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Found 12 results

  1. Beant Singh was born a Muslim but was left behind in India during the partition and was raised a Sikh, he meets his Muslim sisters after 72 years.
  2. This looks interesting. Marina Wheeler is Boris Johnson's first wife who has four kids with him. Her mother was from a Sikh background by the looks of it. According to this DM article, she looks like she wants to discover her 'lost heritage'. This is pertinent to me because recently I've been spending time with younger mixed race relatives, and some of the older ones now seem to resent being encouraged to be indifferent to the Sikh side of their heritage when growing up. Ms Wheeler was able to speak to her mother, Dip Singh, about her experiences in India, before she
  3. Published on 10 Aug 2017 On August 15, 1947, the Partition of the Indian subcontinent created two nation-states - India and Pakistan. In this two-part special, 101 East traces the events and conflicting politics that led to the greatest migration of people in human history and unleashed a wave of communal violence that claimed more than a million lives. The Partition sparked three wars, the birth of Bangladesh, and transformed Kashmir into the world's most militarised zone. As tensions between India and Pakistan persist, 101 East explores the Partition's troubled legacy and the unresolved
  4. You hear stories of how Jinnah the founder of Pakistan had offered Sikhs the choice of making Pakistan their home, which means that rather than carving Punjab into half, the majority of Punjab would of been included in the Pakistan side of the border, the Sikh leaders apparently refused the offer. Don't know how true this story is but its one of the many stories you hear regarding the fate of Sikhs and 1947. So lets say if All of Punjab was carved into Pakistan side of the border then what would be the current state of the Sikhs? that would be aprox 25 million Sikhs living in Pakistan.
  5. I watched this week's Dr Who episode entitled 'Demons of the Punjab' yesterday evening. What a huge disappointment it was. I know Dr Who is a sci-fi entertainment show but at least the writer who is a Gujarati Hindu could have used the opportunity to show some of the realities of the partition. Here are just some of the shortcomings-; 1. For a show about the partition of the Punjab it mentions Sikhs just once when the Hindu character mentions the division of the people of the Punjab. As Sikhs were the worst sufferers of the partition having lost their best lands, their Gurdwaras and thei
  6. I was watching gurinder chandha's documentary recently where some interesting points where made about how jinnah had met winston churchill before partition where they had quite warm words exchanged in letters and held secret meetings with each other. Winston churchill hated the Indians especially brahmin hindus in his documents and overall opposed and hated the idea of india for wanting to leave the British empire. He also hated Muhammadans and Islam as he had stated it in documents yet when he talks to jinnah in letters he is said to have said warm words about Islam. Maybe he was lying to hid
  7. So I was talking to my family and I was always under the impression that they orignated from west punjab prior to 47, they were in areas such as lyalpur (now called fasialbad), montgomery (sahiwal), multan etc But now I have been told that we originate from where we live now which is adampur and kurdhpur next to jahalandhar and that we used to migrate to different areas of punjab where there was nothing and build up the land to make it agricultural I was just wondering did many sikhs do this? Or did most originate from where they came from before partition? My clan are aujla. Even though I
  8. Ive spoken to a few Pakistanis who claim their ancestors converted from Sikhism, ie their great great grandfather etc... I always thought it was Hindus who converted to islam as a few hundred years ago Sikhi was so strong I wouldn't have thought it would be possible to break a Sikhs faith espc during the Sikh empire etc to islam. Also (although off topic) do you think a civil war is inventible in the Uk between Pakistanis and everyone else? Do think its a muslim problem in Britain or a Pakistani Islamic problem because I know other muslims who behave much belter than Pakistanis in the Uk, Al
  9. Shows what could have been, even after the Radcliffe award had been announced had the leadership been strong enough http://www.deccanchr...as-too-weak-700 The article writer is wrong in his view that the areas referred to my Liddell in his diary are areas centred on Amritsar. The fear amongst the Pakistan leadership was that the Sikh migration from West Punjab was a tactical withdrawal after which the Sikhs would invade and occupy Lahore, Lyallpur and other West Punjab areas.
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