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Found 10 results

  1. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2021/oct/18/pm-urged-to-enact-davids-law-against-social-media-abuse-after-amesss-death Potentially an attack on our online freedoms. IF, this includes forums such as these, I will be very reluctant to post again PM urged to enact ‘David’s law’ against social media abuse after Amess’s death Calls for crackdown on threats to public figures and an end to online anonymity A notice keeps David Amess’s seat in the Commons free. Photograph: Jessica Taylor/AP
  2. I have moved out to my own place and like to invite friends around and do kirtan (akj style so lots of loud tabla). Semi detached property and neighbours are white british who seem quite relaxed, I mentioned about kirtan practice and that will try and be respectful of times etc they seemed okay. But I am conscious of the vibration sounds and disturbing the neighbours as the tabla vibrations are very heavy more than I thought. I dont want to compromise on something that is very close to my heart and lifestyle but equally dont want to cause nuisance. Am I by law allowed to make noise in the da
  3. Can people criticise Sikhi? Recently some woman in Austria was fined and jailed for calling the muslim prophet a pedo. Now obviously different people will have different opinions on this, some will agree some won't. In European countries this is a very touchy subject and we now live in a politically correct culture where most people hesitate to voice their opinions in case they offend someone. With people being jailed for criticising religion, political correctness it makes you wonder if freedom of speech really exists. But what about sikhi, let's say khalistan was created, would the
  4. SSA Sangat Ji, I was looking at various things and what not and came across the 3 main quotes on the entrance hall at Harvard Law School and was shocked to find a quote on there from a book many of us on here belittle and say that there is nothing of value to find in it. The 3 quotes are: “An unjust law is no law at all.” - Saint Augustine (Augustine of Hippo) “To no one will We sell, to none will We deny or defer, right or justice.” - Magna Carta of King John “O ye who believe! Stand out firmly for justice, as witnesses To Allah, even as against Yourselves, or your paren
  5. Lieutenant-General Kuldeep Singh Brar, 78, was targeted by the gang in revenge for his role in the 1984 Indian military strike on the Golden Temple, in Amritsar - one of the holiest shrines for Sikhs. Lt-Gen Brar was involved in Operation Blue Star against Sikh separatists, who the Indian authorities said were sheltering inside the temple. His attackers had vowed to get revenge, even though most of them were only infants at the time of the Golden Temple clash, London's Appeal Court heard. And their chance came when Lt-Gen Brar visited London with his wife, said Mr Justice Dingemans, having
  6. Was just reading the Laws governing Dastar in UK, and how they might apply to Singhni in UK that wore Dastar? The main line in contention is: "(2A) A requirement imposed by regulations under this section (whenever made) shall not apply to any follower of the Sikh religion while he is wearing a turban. Any thoughts? An Act to exempt turban-wearing followers of the Sikh religion from the requirement to wear a crash-helmet when riding a motor-cycle. (15th November 1976) BE IT ENACTED by the Queen's most Excellent Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, a
  7. I recently heard about a horrible law case and this's how it went down... A man married a woman 14 years ago while the woman's daughter was 3. In 2013 the daughter is now 17 and has a boyfriend, the step dad found out about this and slapped the daughter (just like what would happen with most indian parents). The daughter got mad and went to her boyfriend where they came up with a plan to charge the step dad for rape even though he didn't do anything like that. The step dad gets arrested for this and spends 3 months in prison while the step daughter and her mom take all the money from their jo
  8. Ok, to start (mods will filter this) <banned word filter activated> government. <banned word filter activated> it, its wife, and children. Ok, now to continue 10 maxims of law: Any good lawyer who has not sworn an oath to be British Accreditation Registry's phudi will tell you this is true: (also makes sense, also tested in court by me, with victories ) http://loveforlife.com.au/node/3448%C2'> Or google 10 maxims of law cuz that guy is on prozac (which is reason for mass murders) and is talking about love, peace, let me get naked for that police to encount
  9. Hi I am a first year dental student and I am required to get changed into scrubs Before going into a clinic but the problem is I cant fit the srubs over my Dastar! also i am required to wear a visor but i find it hard to put the legs of the visor over my ears as my ears are covered by my dastar. does any one have any tips? what does other sikh dentists/ surgeons do to over come these problems? also leagaly do I have any rights to ask the dental school to allow me to wear a different uniform from the rest of students, e.g one that i can button up so i dont have to put on over my head. please r
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