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  1. Your hair came out? You should tell your hair that homosexuality is not allowed in Sikhi. End of.
  2. He probably doesn't know much about the Sikh religion himself. I think your enthusiasm for the Sikh religion is causing feelings of inadequacy and guilt (to some extent), and he doesn't know how to deal with it. Don't worry, just keep doing what you're doing and don't lose heart.
  3. I'm not against anyone celebrating or even casually observing the upcoming festivities, but as a Sikh once you realise what occurred during Sikh history when the rest of the world is celebrating Christmas, I don't see how any Sikh can bring themselves to raise a smile at that time of year. I'm always rather sad during Christmas in recent years. I don't want to be that way, but I can't help it when you think of all that happened to us a few hundred years ago. Dark times and the dard can be felt rather strongly.
  4. Speak to a professional. You need to overcome this issue before it takes over your life.
  5. I prefer the Van Helsing from the book, but, yes, Django is a favourite of mine. As Stephen would say, "I axed you, who this Singh up on that nag?". :giggle:
  6. I read a bit of the Bible once. It resulted in me becoming a fan of Charlton Heston's religious movies from the 50s. Wonderful times.
  7. True words. When your own people have shown you nothing but contempt and treachery, whilst the so-called "other" was the only one to give you a hand when you most needed it, what is a person to think?
  8. That's just basic langar etiquette. That's madness. I wouldn't even do that at home.
  9. Some like to add their own masaleh to spice up proceedings, all the while thinking, "As long as it gets the sangat on-side, whether it's strictly true or not it doesn't really matter as long as I'm not blaspheming or leading them away from Waheguru". Whilst others stick to the message, not one syllable more or less, and they leave it up to us to take the decision, without any inducements of any sort. Whatever works I guess.
  10. There's two ways to look at it: Some analyse to truly comprehend (and occasionally it does go over the head of most people such as myself), whilst there's a few who analyse and over-expand to make themselves feel superior to the simple folk. I guess it depends a lot on the intention.
  11. Well, whoever recites Sukhmani Sahib will get the phall of it, even if they were told to do it by a "fradulent" baba. But I suppose if you recite it for material gain as opposed to spiritual bliss, that's when you end up taking liberties.
  12. For most Sikhs it just bleeds into Diwali, imo. You rarely get people to differentiate between the two when most Sikhs are behind closed doors. It might've made a difference if the two festivals had occured on different dates, but I guess historically Guru Sahib arrived back at Amritsar from prison on Diwali, was it?
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