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Found 12 results

  1. https://www.hindustantimes.com/india-news/akal-takht-jathedar-asks-all-sikhs-to-try-to-keep-licensed-weapons-101653328985989.html
  2. We touched on this recently, and I've been thinking a lot about what time it is lately. Kaljug. And we see his consciousness manifest in the dominant male thinking of the world. And I was curious, well who's his wife? And it turns out it's Mythia and if we look at her influence in the dominant female thinking it's now painfully obvious how prevalent it is. And being influenced by male and female energies, all of us, we can see these attributes from both influence every individual. Now we know Kalki Avtar is talked about. We know more importantly that Khalsa Raj is real, and we know that Kalyug continues for a long time. So I was thking..I mean who's to say Kalyug didn't take power from Kali? Chandi, Kali, and Durga fought hard to save this place repeatedly. Is it supposed to be Kali Yug? Can we fight Dharam Yudh and institute Khalsa Raj? And does it represent both victory and the continuation of Kali Yug not Kalyug? And then I get curious... who's Kali's husband? And lo and behold its Shiva...who is supposed to come as Kalki Avtar...
  3. the shaheed singh told Bhai Rama Singh Ji that the khalsa of today is not the true khalsa and that the next generation (i assume from the year 2000+?), will be the true khalsa, he also said that there is a "dark cloud" over punjab and that the harvest of sin will be first reaped by Punjab then by india. he also said that the whole country will suffer as a result of the cruelty of amritsar If you guys look at punjab now, it is slowly getting worse, other states are taking water and many many more other things are happening, so why complain, wait untill punjab has harvested the sins and then wait a little longer for india to harvest the sins as well (they want to take water, so they can take the sins too :D). This takes me into khalsa raj. Before you start saying Sant Jarnail Singh is shaheed wait and read everything then write Sant Thakur Singh ji said that Sant Jarnail Singh ji is not shaheed and that he will return soon, to make Khalsa raj This shaheed singh also said that the next generation will be the true khalsa and that they will make the raj Sant Thakur Singh ji said that Sant Jarnail Singh ji will come from the attari border, there was no such border at that time, now there is ....... Sant Thakur Singh ji told singhs in uk to save money, while he told others to get into india before the war starts or there will be no way in..... He told them (singhs in uk) to save money which meant that this is supposed to happen in this life time... this confirms what the shaheed singh said about the khalsa He (Bhai Rama Singh ji) mentioned that in a kautak (he had a kautak about khasla raj) that there were white singhs in the akal takhat doing kirtan and seva If we look at how many white people are sikhs there are slowly coming into the khalsa, there are more white sikhs then ever and that number in increasing (even if its slowly increasing) More kids are devoted to gurbani than ever, they do more seva and kirtan, (compared to there parents when they were kids) Sant Gurbachan Singh ji, said that the singhs in the shaheed sarvor said to them that when an amritdhair singh keeps rehit, does nitnem without fail and is tyar bar tyar, panj pyare comes and takes them away, then Akal Purakh asks them if they want to do more seva or simran, if they say yes then they go to the shaheed sarvor, if no then they go to sachkhand, Sant Hari Singh said that the singhs in the shaheed sarvor said that they will not take birth again, they said that the same way in which you came in, that is the way in which we will come out and get khalsa raj, we are preparing, we are just waiting for the command of Guru Gobind Singh ji and as soon as he says yes, we will beat the nagara when we are coming out and will fight for khalsa raj, the sant also said something from raj nama or karni nama, (i dont remember what line he said but from what i know, he said something about punjab), he also said that when this happens, it will basically be impossible not to find a singh (is what I mean khalsa, and not your cheapstake fake "singhs") anywhere Brahmgyani Baba Ajit Singh Ji Hansali Wale also said that in 2011 that maya is getting stronger, so this could be what the 2012 "end of the world thing" that was on at that time? This and many many bachans/kautaks from other saints proves that khalsa raj will come soon, but only if the khalsa keep rehit and do nitnem. What do you guys think? Writing something also, this took me ages to type....
  4. The following article explains the concept of Sikh State according to Guru Nanak Dev Ji. http://www.sikhfreedom.com/guru-nanaks-concept-of-state
  5. Guest

    Khalsa Raj

    Waheguru ji ka khalsa, Waheguru ji ki Fateh. How and when will Khalsa rule come into existence? Dohira: Raj karega khalsa aki rahey na koye, Khuaar hoye sab milenge bache shrn jo hoye. Waheguru
  6. Those who say Khalsa can't even rule in the Gurdwara and fight over management, should know we are living at the peak of Kalyug and Kalyug will show its colours in true sense. There is no power in the Universe that can stop Sant Khalsa to rise once again as it did in the old days. Malesh Khalsa (the sikhi show-off clan) will soon see its end. There are signs now in the current affairs which indicate Khalsa Haleimi Raj is approaching very near. The Khalsa shall rule from east to west and will see no opponents. Raaj Karegaa Khalsaa, Aaki rahey na koyee. Savaa Laakh jab dhukhey paleetaa, Tabey Khaalsa udey Ast lo jeetaa.
  7. Guest

    Returning Home*

    how many of us would be will to leave everything behind (UK, USA, Canada, Europe wale) i.e. family, friends, careers etc., and return home to take care of things? our kaum needs waking up, our mother needs our help, and we all know that isnt going to happen by means of protest or by relying on the corrupt governments of our countries. Justice needs to be dealt to a few. People like badal et al need their suitcases packing. India needs reminding of the Akali fauj.
  8. Good article: http://tisarpanth.blogspot.co.nz/2014/03/the-all-encompassing-empire.html?view=timeslide
  9. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Whaeguru Ji Kee Fateh!
  10. Fateh jio, I'm asking that this post/discussion operate under the principle that the future will bring destruction/war and that khalsa raj may happen during this/after this. Now a lot of the time you here on posts like these the following terms: Kalki Avtar, Nihklank Avtar and etc. do these mean the same thing and what exactly are they, from what I understand they are supposed to the next saviour? The main question I have is: Saying Guru Ji will take a physical form once again, does that not reduce/ remove Guru Granth Sahib Ji from the position of a Puran Guru? If Guru ji has to take a physical form because the world/khalsa has strayed too far that means that guru granth sahib ji was not able to save us. If Guru Granth Sahib Ji cannot save us then the following questions arise: Is the Guru granth sahib ji not a puran guru, not able to do all of the tasks of a physical guru? -some may say people have strayed too far and that's why a physical form is needed, but then that diminishes the power available of our shabad guru(I.e. not being able to move around/speak without vaak/however you want to phrase it) If our shabad Guru is incapable, then does that not extend back to the 10 physical gurus including Guru gobind singh ji who proclaimed that the Guru Granth Sahib Ji should lead the Khalsa? and therefore forward as well to any further forms that could come? If the jot of the guru granth sahib ji is the same jot as all of the other gurus, when the physical form takes shape, will that jot/guruship be passed onto the physical form and then remove the guru granth sahib ji from their takat? These are just some thoughts that crosses Dass's mind when I here of the return of the Guru's physical form, something being thrown around a lot more these days, by more and more credible sources. I mean no nindyah by this post! Just sorting out the dilemma that arises within my mind when hearing these statements. This may be a result of my own lack of knowledge as well. If i have said anything to offend please forgive me.
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