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  1. https://www.thisislocallondon.co.uk/news/19675661.acist-act-west-midlands-police/ RACIST ACT BY THE WEST MIDLANDS POLICE On Tuesday 26th October 2021, it had been reported, that the racist West Midlands police had attacked a Sikh man. The police officer Kasim Shafiq, who is part of the West Midlands police force had stamped on and riped the Sikh man's turban. Due to this, a peaceful protest had been held outside the station, All protesters are urged to maintain peaceful and respectful conduct, Also be cautious of the rise of covid cases this would be taking place in the Perry Barr police station, Holford Drive, Birmingham, B42 2TU. This would be held on Wednesday 27th October 2021 from 7 pm-7:30 pm. A Sikh man who supports the Sikh youth UK (which is a campaign that raises awareness on international Sikh matters) was arrested yesterday in the afternoon by PC 22391 around 14:30. The arrest was about providing proof of address for a very minor traffic offence, The young Sikh man was taken to Perry Barr custody suite and was being booked in at the reception when PC Kashi Shafiq became very aggressive asking the Sikh man to remove his turban.PC Shafiq then reached across the reception desk and ripped the turban off the Sikh man's head, and then purposely stamped on it.As a community, we do not tolerate religious hate by anyone. especially police officers who take advantage of their power to attempt to degrade Sikhs. We urge the Sikh community nationwide to write complaints and share this far and wide.
  2. lall singh chadda movie is a indian copy of Forrest gump.The forrest gump character is a sikh, in parts role played with full beard and turban, and as a child with a jura.In the original forrest gumps religion was not highlight.As forrest gump has low iq intelligent.Bollywood is using the racist stereotype of sikhs, brave but stupid.What is dangerous is indian forrest gump as a child has a jura.This will lead to sikh children being called lall singh chadda as a insult/mocking/bullying.How many will cut their hair as a result of the bullying.Indian Raw /bollywood using tactics of CIA/bollywood to demonise a community
  3. ABHORRENT' Glasgow restaurants slam video of Rangers fans singing bigoted Billy Boys song after trolls link them to clip https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/news/6826910/rangers-billy-boys-glasgow-indian-restaurants-video/
  4. Sikh taxi driver in Reading attacked by four passengers 21 September 2020 Berkshire Share this with Email Share this with Facebook Share this with Twitter Share this with Whatsapp Image captionVaneet Singh said it was "really frightening" A Sikh taxi driver was attacked in his car as he drove four passengers home from a casino. Vaneet Singh said the men slapped and shoved him as he drove along the A33 after collecting them from the Grosvenor Casino in Reading in the early hours of Sunday. The 41-year-old said one of the men tried to remove his turban and asked him: "Are you Taliban?" Police investigating the incident said no arrests have been made. Mr Singh, who lives in Tilehurst with his wife and three young children, said he had started working as a taxi driver because the coronavirus pandemic had stalled his job teaching music to children in Slough. He said: "It was horrible, really frightening, I will never work the nightshift again. I'm still very scared." Mr Singh said the person in the middle of the back of the car pulled his turban as he was driving and slapped him on the head, while others kicked and punched the back of his driver's seat. He said the passengers were well behaved at the start of the journey but "totally changed" as it went on. "It's very bad experience. It's my religion so I respect my turban," he said. A Thames Valley Police spokesman said the force was investigating a report of assault and appealed for witnesses.
  5. Why are racist not allowed to be racist? If someone is racist then shouldn't they be allowed to voice their opinion? But If you live in the West then you will know that racist people are not allowed to openly be racists and voice their opinions. Why can't a White person say they hate Asians and blacks, or that they wants Asians to go back to their country. There are black history months, mobo music awards etc so why can't white people have white history month lol? Or white pride celebrations? But obviously when it comes to racist graffiti, vandalizing paces of worship etc then that's wrong But as far as being allowed to say "I don't like Asians" "I don't like blacks" surely if that's their view and opinion then they should be able to openly and publically say it ? It really doesn't bother me tbh I rather have racists be open than be quite No ?
  6. Guest

    Visiting New York

    Daas is visiting New York soon. Daas has also been to Vegas in the past and not had any issues. But is New York safer? Daas is staying in Manhattan. Has anyone had issues with wearing pagh in NYC? Are they more or are they less racist?
  7. Guest

    Some Home Truths

    Waheguru ji ka khalsa my brothers and sisters Waaheguru ji ki fateh. And so, from one that is no longer welcome on this forum, let me summarize, bearing in mind that point 3, and point 3 alone, is my main point: 1) There's been threads, and a popular thread, about the issue of milk (products) in our Gurdwaras. Yet, interestingly, no one in those discussions has seen fit to mention how it was me who had been putting forward the Sikhi based arguments for it for the last 3 years on this very forum. 2) There's been a thread about a 'Rita Johal', and that thread has been mega popular as you've all seen it as a mega new topic. And yet none of you who posted in that thread remembered my goodbye thread (after the Mods here banned me) in which I mentioned Rita Johal (and 2 other Sikh females) who were either married to or going out with, Leicester City players or high profile supporters who were out on the pitch with them in celebratory scenes that were headline news throughout the world. In that goodbye thread, I mentioned how, seeing as how most of you are UK Sikhs and UK Sikhs are most probably the most inarticulate, mis-informed, illiterate muppets on god's earth, who was going to take my mantle of being able to see outside the box........i.e see a thing before it becomes bleedingly obvious. The fact that several weeks later someone here starts a thread about Rita Johal as if he or she had discovered a great new topic and you all, in masses, posted on it with your brand new thoughts about a brand new topic, gives us a very good indication as to why the Indian Hindu national stereotype of a Sikh is as a thicko and why they (the Hindu in India......i.e......the man that has a government that represents him.......a government that is seeking a permanent seat on the security council.....i.e a man with power. This man....I dunno what his name is....probably Romesh, Rakesh or summfink........This man...lets call him Rakesh..., with his view of Sikhs as dumb simpletons, is the reason we are in the state we are in (we're in a lot of sorry states but none more so than the fact that we, as a sangat on Sikh Sangat dot com.................are not even capable of spotting issues unless a period of exactly 4 weeks passes. 3) And so to my final and most important point. The suicidal Brexit. The Mods here banned me. Who knows where in the world they sit and who knows how intelligent they are. None of that is important though but what is important is how a Singh repeatedly points out the increasing bigotry and hatred that is manifested on this forum and this of course makes those bigoted and hateful forum members complain about the Singh and....ultimately...the Singh gets banned. And so, my sisters and brothers living outside the UK, please understand this: If you want to get an insight into the average poster on this forum and understand how the UK Sikhs can regularly turn out 80,000 every single year on the bluestar remeberace / Khalistan march and have a 100 professional parcharks and yet not be capable of having a single member of parliament, look at the widely available interactive map of London re; the EU vote. It shows that the whole of London, i.e 90%, was in favour of being part of the European Union but only 2 tiny areas were in favour of leaving and destroying their own children's future. Guess what those only 2 tiny areas were ? The extreme west of London....i.e Hayes and Southall (i.e the Sikh heartland of London) and the extreme east, i.e Ilford (east London's Sikh heartland). And there we have it. The Singh that tried to counter the xenophobes gets banned well before the vote and so the Mods and Admins ensure the illiterate lemmings have the final and definitive say....i.e the vote. And what was this final and definitive say? Well. there's too many things to mention here but lets just sumarise by saying London's screwed because Frankfurt will now become Europe's financial capital, our economy is screwed, our housing market is screwed, our credit rating is screwed...we're in for 20 to 30 years of hard time and yet, we'll have to (as per the Norway example) have to pay in 80% more into the EU than we used to as a member just to enjoy the free trade and still have to adhere to the free movement (i.e immigration). And there we have it. A nation so blinded by bigotry it was willing to destroy it's economy just so it could pay 80% more than it currently did and have the same amount of immigration. This is....without a shadow of a doubt, the most uneducated, illiterate nation on earth. Trump is such a bufoon of a countryand so blinded by xenophobia he thinks he is willing to build a wall to keep the others out. I used to think you couldn't get stupider than that but I forgot my own country. My own country is so stupid it makes Donald Trump look like an Oxford professor. My own country is so Stupid it destroyed it's own self and it's own children's future just to keep 'foreigners' out without having enough intelligence to know that it had the best deal in Europe and would now have to pay 80% extra for the exact same deal. We are, without a shadow of a doubt, the most dumbest nation on Waheguru's earth and we, who have been here nearly 100 years and yet still can't produce an MP are without a doubt the dumbest of them all.
  8. How to deal with a white racist Manager/Boss. I have been working at this place for just over a year. From day one he saw me as threat and has blocked my promotion countless times. This person just wants me to leave. I get on with everyone at the office which he seems to resent and be be jealous/envious of. I have just had enough of the dirty looks I get from him but I cant do nothing back or I will get fired. What should I do? I think any other person would have left a long time ago. But because I am a very confident self-assured person and strong willed. I have stayed here despite the hostility I get from the guy. It probably even surprises him that I have stayed this long as no amount of threats has any affect on me. Infact many others have been and left after they have experienced this racist boss. Who unless you are a complete push over does not mind you being there. But anyone with half a brain seems to threaten him. He is quite an old guy and I think that someone who is young and confident somehow scares him. He gets angry as soon as he see’s me talking to other people especially the women. The only reason I have stayed is because I dont like to quit things and feel someone has driven me out of a job due to their jealousy and insecurity problems. I get on well with everyone there. As part of my contract I also dont have many rights as a normal worker which he knows about so I think he is using this to his advantage knowing I cant really complain. At the moment I am kinda building up my experience so dont want to leave untill I have got the full qualification certificate from this job. Anyone else experience this at work? I have never before in previous jobs and didnt know how good the mangers were at previous jobs until I worked at the new place.
  9. I dont know if anyone watches the BBC show the Apprentice. But I find this show to be blatantly racist. Th Asian contestants are always put down and not taken seriously as the white contestants. Alan the fruitcake sugar also never appoints an Asian person in the finals. They seem to try and put Asian people in their place and reflects the British society where White managers would rather give promotions to fellow whites then Asian people. I guess this is what happenes in daily life. white people favor black christian/carribean people and get along with them more and are racist to asians
  10. WAHEGURU JI KA KHALSA WAHEGURU JI KI FATEH ADMIN ji, benti, can we please put a ban on racist language. Terms such as "p*ki" etc which seem to be used on the regular on this forum. In the same other profane terms are banned, can a ban be applied to these racist terms please? * P*ki: Chiefly British Offensive Slang. Used as a disparaging term for a person of Pakistani or South Asian birth or descent. The term may be used amongst people of Pakistani decent, however, what right does that give us to use the term? And those who do use it in a derogatory manner, are only associating themselves with those people. As a Sikh forum, one of very few, this platform for healthy discussion attracts people from all walks of life. Sikhs wanting to further their knowledge of Sikhi and non-Sikhs wanting to gain an understanding of Sikhs and Sikhi, respectively. Currently, there are two discussions where profane language is being used. Is this the image we want to create of Sikhs and Sikhi alike? There are children using this site. Yes, this is a forum and therefore discussions can not always be restricted. However, in the same way that other profanity is banned, words such as the "F" word etc, racist terms should also be banned. In the end, it comes down to us, the users of this amazing platform, to watch what we say. In an ideal world, Admin would not need to ban any words. We must ask ourselves, is this what we have been taught by our Guru Sahib? And is this the image we want to create of ourselves? We are Sikhs. Children of our father, Dasam Pita, Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaaj. Pul chuk muaf ji WAHEGURU JI KA KHALSA WAHEGURU JI KI FATEH
  11. http://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.shapia.santabantatab http://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=vipin.Crazyprofile.SantaBanta This app's needs to be reported to google play store. Look what is says in one of the descriptions: " "
  12. Video: Teenager who attacked elderly man in Coventry street who has now died could face new charges 7 Nov 2013 11:01Sentencing of nineteen-year-old for assault delayed while tests are carried out to determine cause of death Attack on pensioner An 80-year-old man who was attacked by a young woman in Coventry city centre has died. The teenager responsible for assaulting Joginder Singh in Trinity Street could now face new charges. Mr Singh, aged 80, of Cannon Park, died on Sunday. He had been pushed to the ground in Trinity Street on August 10. The incident was caught on camera and shown on the internet. Coral Millerchip, 19, has already admitted a charge of assault, and will be sentenced after a separate matter has been concluded. That hearing is likely to be subject to significant delays now that Mr Singh has passed away. Det Chief Insp Matt Markham from Coventry CID, said: “Following the assault Mr Singh was readmitted to hospital and was being treated for a diagnosed condition and at this stage it is unclear if that is directly connected with the assault.“ Our thoughts remain with the family and those affected by Mr Singh’s death and we will continue to work with CPS and the coroner to establish the cause of death.“ Specialist family liaison police officers have been appointed to liaise with Mr Singh’s next of kin and we will continue to support the family at this sad time. ”Mr Singh was reported to be “fighting for his life” when Millerchip first appeared in Coventry Magistrates Court in August. During the hearing prosecutor Pamela Meinert said that Mr Singh was in a critical condition in hospital. She added that it was not known whether his condition was anything to do with the attack. Mr Singh was discharged from hospital after the attack but was later re-admitted for treatment of a previously diagnosed condition. A post-mortem examination of Mr Singh’s body, carried out on Monday, was inconclusive. Further tests are now being carried out to try and establish what caused his death. Detectives have notified the Crown Prosecution Service who will now make a decision on what further action will be taken. Police say any further court hearing is likely to be delayed until next year. Responding to Mr Singh’s death Coun Harjinder Singh Sehmi said: “It’s really bad news - an extremely sad day for the community. “She (Coral Millerchip) has already admitted that she attacked Mr Singh - there’s nothing more that can be said really. “Any decision about what happens now is in the hands of the Crown Prosecution Service and ultimately the courts. ”The attack was caught on camera with thousands of people viewing the video and commenting on what they saw." http://www.coventrytelegraph.net/news/coventry-news/teenager-who-attacked-elderly-sikh-6280750
  13. Britain is one of the most racially tolerant countries on the planet, a survey claims. The global social attitudes study claims that the most racially intolerant populations are all in the developing world, with Bangladesh, Jordan and India in the top five. By contrast, the study of 80 countries over three decades found Western countries were most accepting of other cultures with Britain, the U.S., Canada and Australia more tolerant than anywhere else. The data came from the World Value Survey, which measured the social attitudes of people in different countries, as reported by the Washington Post. The survey asked individuals what types of people they would refuse to live next to, and counted how many chose the option 'people of a different race' as a percentage for each country. Researchers have suggested that societies where more people do not want neighbours from other races can be considered less racially tolerant. The country with the highest proportion of 'intolerant' people who wanted neighbours similar to them was Hong Kong, where 71.8 per cent of the population would refuse to live next to someone of a different race. Next were Bangladesh on 71.7 per cent, Jordan on 51.4 per cent and India with 43.5 per cent. Racist views are strikingly rare in the U.S., according to the survey, which claims that only 3.8 per cent of residents are reluctant to have a neighbour of another race. Other English-speaking countries once part of the British Empire shared the same tolerant attitude - fewer than five per cent of Britons, Canadians, Australians and New Zealanders showed signs of racism. People in the UK are also tolerant of other differences such as speaking a foreign language or practising an alternative religion - for example, fewer than two per cent of Britons would object to having neighbours of a different faith to them. Similarly, fewer than one in 20 people in most South American countries admitted harbouring prejudice against other races. The Middle East, which is currently dealing with large numbers of low-skilled immigrants from south Asia, seems to be a hotbed of racial tension, however. Europe is remarkably split - the west of the continent is generally more tolerant than the east, but France is a striking outlier with 22.7 per cent of the French rejecting neighbourhood diversity. Some have pointed out problems in the survey data, claiming that because the polls span a long period of time they are an unreliable guide to current attitudes. However, a more serious flaw could be the fact that in most Western countries racism is so taboo than many people will hide their intolerant views and lie to the questioners. Max Fisher of the Washington Post suggested that maybe 'Americans are conditioned by their education and media to keep these sorts of racial preferences private, i.e. to lie about them on surveys, in a way that Indians might not be'. THE LEAST RACIALLY TOLERANT COUNTRIES 40% + (of individuals surveyed would not want a person of another race as a neighbour) India, Jordan, Bangladesh, Hong Kong 30 - 39.9% Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Vietnam, Indonesia, South Korea 20 - 39.9% France, Turkey, Bulgaria, Algeria, Morocco, Mali, Zambia, Thailand, Malaysia, The Philippines THE MOST TOLERANT COUNTRIES 0 to 4.9% United States, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Guatemala, Britain, Sweden, Norway, Latvia, Australia, New Zealand 5 - 9.9% Chile, Peru, Mexico, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Belarus, Croatia, Japan, Pakistan, South Africa 10 - 14.9% Finland, Poland, Ukraine, Italy, Greece, Czech Republic, Slovakia 15 - 19.9% Venezuela, Hungary, Serbia, Romania, Macedonia, Ethiopia, Uganda, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Russia, China Source: World Values Survey http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2325502/Map-shows-worlds-racist-countries-answers-surprise-you.html
  14. A JURY has found 34-year-old Lee Shaw guilty of murder. Shaw, of Community Drive, Smallthorne, stabbed Dalbagh Singh Malhi to death in Bentilee in the early hours of May 13 last year. ​JAILED Lee Shaw. GUILTY: Lee Shaw. Twenty-nine-year-old Mr Malhi, who was known as Bugsy, suffered multiple stab wounds and died from a 13cm wound to the chest. Shaw denied murder, claiming he was acting in self defence. But following a two-week trial at Stafford Crown Court, a jury took just three hours to find him guilty. Read more: http://www.thisisstaffordshire.co.uk/Lee-Shaw-guilty-Bentilee-street-murder/story-18483862-detail/story.html#ixzz2OUHOzQf4
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