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Found 19 results

  1. Guest

    Feeling unwanted

    Male, married for 10 years to my Wife, who I met via a relative for 6months prior to settling down. 3 young children, 2, 4 and 6. Hard working, respectful, strong minded, commited and reliable. Coming into the 10th year of being married, finding that my Wife had taken a keen interest in another male that she meets regularly at the gym. I thought I have my Wife everything, including, comfort, love, stability, emotional and physical support, yet she felt the need to pursue interest in another male, half my age, of an English, white background. I graft hard and look after myself, both physically and mentally, but since my wife's relationship with this younger male developed more stronger for her, it took a toll on my mental health and I started to question what else she wanted. She was in continuous communication with him messaging over the phone and meeting him for personal training sessions at the gym. The chemistry and attraction between them was nothing like I had ever had with her. She physically went to a great length to make her appearance Glow, use more makeup and even groom her facial and head hair more. It got to me quite badly. I called her out on this, as it got too frequent and she didn't stop all these actions. She finally understood where I was coming from, but did not once admit that she was attracted to him. I'm basically calling her a liar and she lied to me about how she felt about him. I asked her what her intentions were and she said it was a New Buzz for her, getting more attention from another person than me, blaming me for not giving her enough. I asked her if she was attracted to him, it she never admitted it at all. I felt rubbish and wanted to know why she did this. Is this acceptable behaviour? Should I forgive and forget? I called her out, to put a stop to it, otherwise it would have escalated. Feeling lonely and trying to rebuild myself in a more alpha way. Trying to be humble and take a Loss here, but it's hard to accept, as I have a LONG way to go with her and my kids if I decide to stay around. Any advice please?
  2. Guest

    Going Disney Florida

    Dear forum members Has anyone been Disney Florida recently? any kirpan issues on entry? any help and information would be really helpful - thankyou sangat jee
  3. Any couples trying to become parents a few tips. This experiment we tried on ourselves. Both couples need to consume fresh vegetables, almonds and daal. Spread them out across each day. For men almonds and milk is also good at least once a week. Half a pack broccoli that can be accompanied with main dish twice a week. Food to avoid, cheap oil and anything that's been in the fridge for more than two days. Go for pricey oils if you must. Women must keep up a good diet high in vitamin and minerals. I am not too sure but I am betting at time of delivery baby will be delivered normal, not cesarian. I know far too many apne who had cesarian I am thinking it's relying on veg food that does not involve fruits, vegetables and legumes.
  4. Waheguru ji ka khalsa Wahguru ji ki fateh sangat ji Please note this topic is not for children or young adults. I am hoping for some guidance/advice from fellow parents. Our eldest daughter recently got married and thankfully me and my daughters have always had quite a close bond. We tend have regular girl talk and always share any difficulties we may face. So as I was saying our eldest recently got married - she asked me a question that was quite sensitive - regarding the intimacy between her and her husband. Basically, my daughter asked me whether certain sexual practices between husband and wife were forbidden in Sikhi? I told her fair and square that I honestly did not know. I said all I do know is according to our maryada husband and wife should never be unfaithful outside of marriage and the relationship between husband and wife should be respectful and honest. I explained how we should try to refrain from too much Kaam as it wouldn't be good for our jeevan. A Gursikh couple should try to aim to better each other towards Gurbani and maryada. But my daughter said that they try to read as much Baani as possible and refrain from the 4 kurets but they wanted to explore intimacy as a couple at different levels. Embarrassed as my daughter felt when I asked her to explain what exact practices did she mean? She did tell me but I don't feel it would be suitable for me to mention them here (young Sangat)... My daughter explained that she and her husband like to keep things alive intimately to avoid things from becoming repetitive, boring and mundane (much like our generation! haha) but were still worried if they do not want to break their maryada... We had a bit of a chuckle as I did say that our generation regarding marriage and intimacy was very different and now the world is much more modern I can only imagine relationships and couples have evolved too. So benti to fellow mums/parents could you advice me what the answer to this question is? Seeing as children nowadays tend to experiment a lot more intimately in a marriage what is the maryada? Are there any intimate practices Gursikh couples are to refrain from or is all fine between couples? I do apologise for talking about this subject so openly but I really am stuck as I find it difficult to ask friends or other family members for advice...Thank you all. Waheguru ji ka Khalsa Waheguru ji ki fateh ji
  5. Guest

    Punishment methods for kids

    Any guidance in Sikhi about parenting and punishing kids for bad behaviour? How did your parents punish you as child for being bad? Or how do you punish your kids? With strict Punjabi parents, my brother and I always got proper punishments. Normally 5 mins of spanking with a karachi (wooden spoon). Looking back it did hurt but I’m glad my parents did it because it stopped me behaving bad. And I used to behave really bad! My kids are 8 and 11. I know other options available like grounding or banning TV, but sometimes it’s not enough?
  6. Guest

    Worried about my son

    My son is 16 and will start college in September. His exams were cancelled due to lockdown and he will receive predicted grades. He was working hard the grades will be very high the school confirmed it. So until September was supposed to be his time to relax and enjoy himself. I’m worried he’s getting into a bad routine. He’s playing on xbox until 4am then going to bed. Sometimes he’s staying in bed until 3pm then tv or xbox. He said he still does japji sahib and simran but I’m not sure when. I’ve tried speaking to him but it’s not getting anywhere. He’s got ruder at home now and we have arguments nearly every day. This morning he swore at me when I told him to get up but he apologised when he got up. I’m really worried and think if this happens until September how will he manage to follow college routines Has anyone got advice? Do I need to be more strict or am I just over worrying? Is anyone’s kids doing this too?
  7. Don't know how old this video is but I had it sent to me. Kid, old enough to know it's wrong, is mocking shabd and dancing. Don't known about his parents but if that thing belonged to me then I would feel iv failed as a parent. VID-20190511-WA0002.mp4
  8. Why parents have such high hopes in their kids? high expectations? when their kids don't give a fish? having hope and expectations only lead to disappointment. why spend 1000s on private schools, tuition, when lets be honest, most of these kids won't give two hoots about the parents. The amount of Punjabi parents dukhi over their kids. They have high stress levels, high blood pressure, depression. Punjabi parents are dying of heart attacks because of their kids. e.g kids want massive weddings these days but when it comes to the payments and bills they turn to their parents and make them pay it. Kids drag their parents to banks to pick loans for their weddings. my mum works are the hospital and she tells me all the time how asian kids wait for there parents to die so they can get all the properties. This old paki man that works with me said that half the illnesses that asian people develop and because of their kids Many kids now chuck their parents into care homes too. Raise them well till 18 and then let them do what they want.
  9. I am a new parent and was looking for some help on how to raise a daughter who knows and practices sikhi principles in life
  10. Guest

    Kids I Hide I Kaam

    WJKK WJKF Sadh sangat ji. My quaestion is how you deal kaam or sex thoughts with your children. today scenario is completely change. Today kids and children talk about sex with each other. like for example : - talk about sex etc etc because now days its very difficult to control over there because of facebook, whatsapp and youtube. but my quastion is how you people or parent teach your child according to gursikh amritdhari and khalsa need your help. regards, Gur sangat kini khalsa
  11. Seeing how young Sikhs of today are surrounded by so many different ideologies, religions, sexualities, etc in a very confusing world of competing idea's how would you raise your kids to learn and be proud Sikhs? Even if they do not take amrit or keep their unshorn hair, how would you instill that loyalty to sikhi and pride in them?
  12. Guest

    Kids and gurdwara

    Can kids be taught to sit quietly in Gurdwara? I wanted to hear general suggestions of sangat.
  13. Any advice on activities for youngsters ie age 10-12 and for both girls and boys? In todays modern world. Kids this age dont go out and play with their friends like they use to because of the dangers outside or because of parents afraid for the safety of their kids. They are spending way to much time at home on their computers which I dont think is healthy. But What activities are good for kids. ie I was thinking of Karate lessons as this is a good way for kids to develop confidence and also make new friends maybe and also music lessions. Any ideas would be a great help as Im not that experienced with this and need some ideas for a family member.
  14. Waheguru ji ka Khalsa Waheguru ji ki Fateh, wonderful example of the power of sikhi... beautiful Singhni
  15. Gurfateh Sadh Sangat Ji! Are there any schools near Great Barr in Birmingham which have a large popularity of Sikhs? like west bromich, smethwick? Any Secondary schools near Great barr? Gurfateh ji!
  16. Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa! Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh! Firstly: Here is Elmo telling a sakhee: Earlier Last year we did a test Sakhee with Elmo. We decided not to use elmo for future sakhee's, however we are thinking of making our own Singh and Singhnee styled puppet characters and doing shows for kids. We would love to hear your feedback and if anyone would like to help. Please visit http://www.Taeja.com for more info about the Taeja projects.
  17. Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh S.H.A.R.E Charity would like to notify the sangat that we will now be producing a newsletter every quater. This will give you all the opportunity to keep up to date with the projects, and events that we are currently working on. We hope you can take the time out to read our newsletter, and also participate by attending our events. Share Newsletter.pdf Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh
  18. After hundreds of creative hours, the talented team at SikhNet has launched an interactive video game designed to appeal to, and inspire Punjabi and Sikh youth around the world. “Karma Game - The Ogre’s Curse” is a decision-making adventure game that teaches spiritual values and Punjabi culture. It is illustrated and narrated with the same high quality expected from commercial video games. The Karma Game does not boast of blood, guts, and gore like many top selling video games, but does promise a fascinating and positive storyline in a completely captivating environment. This is the first video game of its type, and is destined to be an enduring hit. SikhNet expects 300,000 players in the first month. The game is set in an old-style Punjabi village, with entertaining graphics that allow the player to roam and explore the environment. In the game, the player learns to communicate with others, to meditate, to be of service to the community, to defend the weak and poor, and to face the challenges of life with courage and conviction. Not only is the message positive and important, it is delivered in the modern and irresistibly attractive SikhNet style that speaks directly to the youth. Karma Game was the inspiration and invention of Guruka Singh Khalsa and Gurumustuk Singh Khalsa, the leaders of SikhNet. Before returning to SikhNet as its C.E.O., Guruka Singh was a Senior Producer for a major entertainment software company. “Creating a values-driven Sikh game has been a personal goal of mine for a long time”, says Guruka. “Young people spend an average of 7 hours each day engrossed in entertainment media, and I feel it is important to give them some positive alternatives. Karma Game embodies enduring and universal spiritual values and makes them understandable and accessible to youth everywhere. I am very excited about the game, and grateful to everyone who contributed to this massive effort.” SikhNet created Karma Game exclusively through the efforts of volunteers and charitable donations. It is available for all ages free of charge. Donations to offset the expenses of creating the game are gratefully accepted through the SikhNet site. Visit the Karma Game website Play the Karma Game Meet the team who made the game Donate to the Karma Game In addition to playing the game, your child can earn badges through real-world accomplishments at home and in the community. Special online badges can be earned by doing seva, learning to meditate, learning martial arts, trying their own turban as well as by original writing, artwork and videos. Your child can also share his or her accomplishments with friends and family! Earn Badges!
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