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  1. Prokharkoo84

    Hardeep Kohli - Celebrity BB

    Admin Note: Restricted and Banned from posting for 15 days.
  2. Prokharkoo84

    Can a Sikh be a rapper?

    the jealous fat boy strikes again
  3. Prokharkoo84

    Ktv Khalsa Tv jagjeet singh jeeta Exposed

    What other info has come out?
  4. Why are people criticising this young brother? Especially when one of the guys dissing him is a bingah who is out to ruin lives of innocent girls.
  5. Prokharkoo84

    Modern day Panjabi names & how terrible they are.

    brother humble benti, you say when you have 5 sons... what if guru ji blesses you with daughters? we as sikhs should not get into the whole we want mundeh not kuriyah business.
  6. Prokharkoo84

    Modern day Panjabi names & how terrible they are.

    is ajeetoo a mona?
  7. Prokharkoo84

    What is this BS about Panjabis not eating BEEF ?

    the dog eating hindustani = big tedh
  8. happy to do that and only guru ji knows the seva i have done and will continue to do.
  9. Prokharkoo84

    UK Gurdwaras committee

    most granthis from india are from non punjabi/sikh backgrounds. most are originally from hindu majority states and come from lower castes. they learn gurmukhi and how to read bani as a profession, not out of love for sikhi. the roop of our guru for them is their work uniform. they know they can work in their local gurdwareh, move to punjab and win the lottery by getting recruited for a gurdwara sahib in the west. when they come to the west or even in punjab, this explains why so many get caught drinking and doing other stupid sh!t. in their defence though, about 3-4 granthis live in one small house owned by the gurdwara, in which they have their families too. i agree the youth need to take over the gurdwareh, but it has to be the right youth who are forward thinking, can bridge the gaps with our brothers and sisters who have gone off the track of sikhi and who can control of their own egos.
  10. ask your step dad big tedh if i was there, i aint no p*ssy like you clowns that all u can do is pipe up behind a screen. allow naam simran, stick to eating meat you dirty nang. like i said, when i come to bham, i will let you know.
  11. i can come back to southall aswell if you want.... thats if your not gona sh1t it again lol
  12. internet tough guy? nang i travelled from cardiff to southall and your top boy big tedh flapped it. and dont worry when im coming to bham i will let you know in advance so you got no excuse to flap it
  13. Prokharkoo84

    Muslim stalls

    you are only going to see 'sikhs' doing this because you are in punjab. go to hindu majority places, i.e mumbai and trust me what people are doing in punjab is nothing compared to them. or come to the uk, canada, australia, usa etc and you will see what non sikhs from punjab are getting up to, trust me its a lot worse.
  14. one min your calling me a grass eater and the next i go to KFC, think all the weed u been smoking you nang has affected your brain. anyway, i should be in birmingham in the next few weeks, I will drop you a message so lets see whether you turn up or sh!t it like big tedh