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Found 9 results

  1. Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ki fateh We think that it is now the time where SikhSangat should be passed down to the young generation who are capable of running it well. We are in thinking stage of passing it down by next year. The founders (2 of us) are now in late 30's and are busy with jobs, family and other social work. We are not like of our old generation type folks who wants to keep control of things forever. We are also willing to handover it to the capable Organization. Of course there will be some conditions such; takeover person/org must have proven good panthic record a
  2. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh We will be upgrading our forum and it needs to be done from scratch. We may have downtime for about a day or two. Just want to inform Sangat in advance of the possibility of the forum being down anytime within July or August month only on weekend. We also entered in a partnership with a non-profit organization and will be bringing up something new that our community has never seen or experienced. Our members will be the first one to have access to the trial period. The 18th year we are in and we are glad to be a neutral, ad-free and pro-pant
  3. I signed up for an account (username bhforceb) a few days ago, but the admin has still not approved the account. Also, I tried resending the confirmation email, but no email reached me. I understand the need to avoid spammers but this is ridiculous.
  4. Please send us any program information and posters, our aim is UNITY and EKTA in the panth. Make the Sangat aware of events/programs in your area. ?? Great intermediary page to promote ekta and keep up with the latest events and programs. Updated video and image content daily. Please follow uk Sikhs on Instagram and Facebook
  5. Waheguru ji khalsa Waheguru ji fathe I want to know and tell the admin of the sikh sangat can we make a caterogy for the tech for sikh and i love technology but what you guys think and i want a admin to replay aswell thank you
  6. please send simple PM to me and the brief reason why particular person's replies need to be moderated. We have a list of few ppl that we want to put under moderation forever but wants to see sangat's input.
  7. Just for fun. Topic title says it all. I tend to agree with ProActive 99% of the time. (This despite the fact that the brother doesn't bother responding to inbox messages :lol2: ) Johnny bai's posts I tend to agree with most of the time too.
  8. Guest

    Sikh Sangat

    Why I can't open SikhSangat in Pakistan.While I can visit Sikhsangat through proxy.But normally I am unable to visit this site
  9. Cannot see Sikh sangat on google if I am browsing without logging in as a member. What's happening?
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