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  1. they will give him a skull hat and a big plate of halal goat meat
  2. Why are you so stupid in sikhi saroop you bend over for suleh
  3. your the one who start most off, along with goat meat and backwas about fake marriage proposals in india LOL
  4. They are not 'pages', they are Angs aka living parts of Guru Sahib. Youtube has got some good translations, try that?
  5. he might have had a pic with them, but he defo is NOT a part of sikh youth. trust me if you lived round here you would know the crack about him, noone takes him serious and never have and i doubt anyone who knows him is shocked about the video with the kusrah
  6. he isnt linked to sikh youth uk bro, the guy is a 2 man show - him and his dad lol
  7. Admin Note: Restricted and Banned from posting for 15 days.
  8. Why are people criticising this young brother? Especially when one of the guys dissing him is a bingah who is out to ruin lives of innocent girls.
  9. brother humble benti, you say when you have 5 sons... what if guru ji blesses you with daughters? we as sikhs should not get into the whole we want mundeh not kuriyah business.
  10. happy to do that and only guru ji knows the seva i have done and will continue to do.
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