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Found 14 results

  1. http://www.sikh24.com/2018/06/29/op-ed-misogyny-in-the-khalistan-movement-view-of-a-kaur/#.WzXeLnrwbcs I was sent this article and found it to be very accurate and on the ball. However, as much as i agree with this article, i think this article could be expanded even further. yes the typical khalistani in the uk is male, amritdhari and lashes out when anyone opposes their views. trust me i used to be exact the same. but taking a step back since i have moved away from birmingham, i can see that by restricting the movement to black and white, is never take the movement forward. the m
  2. Salute to this mahaan jodha who sacrificed his all for us, funding himself for the sangaarsh, turning his back on a successful business and the luxuries of the west.
  3. It has been now almost 130 days of hunger strike to free Sikh political prisoners who have already served their jail terms. Show your support for the 82 year old Bapu! Degh Tegh Fateh Panth ki jeet #Dharam Yudh Morcha 2.0
  4. I'm wondering after the baba jee pillars and elderly leaders of the Sikh community of the present time pass on....... have we got up and coming charismatic youth leaders to take their place? Or will be Sikh masses be left to their own devices and no longer an effective force against those who wish our community ill will. I can see within 5-10 years when the leaders who lived in the times of 1984 and put all their energy fighting for Sikh rights and khalistan pass on there will be no one influential will left to fight for the rights of the community.
  5. Correct me if I'm wrong, but Lala Jagat Narain was killed because he said disrespectful things towards Sant Jarnail Singh , and because he was a witness against the AKJ in the 1978 Amristar Massacre trial. 62 of the newspaper staff were also killed. (over a period of time) Am I the only one who thinks this seems like terrorism? Don't get me wrong, because I am against the corrupt Indian Government and I think it was amazing how Sant Jee was waking up Panjab. But I don't think it is right to kill someone unless they are using or directing violence at someone. Personally, I have libertarian vie
  6. We've always needed freedom but never more so than we do right now. Right now, in India, we as a people, are living an existence even lower than that of gulaams.
  7. Vaheguruji Very worrying news coming from Panjab, Bhai Amrik Singh Ji Ajnala (Mukh Sevadar Damdami Taksaal) has been shot and injured by the Panjab police. Over 20 other Gursikhs have been shot too, some are in critical condition. The news is skechy at the moment, a Jatha of Gusikhs went to help local sikhs in Taran Taran Sahib where a cult was threating the local villgers. Bhai Amrik Singh Ajnala has on countless times risked his life to stop beadbi of Dhan Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji and to stood up to injustices against the local population. The Panjab police open fire on the Sikhs and we
  8. Thomas Jefferson said in order for a democracy to work is up to the people democracy is earned and Punjab has a democracy but the people of Punjab vote in politicians with selfish interests while states like Kerala use their democracy to advance the whole state hence why Kerala enjoys the same standard of living as any developed country most people in Kerala belong to a low Hindu caste or are Muslim or Christian yet use their democracy to advance their state yet the Sikhs in Punjab fail to do this so how would they do this in a Khalistan what type of country would Khalistan be a dictators
  9. Hi, I need some advice from my fellow Sikh ladies. I am looking for anyone who is going to a similar situation... For as long as I have known, father my has been an alcoholic. He is not aggressive, just depressed and irrational most of the time. On the other side of things, my mom has grown to become very bitter with her life and is now depressed and aggressive towards me. So much so that at the age of 29, my siblings and I feel extremely distressed whenever she 'loses it'. Neither of them have working jobs and it is up to my siblings and I to keep the house running. As a result, I am unab
  10. With Guru Sahib's kirpa, new Sikh Freedom has been launched. We will try to keep it updated on regular basis.
  11. Sikh Channel: "A special interview with Bhai Gurbaksh Singh Khalsa. A freedom march was held in Mohali on 14 November 2013 demanding the release of Sikh prisoners who, having served the sentences handed down to them, are still being confined in Indian prisons following which, Bhai Gurbaksh Singh Khalsa began his hunger strike in protest of the blatant injustice and double standards used against the Sikhs. There were many supporters around Bhai Sahib including children from the Shaheed Bhai Fauja Singh Trust (Amritsar) and the mother & sister of Lakhwinder Singh Lakha - currently still i
  12. Ok, as a few people on here know I've been studying law and made myself immune to prosecution. Finding ways to spread this easily to the quom didn't fan out, so I immediately went to tackle the financial issue as I know that is the other thing enslaving us. Chain on your neck and pocket book. Now, http://public.worldfreemansociety.org/index.php/forum/49-banking/111397-a4v-success-process-changes-nu-metod-non-a4v?start=6#120754 That's me making the thread, in the op I list the guy who said it. Might be the easiest way instead of a way called Accept 4 Value which is dealing with gov. revenue
  13. If we analyse the situation how indian union is a mafia state run by corrupt brought out politicans, there is 0% of Sikhs or any other minorities having justice, equality or even freedom from the union. The mistake made in by the sikh leadership in 1947 was so deadly by not understanding and having the foresight that the once warring hindu kingdoms combined into one entity into an indian union it would then be controlled by a few elitist families who are the corrupt politicians controlling all the power and resources of that land and nation. And if we look at history the only way Sikhs got
  14. The Wanted Human Rights Violations Programme (WHRVP) has been set up to build case files on suspected perpetrators and to use these to support in the campaign to realise justice for crimes against humanity, war crimes and mass genocide in India. If you have any details on the suspected perpetrators please contact info@panthicdal.com
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