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Found 11 results

  1. Just watching this on tv, 1st covid now this, something screwy is going on ?
  2. Guest

    Dilli is Burning

    Ok ,so long story short here is a bit o background+story+and other s h * t abt the riots in dilli so, as some of u may know or might not know I'm a Delhi Sikh (and no, all of us r not crazy) So the Clash is btween the Pro CAA group (which is mostly just hindu fanatics and some RSS,BJP,bajrang dal ,other radical hindu outfit people)(note closely SOME BJP Peeps not all most r condemming attcks)(i mean thts the irony) and the Anti-CAA group. The pro CAA started the agitation first (and yea it does hv some elements of 1984 riots but this time its not on us ,sikhs)(also note:SOME ).And the riots r only in the Northeast part of Delhi(thankfully not anywhere near me)(but,they could spread judging by the rate they r going) .And yea, Muslim shrine was burnt and vandalized but it was a Mazar not a Mosque (by the Pro-CAA peeps,duuuhh!!!!!) .So thats that.I just wanna say "BE READY WITH UR KIRPAANS SINGHON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ". As for my opinions I dont support The CAA.(but im not part of the Dange [riots]).Also yea journalists were manhandled and any proof /footage them rioters got hands on were destroyed.Many ppl including a cop were also killed.Any way Chardikala Singhon,Akaal Purakh ji sahai hovan ate sabh di rakhi karan.Sarbat Da Bhalla. GURBAR AKAAAL Fatheeeehh. Take care peeps and ready those shastars WAHEGURU,save this violence ridden world
  3. While we are busy debating and dissing each other over trivial issues, our enemies are yet at it again desecrating our religious symbols and killing our people. I said this months back and I repeat, when Sikhs are about to be killed by dushts they are not asked whether they eat meat, believe in Kes or Keski as Kakkar... They are killed because they are SIKHS. Then why can't we unite as Sikhs instead of dividing ourselves? Now this might be a political ploy too, remember it is during the election period where parties can do anything to malign the other side.
  4. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh Mark Duggan, whose death sparked riots in England in 2011, was lawfully killed by police, an inquest jury has concluded by a majority of 8 to 2. There were angry scenes outside the courts, with supporters of Mr Duggan's family chanting "murderers", drowning out a statement by Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-25657949 Have UK Sikh organisations/ representatives prepared themselves for any potential issues with safety/ public order?
  5. I am not sure if this was posted, but I found this article on twitter today. Source: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/1984-riots-Why-nobody-noticed-Amitabh-Bachchan-spewing-venom-in-India/articleshow/10429011.cms
  6. Some rather disturbing and heart-breaking events occuring in Burma in recent days. Burmese Buddhists have been targetting Muslims, and there's been the usual murdering, looting, raping, and burning alive of civilians whilst the Burmese police standby, watch, and do absolutely nothing. WARNING: Very graphic video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=htD9PFHpmgw What is it with these 3rd world countries and their mob culture that allows such things to happen? I honestly don't know much about the background history to these troubles so I'll definitely be trying to learn what lead to this desperate situation.
  7. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-india-21651603 Awarness campaign of the Gujarat massacres gets Modi's speach cancelled in the USA. The power of protests and awarness should apply to the 1984 massacres as well. India4 March 2013 Last updated at 04:02 India minister Narendra Modi's US speech cancelled Mr Modi is seen as a divisive politician Continue reading the main story Related Stories Profile: Narendra Modi In pictures: Revisiting Naroda Patiya Has Gujarat moved on since 2002 riots? A planned speech at a top US university by the controversial chief minister of India's Gujarat state, Narendra Modi, has been cancelled after protests by teachers and students. Mr Modi was invited to speak via video-link at a conference at the University of Pennsylvania this month. He has been criticised for his handling of Hindu-Muslim riots in 2002. Riots erupted after 60 Hindu pilgrims died in a train fire, which Muslims were blamed for igniting. Many Western government broke off contact with Mr Modi's government after the riots. The US continues to refuse Mr Modi permission to enter the country. Mr Modi was invited to speak via video-link at an annual student-run conference on India at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania later this month. "Our team felt that the potential polarising reactions from sub-segments of the alumni base, student body, and our supporters, might put Mr Modi in a compromising position, which we would like to avoid at all costs, especially in the spirit of our conference's purpose," the Wharton India Economic Forum said in a statement quoted by the Press Trust of India news agency. Reports said that a group of teachers and students had expressed outrage to learn that Mr Modi had been invited to deliver the keynote address at the meeting in Philadelphia later this month. "This is the same politician who was refused a diplomatic visa by the United States State Department on 18 March 2005 on the ground that he, as chief minister, did nothing to prevent a series of orchestrated riots that targeted Muslims in Gujarat," they said in a letter. Mr Modi, who belongs to the Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), has not reacted to the development. Under his leadership, Gujarat has been turned into one of India's economic powerhouses, but he is also seen as a divisive figure and accused of not doing enough to stop the riots. Mr Modi has always denied any wrongdoing in connection with the violence, but has not expressed remorse or offered an apology. A 2008 state inquiry exonerated him over the riots, but one of his close aides Maya Kodnani was jailed for 28 years in August.
  8. VAHEGURU JI KA KHALSA VAHEGURU JI KI FATEH! As a result of continous attacks happening on our Guru, the Khalsa has decided to do the following. (3 attacks have happened in the past week on Gurdwaras in India) At Guru Nanak Gurdwara Sahib Smethwick, Singhs will be organising a pehredaar jatha (security team) which will operate on Akhand Paaths to protect Guru Ji and the sangat as attacks are rising as Kaljug is coming closer to its heights. Any Sikh who wants to do seva on weekends at Guru Nanak Gurdwara Sahib Smethwick to protect Guru Ji should private message or post here. Any Sangat wanting Seva of other West Bromwich, Handsworth, Olbury or other local Gurdwara Sahib can contact here so we can sort out groups and shifts. ALL Gurdwara Sahibs across the world now should start off pehras especially when Akhand Paaths are on as we do not want to see any more beadbi. End OF. Time to defend Khalsa style. Tyaar bar Tyaar. VAHEGURU JI KA KHALSA VAHEGURU JI KI FATEH!
  9. It is disgusting for me to see news articles, where there are reports of Sikh Bodies, including the official parliament of Sikhs - SGPC, requesting Indian President to interfere in the capital sentence of Bhai Balwant Singh Rajoana, and grant clemency to him. But I have a very strong objection to the use of word – “Clemency”. Clemency means the forgiveness of a crime or the cancellation (in whole or in part) of the penalty associated with it. Hence, by asking for Clemency, these bodies are agreeing to the inferred statement that what Balwant Singh did was indeed a crime, which is absolutely not right. Instead, we are failing the great legend, who has stuck to his ground for last 7 years, that what he did was absolutely right; because Beant Singh was a murderer, and no less evil than the likes of Kony and Gaddafi. Beant Singh was responsible for overseeing the mass killing of Sikhs and was responsible for giving police officers such as KPS Gill (known as ‘The Butcher of Punjab’), SSP Sumedh Saini, SSP Mohammad Izhar Alam (leader of the infamous Black Cats) and others a free reign to run operations that deliberately targeted the civilian population of Punjab. The suicide operation conducted by Balwant Singh & Dilawar Singh put an end to a decade long period of State Organized killing of Sikh youths (almost 50,000 Sikhs were killed in fake ‘encounter’ killings, brutal torture, illegal detention, and mass rapes). What is even more inspiring, and mark of personal integrity and spiritual strength is that he has never asked Indian Government for Justice. He had even refused to hire a lawyer, because he does not believe in Indian Judicial System. He has openly called for the death penalty recognising it as the only form of justice available to him under the Indian legal system. And, is he irrational or wrong? No, because the State that organises and sponsors Sikh genocides to teach Sikhs a lesson, and rewards the Sikh mass murderers (read Sajjan Kumar, Jagdish Tytler) who were the perpetrators of the 1984 genocide, with plum government posts and state protection has absolutely failed in its duties towards its citizens, and is not worth asking justice for.
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