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Found 13 results

  1. There is a new Muslim bhangra singer from UK called Raf Saperra. Not only has he made a music video where he is lusting after and flirting with a Sikh girl who has a prominently displayed kada, but the song has been produced by so called Sikh Sukhshinder Shinda and the background of the video is full of so called Sikhs wearing kaday, egging on the Muslim singer to flirt with the Sikh girl and sing about her lustfully. Astonishingly there is an old Baba with a long white dhari and white dastaar in the video as well. I have not seen one comment on the YouTube page that is concerned ab
  2. Today I see many people mix Punjabi culture things with sikhi. Like I personally think that Bhangra, giddha and other things like this aren’t related to sikhi and aren’t allowed for Sikh to do. People need to understand that being Punjabi is different than being a Sikh. Do u guys think that Bhangra and giddha r forbidden in sikhi?? I wanna hear sum more people’s vichar in this
  3. This is just my take on this There's an increasing number of Panjabis in western countries learning Bhangra professionally, making Bhangra societies in universities and holding grand Bhangra competitions. Although Bhangra is a hybrid dance done by males with modern hip-hop moves, women are also seen in these competitions & performances. Some parents in the west are encouraging their children to learn Bhangra from these academies. The reason they give for joining is Bhangra connects them with Panjabi culture and they feel "proud" seeing their children on stage. I don't think Bhan
  4. Bhangra is popularly pushed as a "Panjabi Harvest Dance" by our own people. Here's an interesting read about Bhangra and how it was unknown in East Panjab. The crazy Bhangra performances at weddings or silly Bhangra moves on stage are a new invention. How Not to Dance Bhangra [Bazaar. London . Summer 1987] Bhangra isn’t a folk dance, but a spicy mixture of nine Punjabi folk dances – Dhamāl, Gidha, Jalli, Jhummar, Luddi, Pathania, Phumania, Sammi and Sialkoti bhangra B hangra performed in this country is not aut
  5. I am a Bhangra dancer and I have been for 4yrs and I’m still going, I am thinking of taking Amrit but can be Amrit shak and still continue my Bhangra activity?
  6. Anyone know how to make it as a bhangra artist? I feel i have got the talent as a singer. But not sure where or how to audition. Im based in London. So if anyone has any contacts. That would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. p.s I will only be singing classical hindi/punjabi songs as that is what im interested in. None of this trash that we currently see. With people singing about daru and all kinds of profanity/vulgar lyrics.
  7. VJKK VJKF Is listening to Bhangra songs wrong in Sikhi? I couldn't find any gurbani quotes about it and I couldn't find any Basics of Sikhi/Nanak Naam videos about it. I want to know if I have been doing the wrong thing and I want to put a stop to it quick. VJKK VJKF
  8. Is Bhangra creating divisions in the sikh community. Alot of songs I cannot simply relate to as alot of songs are about farming which I have no connection with. Also many songs big up their caste causing tensions?
  9. Sat Sri Akal This may not be to do with the Sikh religion but... I'm in desperate need of learning Punjabi and Bhangra dance. I live in New Zealand have a Punjabi boyfriend and soon will be visiting India. Please any help what so ever would be highly appreciated. Thank you.
  10. I like Bhangra so I will post a few of my favourite songs. I am hoping others will join and educate me. I like this guy, he won an MBE and met the Queen. I think he has real style and I like to relax and listen to his Punjabi Bhangra beats. Top man: I like him because his style is quite slow and I can savour the language, fast Bhangra is too much for me at my level of understanding right now.
  11. Alright, I think I have already posted this in another thread but I think this is could be a discussion in its own, hence I am starting this thread. Time for Sikhs to le go of this garbage called Panjabi culture.All this filth of Heer Ranjjha, Sassi-Punnu, Sohni-Mahiwal, Bulle Shah, Waris Shah etc was spouted by Muslims. It certainly has nothing to do with Sikhi and contradicts everything that Sikh religion stands for. As for the moderns "Panjabi culture" thee less said the better- it is all about casteism, getting drunk/high or false pride disguised as "anakh". Panjabi culture is a defecti
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