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How Can Help The Youth Apart From Guru Ji Aswell


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Parents- we all know how undermining they can be not to mention some things too embarrasing toask them about :wub:

Giani ji's - tend to be too blunt or will talk about something completely different then what you cam to them for, and 100 percant of time will talk in panjabi! wacko.gif

Your bros or sisters - reliable source but sometimes you need to ask things that even they caould not be asked ohmy.gif

Youth/sangat/without going to them/at anytime - now that seems comfortable, free, easy and for some people if htey require a gupt place to share their problems, seek help of any questions :wub: :wub:

So for the paajis or penjis that take mick out of sum pples questions, read above first and ask urself ru being a true sangat and helpinng someone. grin.gif

hmm...thats food for thought for someof you guys, laters respect.gifwink2.gif

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Guest _gupti_

wow, that was a really good post and now i take back all the times i laughed at qs that pl asked that i thought had the most obvious answers to em, so yeah i think everyone shud really think abt wot u jus said

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