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Found 24 results

  1. Guest

    —— and Lust?

    So allow me to introduce my self (anonymously) I am a 16 year old boy. In Sikhism Lust is considered a sin. But I have been confused. People say ——- is wrong because of Lust. Lust is a sin because it takes your mind away from God, basically it makes you forget about God. And that is why it is considered a sin. And that is why I don’t ————-. But, I am confused because if Lust is considered a sin because it makes you forget about God, then isn’t technically anything that makes you forget God a sin? For example When I play video games, I tend to forget about God, but not permanently, I forget abo
  2. Ocdperson


    So I uploaded a topic similar to this but I am still confused. So let’s get to the point, people say looking at videos of attractive females is lust because your not thinking about Naam and that your forgot my Naam. But aren’t we forgetting Naam when we take a school test or when we watch a movie. Because technically we are really focused on the test in school or the movie we are watching, so isn’t that technically lust too? When you take a test in school , the test take all your awareness towards it. Even when you watch a movie, the movie takes all your awareness too but people don’t consider
  3. I have noticed that I have more lustful dreams after I have got into the habit of getting up for Amrit vela. I’m actually married too. *edited* Why is this? I hope it’s washing away sins, as I’m not even feel lustful in the day time whilst awake? —— As a separate issue, I always have day dreamed romantically since younger about a man who I’ve never met. Now he’s even come into my dreams. I can’t explain how real this person feels. Do you think this one is more of a psychological problem rather than spiritual? (I am a bit telepathic/see things before they happen in general).
  4. Gotam was a worshipper of the Saalgraam-Shivling (idol or statue, which is worn around the neck of Hindu saints). He meditated upon Shiva for many years and Shiva granted him a boon. Gotam was pleased and thought that he would need to think very carefully about what he wished for. He heard that Mudhgal's daughter Ahalia's marriage was to be arranged. Ahalia was so beautiful that all the deities and men wanted to marry her. Even Indra was ready to marry her. Ahalia's father, Mudhgal was not pleased to see that his daughter was seen as bait and did not like the fact that so many men were ha
  5. Guest


    Wjk wjkf I have had a problem with masturbation and porn addiction however recently I have stopped watching porn all together and havnt done for around 2 months but with masturbation I find it difficult and I seem to always get a long streak of not doing it and then a change in routine will throw me off. I really want to take amrit however this is holding me back as I don't want to break my amrit. My largest streak is 31 days so far is there any advice any one can give me as I feel embarrassed to ask the giani at my local gurdwara about this
  6. All who read the title may be thinking playing with yourself in a sexual manner. But let's understand kaam a little bit more in advance. Sangat jio, I can be an unsatisfied man at times! If I have gone with my friends to a high classified restaurant we all agree on one thing afterwards... "Next time we have to try another restaurant." Any guesses what we say next time after finding that another dine out?? "Next time we have to go for another restaurant!" Basically we can eat out in EVERY SINGLE restaurants across the whole wide world in our life time. Any guesses what will happen when A
  7. Guest

    Lust kaam

    Khalsa ji, I am an amritdhari sikh who does nitnem everyday and amritwela. I am 15 and used to have problems with lust, porn, masturbation since past 2 -3 years. Recently I have stopped since past 6-7 months. I do ardas evryday. But now I am getting very strong sensations since past few days , and I am on the verge of making a mistake and giving in to my mind. I set restrictions on my safari and I do not know what to do. I keep a good sangat now which has helped me last for this long but now the thoughts are overpowering. I can feel the poison and toxic when having urges and thoughts but mi
  8. Guest

    Masturbation I need help

    I'm an amritdhari 14 year old and I have masturbated 5 time.i really hate my self for it but in the moment my mind gives in. It somehow relieves me of my lust but I don't want to do it my mind gives in and im also forced by my mind to do it. I want to stop. Please help me pyare sangat
  9. Wjkk wjkf. I am a 17 year old amritdhari sikh and i had the urge for a couple of months to indulge in kaam. After really hard trying to fight it i gave in *edited*. I feel very guilty as maharaj said that you should look at the opposite sex as mother sister daughters etc. So please tell me if this is a bajjar kurehit and i have to do a peshi in front of the 5 pyare, or should i do ardas and ask maharaj for kirpa and forgiveness.
  10. Im an amritdhari and I have masturbated 3 times. I feel miserable knowing I have done this and feel like crying. When I do it I feel it relieves me of my lust and I try not to do it but my mind gives in. I feel truly sorry for this and I really want to stop. Please suggest what I should do also I am 15
  11. Guest

    Im A Besharm

    So im a late twenty something male and I have indulged in many bad things due to being overcome with lust, as have probably a lot of other males my sage. Im not amrit shakked but i have had sex before marriage included with married women and even sex with prostitutes. Now i feel very ashamed of all this and deep regret but whats done has been done. I cannot go back and change this but can make sure i make sure i dont carry on making these mistakes. What should i do. I try to meditate but my mind wanders and a lot of the time goes towards lustful thoughts. Kaam and krodh plague me the most i f
  12. i had a crush on a girl but problem is that I am not sure weather i really love her. what to do i don't undetstand.
  13. Why is it bad to lust after a person? Masturbation is a pleasurable experience, what is so bad about it that must be conquered spiritually?? If it hurts no one else, why is it bad?
  14. I was blessed with amrit roughly a month ago but two to three afterwards, I started indulging in lust again. I am about 16 now and started indulging in lust at around 10 to 11.
  15. Guest


    Hello, I wanted to know how someone could control masturbation and lust. I'm currently having this problem and would like to stop.
  16. After reading through a number of masturbation and lust problems, I was reading through a website when I came across a message which could be highly helpful. http://satnaam.info/2005/12/02/2-overcoming-the-effect-of-past-lives/ Practicing what this page says should help to put you back on the right path. May Waheguru help you.
  17. first of all , this is NO joke thread or any topix like thread. This is a serious. Well I have to admit that I am a bad Sikh - I watched porn and was somehow addicted for more than 4 years now.. I know there is nothing to be proud of and I feel ashamed . But due to Maharaj I managed now to stay away from all these "lustful" things in this society. I hate this society - every where is sex - from little you are forced to see such things.. really . I guess if there werent such things - I would never fall into this "addiction" . Anyway.... Now I am clean for about 1Month - and trust me it was RE
  18. Guest

    Bajar Kurehit In Dreams

    wjkkwjkf, I am a middle aged man just taken Amrit. I do nitnem daily but last night a bajar kurehit happened in my dream. I happened to be with another woman (unknown) . Guru Gobind Singh ji said not to share bed with other women, not even in dreams. What will happen to me? I am scared. I am sinned. Will Guru ever forgive me for this paap I have done? Do I have to go for peshi I am ashamed of myself.
  19. Guest

    Cant Look At Myself

    Fataeh I'm amrit shakya and female and i masturbated once only and i feel bad its not intercourse so im not sure what to do. It took three days to realise i made mistake, but i don't know if im wrong or really wrong.
  20. Is there any Shabad to beat kaam?
  21. I have been an amritdhari since June and now I am facing a most extreme battle with myself. Please help me. 1.) Lust- I have tried very hard controlling it but it seems to be triumphing. I wake up in the mornings and sometimes my kachera is soiled. At first I thought it would be the food I eat and so cut down on my diet but this problem still continues. How to stop this? 2.) When lust is done I feel angry at myself very much. When I wake up late to do nitnem I feel very angry How do I stop this? 3.) During the weekends I try waking up but my body feels the cold and doesn't let me. How do I
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