confused supporters of the opposing party will vote for the independent in error. If a former MLA who was useless does not get selected to stand by his party and someone else nominated then that person will get his supporters to vote against his own party to prevent the election of the new candidate. The way the wave for change was, it is a moot point whether Captain or Majithia's political games had much affect on Navjot Sidhu's loss.
  2. The problem in 1947 was that there was a labour government in Britain at that time which had no respect for property rights, had Churchill been returned to power in 1945, the chances are that Sikh property ownership which was 27% of Punjab would have got us a partition line further west than it finally ended up. The UN gave over 55% of Palestine to the Jews in 1948 even though they only owned 7% of the land, these land allocation were based on the theory that the land should go to those who could develop it.
  3. If you have the power to ensure that someone loses in their constituency then surely you also have the power to ensure that you will get elected in your own constituency. The only positive about Navjot Sidhu is that he pretty much destroyed Congress in the only state that it was able to win power in 2017 because of the division of opposition votes.
  4. Of those Sikhs in the Punjab Vidhan Sabha we have a higher calibre of Panthic type Sikhs than the fakes like the Badals, Majithias, Captains and others. Now no Hindu Har.amzada can say that we Sikhs voted Congress into power in Punjab when it was them that committed genocide on us even though Captain won 2017 on majority Hindu votes and the Sikh vote was split between Akalis and AAP and only a minority of Sikhs voted for Congress.
  5. I think you are being unduly pessimistic. The ideal situation would have been if Simranjit Singh Mann and all his candidates had won but the AAP wave which wasn't really a AAP wave as such it was more of a wave for change. AAP had positioned itself into that narrative as being the only party of change and as such they got the votes. Simranjit Singh Mann and his party in 2015 had the perfect opportunity to become the change even if it was just in the Panthic circles but they did not groundwork. AAP in 2017 and after had become a joke, it was breaking apart and that would have been the opportunity for Simranjit Singh Mann's party to take over the vacant place but again, no groundwork. Deep Sidhu was able to set up his organisation, Waris Punjab De in a short amount of time and he was able to gather like minded youth and yet Simranjit Singh Mann has never done this. You cannot expect to win elections when the only time you are around is at election time. You need to do the ground work. The youth did the ground work during the elections and especially after Deep Sidhu's shahidi and look at how close they came to ensuring a win for Simranjit Singh Mann. The ground work was being done by the youth. Even up to election day, Waris Punjab De according to reports were getting phone calls from all over Punjab from the youth asking who the SAD(A) candidates were in their areas because they were not even aware that there were any standing in their areas! This just shows just how much ground work had not been done in the time prior to the election. We also need to understand that there are forces within the Panthic side who are either naive or who aim to sabotage the movement from within. Look at Dal Khalsa, they want Khalistan but they do not want to take part in elections BUT also they have rejected the armed struggle. These are the only two avenues that exist for national liberation movements. By rejecting both they have ensured that they are only good for making statements and handing memorandums at the DC office! They want to reject the legitimacy of the state by rejecting elections and yet they give memorandums to the functionaries of the state! To the elections These elections have shown two things-; 1. Unlike previous occasions when our people showed anger towards a party especially the Badal Akalis but then they always went back to support them after a few years, this had changed. The Beadbi issue and the Bargari killings are still issues whereas in previous times we would have quickly forgotten about these after some time. The Panthic vote that the Badal Akalis lost to AAP in 2017 was mostly in Malwa but this time they lost the Panthic vote to AAP all over Punjab. That vote in still Panthic so the next time that vote is there to be won by a Panthic party. These people haven't suddenly become Lalas and leftists. The Badal Akali Dal is finished for sure. There now needs to be a new realignment, Simranjit Singh Mann needs to now work with the youth especially Waris Punjab De to start doing the groundwork for possibly the Lok Sabha election to Sangrur constituency which Bhagwant Mann will need to resign as MP from in order to become CM. It might be too early to win that seat but he needs a good showing and with the possible AAP candidate not having the same profile as Bhagwant Mann, Simranjit Singh Mann needs to consolidate his party's 110,000 votes in the Sangrur constituency and increase these with the help of the youth. Again, the ground work has to be done. 2. AAP has never been tested in government, in Delhi Kejriwal is able to use the excuse that he does not have full state powers for his failures. Punjab will be the true test of the governing ability. Let's see if he can keep his promises. As for the Panth, the fact that there are according to my count the religion wise break up of the MLAs in Punjab, this shows that Sikhs are still the vast majority of the MLAs. Congress - Sikhs 13 - Hindus 5 72% Sikh MLAs. AAP - Sikhs 73 - Hindus 12 - Muslim 1 79% Sikh MLAs Akali Dal - Sikhs 2 - Hindu /Dalit 1 66% Sikh MLAs BJP - Sikhs 0 - Hindus 2 0% Sikh MLAs BSP - Dalit/Hindu - 1 0% Sikh MLAs Independent - Sikh 1 100% Sikh MLAs This means that in the Punjab Vidhan Sabha of 2022, Sikhs will be 88 out of 117 MLAs or 75% This is one of the positives of the elections, all those leftists and Hindus claiming that the AAP win was for a secular Punjab don't have a clue about what is going on in Punjab. The Panthic vote wanted to defeat the Badal Akalis which they did and they wanted to keep the BJP out which they did. The Punjabi Hindu and leftist dream of a Hindu CM is dead. The rejection of those Sikhs who stood on the BJP ticket shows just how exaggerated and hollow the claim of the BJP to have won over Sikhs in Punjab was. Any Sikh who wants the best for the Panth needs to look at the facts and not get carried away by the propaganda of our enemies. The BJP Lalas before the elections were claiming online that a vote for AAP was a vote for Khalistan. After AAP won they changed their tune and now are claiming that Khalistanis lost because the 'Indian Sikhs' voted for a Hindu from Delhi to be their leader!! It is sad that Simranjit Singh Mann lost but true revolutions are not forged in a few days, the ground work that the youth did has to be replicated many fold in the coming years before we will see a Panthic Akali Dal win by the same numbers as AAP did. With the Punjab political scene so fragmented, all that is needed is for Panthic Sikhs to not only re-create a Panthic Akali Dal minus the Badals but also to take back the SGPC from the Badals.
  6. The fact that you can equate these two sells outs with Deep Sidhu shows that you have have a very superficial understanding of this issue. That in itself in this day and age when information is available at the click of a button is criminal in my view.
  7. The problem is that you are so dense you need to ask.
  8. Sardar Mann went from 5000 votes in Barnala in 2017 to 38,000 votes now. All those who seem to think that the elections were a disaster need to understand that this is just the beginning.
  9. That's where we differ, you think Singh Sabha was a British creation while I see them as acting to save Sikhi from being just another Panth. If anything their sanatan opponents were the ones who thought you could worship at a Mandir in the morning, a Sufi shrine in the afternoon and a Gurdwara in the evening and you could still call yourself a Sikh.
  10. No such theology was taught during British times. The all paths lead to God theology is entirely a post 1947 development.
  11. I will be interesting to see what happens in Congress now. All their top leaders apart from Sunil Jakhar and Partap Singh Bajwa lost their seats. The only Sikh who can challenge Jakhar will be Partap Singh Bajwa or possibly Sukhpal Singh Khaira. It is unfortunate that Khaira left the AAP a few years ago otherwise he was a strong contender for the CM position had be stayed in AAP. It will be interesting to see now whether Jakhar takes the leadership of the Congress in which case it will be start to be seen as a Hindu party or whether Congress gives the leadership to Bajwa or Khaira. Gurmeet Singh Khudian of AAP who beat Parkash Badal in Lambi constituency is the son of Jagdev Singh Khudian who won the Faridkot parliamentary seat for Akali Dal Mann in 1989 and who was subsequently murdered by the Indian state. The Khudian family are migrants from Lahore district, from village Khudian in Kasur tehsil, who settled in Malwa after 1947 and their vote bank consists of many Lahorias but the Malwais also voted for them in huge numbers.
  12. It is difficult to dislodge the BJP once they get their claws into any state. It doesn't matter if some UP Jaats voted for BJP or not, people vote for any number of reasons, and anyway the UP Jaats are very small population compared to the rest of UP and they can only affect a few seats.
  13. Ironically the liberals are the most intolerant of any opinion that goes against their own.
  14. The Poles going back had a lot to do with Brexit and the way that vote made them realise that even after 12 years of Polish immigration they were still felt that they were not valued. With Brexit, those who wanted to stay in the UK had to establish residency rights which were seen as a big hassle. Also with the mass migration from Poland, the lack of professionals in Poland then meant that wages there increased at a higher rate. Also the fact that Poles who had paid tax for 12 months in the UK and who were then able to claim child benefit for their children living in Poland also created a lot of ill will towards them which although legal was seen as a scam by many goray.
  15. It looks like Simranjit Singh Mann has come second but the Deep Singh factor almost worked for him. He got about 30% of the vote in Amargarh and in nearby Mehal Kalan, his candidate came second with 20% of the vote. His son Eman Singh Mann came 3rd with 10% of the vote. His other candidates managed just 4-5% of the vote. The AAP wave was too strong, people wanted change and unfortunately the Panthic party could not place itself as that change. Lakha Sidhana came second with 20% of the vote in Maur. And our friend Rajewal got just 4% of the vote in Samrala coming 6th! The Akali Dal(A) candidate here came 4th with 6.5% of the vote. However, the good news is that both Badals have lost and this is the best news from these elections and their party looks like it has gone down to just 3 seats at best. Such has been the defeat that if the party wants to survive they will need to ditch the Badals and with them their control of the SGPC. If the Badals lose the SGPC elections then they will be finally finished and their influence over the Panth finished for ever. Had the SAD(B) retained over 10 seats then they could have survived but not with just 3 seats. The BJP looks like they will also have less than 5 seats. The SAD has to ditch the Badals and Majithias now otherwise it will never rule the state again. The next 5 years will be interesting. How will Bhagwant Mann an acknowledged sharabi kababi rule Punjab, the fact is Kejriwal will be in control. The AAP winning candidates consist of rejects and rebels from other parties as well as new faces who are inexperienced. If the do some good for Punjab then we should welcome it but the chances are that the rejects will suffer the same infighting as the Congress faced under Navjot Sidhu. Let's see how Kejriwal now lives up to his promise of rs1000 a month for every adult female in the state. That's 8 million women each getting rs1000 a month = 96 000 million rupees. Let's see how he's able to pay that. He also promised that after 5 years those who had gone abroad for jobs will be coming back to Punjab for jobs. He's promised the earth to Punjabis and now let's see if he delivers.
  16. The sheeple are falling for the propaganda that Putin is the bad guy and Zelensky is the good guy. The fact is both sides are being stubborn. Putin should not have gone in and by going in he has played into Zelensky's hands. Putin has been the master manipulator for the last 20 years. He managed to save his client Asad in Syria against both the concerted efforts of the west and ISIS, he managed to gain Crimea and kept the Donbass out of Ukrainian hands. He should have bided his time, taken out the comedian Salisbury style. By going in, he has to either take over Ukraine and risk a Vietnam type situation or take control of only the Russian majority areas but then the west will still keep the sanctions in place. The Ukrainians sense that they have the upper hand by their use of clever propaganda and even the Ukrainian negotiator was interviewed and she said that Ukraine wants complete capitulation of Russia! The best Putin can hope for is that the west and Ukraine agree to a referendum in the Russian majority areas if they want to join Russia, he has lost the game to prevent Ukraine not joining NATO, even nations that were neutral like Sweden are now clamouring to join NATO.
  17. The DM is well known for being pure click bait, the recent hospital attack their headline was that 3000 babies were under the rubble! They changes it after even the comments from their readers started to question it. Now it look like a few people were killed. All media is pretty much propaganda nowadays. If it does come about that we are in for an economic shock then it will have been self inflicted. BS green levies on energy bills, trying to gain brownie points with the climate change lobby by going net zero. Building cycle lanes for lyra clad goons while car users are victimised and used as a cash cow.
  18. Probably 99.99999% of people in the west would not be able to survive more than a few weeks if there was civilisational collapse.
  19. It's always the case that our people have a few bad experiences and they shout it out from the rooftops as if their experiences represent the norm. We will accept all sorts of rubbish from non-Sikhs and not complain but when one of ours does anything wrong we go hyper. Also be careful of so-called 'experiences' many non-Sikhs are not averse to pretending to be Sikhs to badmouth Sikh institutions. Interesting how the OP asks about anyone who went to Baru Sahib as if he wants to know of any experiences and yet the title already has the leading title 'bad experiences'
  20. Guru Gobind Singh understood that only certain types of people can become warriors, those who worked the soil and those who worked with their hands. The scholars were left to their study . The scholarly types can never be great warriors, their mind is conditioned to think and they will always overthink a situation when action is called for in an instant. We shouldn't blame them, the blame goes to our institutions which allow any tom <banned word filter activated> or harry to take Amrit without even assessing whether they are worthy of Amrit. Before anyone should be allowed to take Amrit, especially the men between the ages of 18-45, they should have to show that they have an interest in keeping fit, anyone with a waist of over 34 inches should be rejected straight away. Maybe have a bench press limit on anyone applying. I am sure the Chechens also have Chechens who also act like these guys. Also I wouldn't rate them too much, they are fighting for the guy who pretty much destroyed their country in the late 90s.
  21. Reminds me of that Apache Indian song.. MI WUN' GIRLLLL!!
  22. Is that Daily lying as usual, but this time about his age!!
  23. The Indian state wants to dictate who are our heroes, ironically Deep Sidhu came into focus because he chose to not follow the government's diktat and fearlessly accepted Santji as our hero. Each and every Sikh that accepts Santji as their hero makes a powerful statement that their mind can never be enslaved.
  24. We are one of the world's largest economies ... lol. gather a population of 1.2 billion anywhere in the world and that area's economy will be bigger than India. Bangladesh has already gone past India and it used to be called a Basketcase economy. People like Arnab have wet dreams when they cite figures like the number of billionaires in India yet they don't understand that most billionaires in India haven't earned their money through honest commerce with companies aboard but by using the system with it's inherent corruption to steal the money from the common people or from government. As for the military scenario, India is now hopelessly isolated. Their vote against the west and for Russia will be remembered. There was already a radio presenter on LBC who wanted to know whether the British people should boycott India. Modi is a hopeless case, for a clever Bania and a master of Chankaya niti the guy is an embarrassment. They only voted to not condemn Russia at the UN because Modi hopes that Putin can rein in China. Once Putin goes, India will have no one to support it against China. Even the Australians who India was aligning with against China are pi$$ed off with India's vote to abstain.
  25. After the police got kicked out of the Singh Sabha Gurdwara last week, Sikhs have confronted the Gyani who did Ardas for Modi at Gurdwara Miri Piri in Southall. They also had a colourful talk with Jaswant Singh Thekadar one of the founders of Dal Khalsa who got political asylum in the 1980s in UK who runs the Gurdwara as a private company. It had charitable status between 2014-2016 when it was removed as a charity. Presumably it means that there is no oversight by the UK government of its activities and any Charawa of the goak would be taxed. The land for the Gurdwara was bought through funds donated by the Sikh community and subsequently Thekadar registered the land in his name and runs the Gurdwara as a business. Most of the worshippers are elderly who find it hard to go to the main Gurdwaras in Southall so they use this building.
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