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  1. Anybody who thinks Harnaam Singh Dhuma is not working under direct instructions of Badal is either politically ignorant or is trying to fool others. When Badal won elections Dhuma could be seen everywhere with him. He is not even trying to hide his links with Badal and has openly admitted his support for him.
  2. Chatanga ji, I am only saying what i am observing. I have seen lot of IPD people talk on sikh channel and you can always see their tacit support for Badal. You will never see them talk anything against Badal. Now what do you make of that. And I am not sure what u mean by saying they don't support Badal but are only 'linked' to him.
  3. Anyone with some political knowledge can make following link. Sikh channel show on on dharma yudh jatha had 4 to 5 IPD members speaking. IPD supports Badal.and we all know what Badal stands for. I see very dirty politics being played here especially using IPD . Sikh channel is doing great work by the way but sometimes even they are not able to identify such dirty politics. It's high time anyone supporting Badal in anyway is boycotted from any panthic initiative.
  4. Biased story in local newspaper http://www.swindonad...racial_wedding/
  5. I am from swindon and I have some observations/questions regarding what has happened and what is happening in this Gurdwara; 1. There have been mixed marriages before in this Gurdawara before without anyone objecting. But this time probably due to a black guy involved half of committe was against it half was in favour. 2. Committe members who were against this invited and supported singhs to stop it. But I feel they should say something about mixed marriages which have already taken place in the same gurdwara. 3. I can understand all the sentiments of not allowing sikhs to marry anyone outs
  6. Yeah I saw that too. I don't know how many more incidents of these kind sikhs want before they realise that Akal Takht Jathedar is Badal's puppet. We have a jathedar in Bhai Rajoana. This is a golden oppurtunity to get rid of this fake Jathedar who can give fakre-kaum to Badal, who will not say anything about why Sumedh Saini has been promoted by Badal, Who will not say anything when Badal visited Dera Sacha Sauda. The list is endless and some people still think he is leading us! Even the person who was taking interview seemed misguided as he was in all praise for Jathedar. If the whole Panth
  7. And why is he not talking about leaders who are arrested? and why wasn't he arrested? why he is not campaigning active for release of Rajoana like Daduwal did?
  8. Excellent to the point analysis. Please make sangat aware of truth about Sant Samaj and Akal Takht Jathedar. remember Akal Takht is supreme not it's jathedar who works for Badal in return of few luxuries. He was having laddoos shamelessly when Fansi was postponed, when he should be working for release of Bhai Rajoana. How can be even call him our jathedar. Sikhs all over world should pressure and make Bhai Rajoana Akal Takht Jathedar. His letters have more power than Jathedar's letters anyway.
  9. Can santranjitsinghji.com please tell us what's Dhadrianwale's stand on people who are arrested like Mann , Bittu, Daduwal etc? Why none of Akal Takht jathedar, Dhadrianwale or Jasbir Singh rode say anything about these people who are arrested? Rajoana asked us to be unied, but he also asked us to be carefull of people who are hand in glove with Badal. So be carefull when you try to wash away anycriticism as being divisive. Rajoana is our real jathedar in today's date. His letters have more value and strength than what Akal Takht jathedar says. How long will Badal's Sant Samaj confuse people
  10. Exactly same thing is happening, Badal, Akal Takht Jathedar, Sant Samaj, International panthic dal they are all same and together but they are misleading sikhs in different ways and forms. The need of the hour is tomake common sikhs aware who are not so smart politically that this is the case. I am not so sure about even Dhadrianwale anymore.
  11. Anything that Akal Takht Jathedar and , Dhumma, Sant Samaj, Jasbir Singh Rode do will be on instructions of Badal on how to calm sikhs, how to take maximum advantage of the situation and how to make sure sikhs still vote for Badal. All the people who do actual work are in Jails (Mann, Bittu, Daduwal and others)
  12. Has Bhai Rajoana ji released a letter today. He has been doing it everyday from past few days. Does anyone has any info whether his sister met him today? If there is no letter today it means something serious.
  13. Mann, Daduwal, Bittu and many others arrested: http://zeenews.india.com/news/punjab/three-protest-marches-banned-crackdown-against-panthic-bodies_766800.html
  14. http://zeenews.india.com/news/punjab/three-protest-marches-banned-crackdown-against-panthic-bodies_766800.html
  15. Please see my response on a different post which discusses about Jathedar: http://www.sikhsangat.com/Index.php?/forum/69-bhai-balwant-singh-rajoana/ Badal wants to convey the message that this is it, this is victory, that all protests should now be cancelled. He wants to diffuse the movement. Along with others he is using Akal Takht jathedar to achieve this and thats why Akal Takht Jathedar is busy congratulating sikhs and telling them that we have achieved what we had set out for even though Bhai Sahib might still end up worst than giving shaheedi, Even though Daljit Singh Bittu, Sant dadu
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