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  1. Greater Manchester Police chief admits the force was 'borderline incompetent' in dealing with grooming gangs in Rochdale and apologises for 'failing children' The top officer at Greater Manchester Police has apologised on grooming gangs Stephen Watson gave a personal apology to three of the Rochdale gangs' victims He said GMP was 'borderline incompetent' and lacked 'curiosity' in the cases The force has paid substantial damages to the women abused in the scandal The chief constable of England's third biggest police force said it was 'borderline incompetent' in the way it dealt with grooming gangs in the past. Stephen Watson, the top officer at Greater Manchester Police (GMP), also said the force 'parked an element of professional curiosity' in the way it dealt with the problem, something he said was now 'radically different'. Mr Watson last week gave a personal apology to three women who were victims of grooming gangs in Rochdale who police failed to protect. They took legal action, backed by lawyers from the Centre for Women's Justice (CWJ), that claimed from the early 2000s there was growing evidence from multiple allegations that gangs of predominantly Asian men were grooming, trafficking and sexually abusing predominantly white working-class girls in Rochdale. The force paid substantial damages to the women in an out-of-court settlement. Mr Watson, speaking on BBC Radio Manchester, said: 'And the bottom line is we've failed children in the past, we simply did, there's no beating around the bush. 'I don't think people did it out of a sense of badness, I don't think people did it because they were incompetent. 'But I think organisationally we were borderline incompetent in the sense that we just didn't do things then that we absolutely do now.' Mr Watson said when he was a young police officer if a missing child was found with an adult, the focus was on recovering the child, whereas now the adult would 'as night follows day' be arrested. He also said child sexual exploitation sometimes results in 'very unfortunate behaviours' from victims. He added: 'And once of a day people didn't see past the behaviour, as opposed to questioning, 'Why on earth is this youngster finding themselves in this position, in this situation?' 'And that's what I mean by a professional curiosity.' Mr Watson became the head of GMP in 2021 and the police failings, highlighted in previous reviews of grooming gangs operating in Greater Manchester, happened under previous chief constables, including Sir Peter Fahy and his predecessor. Former detective Maggie Oliver (2nd left) with lawyers Harriet Wistrich (left) and Kate Ellis (centre), being interviewed by members of the press outside Greater Manchester Police Force HQ Though the abuse was happening 'in plain sight', a police operation to tackle the gangs was closed down abruptly in 2004, despite police and social services having the names of the men involved and their victims. Eight years later, following a second major police investigation, Operation Span, nine men were convicted for sexual exploitation of children in Rochdale. The trial heard that girls as young as 12 were plied with alcohol and drugs and gang-raped in rooms above takeaway shops, and ferried to different flats in taxis where cash was paid to use them. Former detective constable Maggie Oliver resigned from GMP in 2012 to turn whistle-blower over the force's failings. A new police unit to investigate child sex grooming gangs in Greater Manchester has already identified more than 800 offenders and is running three major investigations into alleged historic abuse of young girls. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10732297/Greater-Manchester-Police-chief-admits-force-borderline-incompetent-grooming-gangs.html
  2. Love Shaun Attwood. A particular episode I saw made me think they got to him. Put him on a leash. And maybe they did. This still looks popcorn worthy. Can't wait. Yus.
  3. Officer, 47, from Met Police's Parliamentary and diplomatic unit appears in court charged with nine further sex offences against four new victims - bringing total to 29 allegations from eight women PC David Carrick, of Stevenage, has been charged with another nine offences In total he is accused of 29 crimes against eight women between 2009 and 2020 Until his arrest the defendant had been based within the Met Police's Parliamentary and Diplomatic Protection Command Carrick is next due to appear at St Albans Crown Court on January 28 A police officer accused of multiple rapes appeared in court today charged with nine new charges against four women. PC David Carrick, 47, has been charged with another nine offences, meaning in total he is accused of 29 crimes against eight women between 2009 and 2020. Carrick, of Stevenage, Hertfordshire, had appeared in court in December accused of crimes relating to four alleged victims, but he has now been charged with additional offences linked to another four women. The latest charges are six counts of rape, one count of attempted rape, one count of assault by penetration and one count of coercive and controlling behaviour between 2009 and 2018. Until his arrest the defendant had been based within the Met Police's Parliamentary and Diplomatic Protection Command, but Carrick has now been suspended from duty. Carrick, wearing a grey suit, tie and black face mask, appeared at Westminster Magistrates' Court today via a video-link from HMP Belmarsh, speaking only to confirm his name and date of birth. He was represented by Patrick Hill, while Natalie Carter appeared on behalf of the Crown Prosecution Service. Senior District judge Paul Goldspring remanded Carrick in custody ahead of a mention hearing at St Albans Crown Court on January 28. Due to their severity, the charges were sent by Chief Magistrate Paul Goldspring to St Albans Crown Court, where Carrick will next appear on January 28. A provisional trial date has been set for April. Carrick has already appeared at St Alban's Crown Court last month on different charges, where it was claimed he had raped one woman he met on dating app Tinder, falsely imprisoned another in a cupboard under the stairs, and sexually assaulted three of the complainants by urinating on them. The 29 counts that he is now facing are: 13 counts of rape, five counts of sexual assault, three counts of assault by penetration, three counts of coercive and controlling behaviour, two counts of false imprisonment, one count of attempted rape, one count of attempted sexual assault by penetration and one count of causing a person to engage in sexual activity without consent. Peter Burt, Senior District Crown Prosecutor for CPS Thames and Chiltern, said earlier this week: 'Following an ongoing investigation by Hertfordshire Constabulary, with continued support from the CPS, we have now charged David Carrick with a total of 29 alleged offences against eight women. 'We remind all concerned that criminal proceedings against the defendant are active and that he has a right to a fair trial. It is extremely important that there should be no reporting, commentary or sharing of information online which could in any way prejudice these proceedings.' https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10394009/Met-Police-officer-appears-court-charged-nine-sex-offences.html
  4. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/live/world-56620242 Summary Capitol Police say a suspect "rammed a vehicle" into officers at a vehicle access point to the Capitol complex in Washington The suspect then got out of the vehicle holding a knife and ran towards officers One officer has died of their injuries, another is hurt. The suspect died after being shot by police Capitol police say the incident "does not appear to be terrorism-related" It happened at the North Barricade vehicle access point on Constitution Avenue The US Capitol complex has been locked down In January a pro-Trump mob stormed the Capitol in protest at the result of the 2020 presidential election
  5. Met remembers PC Karpal Kaur Sandhu, the first female Asian and Sikh police officer News • Feb 01, 2021 07:00 GMT https://news.met.police.uk/news/met-remembers-pc-karpal-kaur-sandhu-the-first-female-asian-and-sikh-police-officer-420121 [PC Karpal Kaur Sandhu] Today, Monday, 1 February, marks the 50th anniversary of PC Karpal Kaur Sandhu joining the Metropolitan Police as the first female Asian police officer in the UK serving from 1971 to 1973. To mark Karpal’s unique contribution to policing, the Met is holding a virtual event to remember her life and legacy. The event will be opened by Assistant Commissioner Helen Ball and will feature contributions from Tanmanjeet Singh ‘Tan’ Dhesi MP, the UK’s first turbaned Sikh MP, Paramjit Kaur Matharu, CEO of the Sikh Assembly, and Sikh officers from across the Met. Speaking about today’s commemoration event, Romy Sandhu, Karpal Kaur Sandhu’s daughter, has expressed her pride, saying: “I’m so proud of my mother, and her legacy as the UK’s first female police officer from an Asian and Sikh background. It’s wonderful that 50 years on she is remembered, and is an inspiration to generations of new female police officers joining the Met.” Assistant Commissioner Helen Ball, said: “PC Karpal Kaur Sandhu was a true pioneer and ahead of her time. I have no doubt that her decision to join the Met Police in 1971 was a brave one and she would have faced considerable challenges along the way. “As Britain's and the Met’s first Asian female officer, Karpal paved the way for so many others who have gone into policing since 1971. “Fifty years to the day after PC Sandhu joined the Met, I am pleased that we are able to remember her life, her career and the legacy she has left policing." Ravjeet Gupta, Chair of the Metropolitan Police Sikh Association, said: “Today, together with representatives from the Met’s Sikh Association, Met police officers and staff and the wider Sikh community, we remember Karpal’s special contribution to policing, as the UK’s first female Asian and Sikh police officer. ”Karpal was an invaluable ambassador for the Met who helped break down barriers with London's communities and will always be remembered for being a trailblazer of her time.” Karpal was born to a Sikh family in Zanzibar, east Africa, in 1943 and came to the UK in 1962, where she got a job as a nurse at Chase Farm Hospital. Karpal joined the Met in 1971 at the age of 27, where she served at Hornsey police station before moving to Leyton. At a time when there would have only been about 700 female officers in the Met, Karpal was both the first female Sikh and female Asian police officer in the UK. Writing in a report at the time, her Chief Superintendent said that she was “proving invaluable with our dealings with the immigrant population and she is also assisting other divisions in this work and also in teaching police officers Asian dialects.” He added that she was “energetic, intelligent and conscientious” and enjoyed playing hockey and driving. In November 1973, Karpal passed away in tragic circumstances. Sadly, the Met lost a promising officer who had a bright future. Today, 50 years on from PC Karpal Kaur Sandhu joining the Met, we remember her life and legacy with this special event.
  6. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7218007/UKs-senior-Asian-policewoman-suing-Scotland-Yard-racial-gender-discrimination.html#comments
  7. Amritdhari Sikh attacked, brutally beaten up by miscreants in Amritsar, while police remained mute spectator Amritsar, Punjab (March 15, 2014): As per media reports a Sikh youth was brutally thrashed on Saturday (March 15) by demonstrators in Amritsar for no apparent reason after he asked for a way to reach to his shop near Bhandari Bridge. Activists of various Dalit organizations were protesting at Bhandari Bridge in support of their demands, including construction of a temple at Ram Teerath. Amritdhari Sikh beaten up badly at Amritsar As per media reports [t]he victim, Jasbir Singh, an Amritdhari Sikh youth, said that he had requested the protesters to let him go to his shop, and without any provocation, he was beaten by some of the Dalit youths. He alleged that they removed his turban off his head and fist cuffed him. They also pulled his hair in the presence of some senior police officials. He rued that none of the policemen came forward to rescue him. He said police should book the culprits and also demanded justice. Notably, police officials, who later reached the spot, misbehaved with the media. Meanwhile, Police Commissioner Jatinder Singh Aulakh said the incident was brought to his knowledge, and added that he is also aware of the reports of police officials misbehaving with the media. He said that he has instructed the DCP to look into the matter, and assured strict action against the culprits, who had thrashed Jasbir Singh, and the policemen for their negligence, if any. Credits: Sikhsiyasat.net Pictures of Attackers https://m.facebook.com/PunjabSpectrumCom/albums/835216873161574/?_e_pi_=7%2CPAGE_ID10%2C3264412382
  8. Punjab, WORLD | July 1, 2013, 7:11 pm Punjab Police Officer Admits Killing 83 in Fake Encounters Inspector Alleges Life Threat from KP GillBy: Sikh24 Editors AMRITSAR SAHIB (July 1, 2013)–An Amritsar Sahib based Punjab Police officer named Surjit “Singh” has admitted to killing over 83 people in police custody. Surjit alleged that during the Sikh Freedom movement in Punjab, the Punjab Police under the guidance of KP Gill had killed many in false encounters. Surjit has alleged that many of those killed in these encounters were actually innocent youth of Punjab who had no links to so-called “militant organisations”. In an interview by Day & Night News, the former officer admitted to having carried out the killings even though he was personally against such heinous crimes. Surjit alleged that he was promised promotions by the Punjab police to carry out such operations however such promises are not being kept today. He has also alleged that his life too is in danger now and he has requested the CBI to carry out a full investigation in this case and also provide him with security. Punjab Police officer Surjit singh (on right) has alleged he was asked by KP Gill to carry out fake encounters. Surjit has been serving the Punjab Police since November 1989. During his tenure there, he was often given a list of names that were to be picked up and eliminated. He alleged that if proper investigations are carried out, many other Punjab Police officers would be found guilty of committing the same crime as him. Human Rights Activist S. Jaswant Singh Khalra had unearthed proof of 25,000 illegal cremations just in Amritsar Sahib area. S. Khalra was later also abducted and eliminated by the Punjab Police under the orders of KP Gill. http://www.sikh24.com/2013/07/punjab-police-officer-admits-killing-83-in-fake-encounters/#.UdIdjDvviSo Sikh24 Editors can be reached at @
  9. I recently heard about a horrible law case and this's how it went down... A man married a woman 14 years ago while the woman's daughter was 3. In 2013 the daughter is now 17 and has a boyfriend, the step dad found out about this and slapped the daughter (just like what would happen with most indian parents). The daughter got mad and went to her boyfriend where they came up with a plan to charge the step dad for rape even though he didn't do anything like that. The step dad gets arrested for this and spends 3 months in prison while the step daughter and her mom take all the money from their joint bank account. The Gurdwara raises money for the man and he's released on bail. But the step daughter doesn't want this so she comes up with all these false allegations like being touched and being raped, while getting all of her friends to be "witnesses" to a fake crime. The man has no money because it all got taken while he was in jail so he can't afford a lawyer. What I find disgusting is that the step dad treated the daughter like his own and made sure she didn't go through any problems, he even bought her a brand new car and was willing to pay for her college even though she wasn't his real daughter. What would he have to do? He could face up to 5-10 years in jail over a crime he didn't commit.
  10. May 21, 2013 by itv news Source: www.itv.com Sun 19 May 2013: A new association for Sikh officers has been formed by West Midlands Police to develop a better understanding between officers and the Sikh community. The West Midlands Police Sikh Association was launched at the Nanaksar Gurdwara in Walsall. Sergeant Harvinder Singh Rai from West Midlands Police, hopes it will promote a better understanding of the religion and its values. --------------------------------- Related Article: New Sikh association for West Midlands police officers Sikh officers joined Vaisakhi parades in Birmingham, Sandwell and Coventry in April BBC News 19 May 2013: A new association has been set up by West Midlands police officers to improve relationships between the force and the Sikh community. The West Midlands Police Sikh Association said it hoped to help officers learn more about the religion. Chairwoman Eakbinder Kaur said she hoped the association would also encourage more Sikhs to join the force. She said there were 100 Sikhs out of 8,500 officers employed by West Midlands Police. Ms Kaur said she hoped the group would build on the successes of groups such the Black and Asian Police Association and the West Midlands Association of Muslim Police. 'Mutual respect' "It's not only educating officers but building that bridge between us and community," she said. "People can now be reassured that our officers will be sympathetic to people's beliefs and know where they are coming from as a member of the Sikh community. "There is so much more to Sikhism than just seeing a man in a turban with a beard, it's quite vast, and it's about providing that education for officers." Dr Pyara Singh Bhogal, who is the chairman of the Council of Sikh Gurdwaras in Birmingham said he welcomed the new group. "We already have good support from the police at events like the Vaisakhi parade and you can see the mutual respect from both sides," he said. "It shows that there can be cohesiveness with communities whether its police, fire, the ambulance service, and this group will improve that." --------------------------------- More Related Article: http://www.sikhnet.com/news/finally-sikh-police-association http://www.sikhnet.com/news/west-midlands-police-sets-sikh-association
  11. February 3, 2013 by Gurtej Singh Source: www.sikhsiyasat.net Melbourne, Australia (February 03, 2013): As per media reports Simarpal Kaur became the firstAmritdhari Sikh woman to serve in the Police force with her Dastar in Australia. Simarpal Kaur, Australia “Originally from Moga District, Village Deena Sahib, she left Punjab in 2007 to study in Australia. She attended Queensland University and received her Masters degree in Information Technology” The Link has reported. “After graduating from the Victoria Police Academy she has been assigned as a protective service officer. This is a great achievement not only for her but the entire Sikh Community.” the report added. Whereas in other countries, including Canada, there have been many hurdles for those aspiring to serve in this profession with their turbans but in Australia this has been achieved relatively with ease.
  12. http://www.forbes.com/forbes/2010/0510/global-2000-10-maoists-naxalites-tata-steel-india-dirty-war.html This is what singhs need to be doing: This, is what we are doing: See problem, Fix it. edit - Server Error.
  13. http://books.google....0CC0Q6AEwAADead Silence: The Legacy of Human Rights Abuses in Punjab is a report that was prepared by Physicians for Human Rights (U.S.) and was published by Human Rights Watch in 1994. "This report documents incidents of torture, extrajudicial executions and disappearances which took place mostly in the first nine months of 1992, at the height of the government crackdown." The report looks at the human rights violations that were attributed to the government and militants. There is a section called "Violations of Humanitarian Law By Militants" which covers all the different incidents of violence that were associated with militants. I, like many of you, am aware that "Black Cats" and police sponsored armed groups such as "Alam Sena" were responsible for many acts of violence that were blamed on militant Sikhs. However, this report does not hold "black cats" or police backed armed groups responsible for any such act. The report suggests that all acts of violence attributed to militants was indeed done by militants, and was not a result of government groups acting to discredit and defame, the Khalistan movement. The two references to "Black Cats" come on Page 23 and Page 51. "Black Cats" are described as "undercover agents" that "identify, kidnap and kill suspected militants" who have been employed by the Punjab police. They are not stated to be responsible for acts of violence conducted to defame the Khalistan movement anywhere in the report. The report gives many dated incidents where violence was perpetrated by militants. On page 89 the report states that "In June 1991, militants opened fire on two passenger trains in Punjab killing at least one hundred and ten civilians." We need as a collective community need to analyze the different incidents of violence, research to uncover additional information, and conclude whether these acts were conducted by militants or black cats. Greater clarity to what actually happened and who was responsible for what would be beneficial to the Sikh peoples' continuing struggle. By being able to highlight and prove additional incidents of violence that the Punjab government was responsible for the Sikh people would alleviate wrongful blame put onto Sikh militants. All incidents of violence against innocent people conducted by Sikhs should be wholeheartedly condemned. I implore those of you who are well versed and educated to analyze this report, check and confirm the different events, bring forward new information, and come to a conclusion about what really happened in Punjab.
  14. 11th June 1982: Exactly 30 years ago Phase of false-encounters, illegal-abductions & detentions, custodial torture, enforced disappearances, arbitrary executions, secret & false stories of escapes from police custody, blatant use of laws like TADA, rape, murder starts in Panjab. After more than three decades (1978-2012), millions of sacrifices, attack on most holiest & sacred Darbar Sahib-Akaal Takht Sahib and other 124 Gurughars, Sikkh Genocide (1984), then facing these fake-encounters and the latest shahidi of Bhai Jaspal SInghji (March 2012) we are still at crossroads !
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