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What are we missing????

Guest Akaal108

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Guest Akaal108

Sikhs been living in canada, uk and usa more than 100 yr but our soo called gurdwara leaders has completely failed to educated western media about our relegion.. forget about other peeps but we couldnt even educate our youths?????

I was sittin down i thought... It would be really good acheivement if we can atleast produce 100 singhs/singhani's each to Police Foundation, Miltary Recruitment, Marines, Yoga-Teachers, Bus-Drivers, Teachers/Prof in schools, Banks, Reporters, NASA, NSA, , Pilots, Ceo's, Mps, Congress, Missionary Movements every year???????????

is that too much too ask for???

Inorder for us to do that.. First we need filter all our 1st generation old greedy so called president of gurdwaras... bring 2nd generation sikhs to run the show...

If we are to compare us with jews we are not even a bit close to em in terms of acheivements...

If sikhi was given to white people.. They would have saturated the media with sikhs.....look at us... we are soo busy fighting among emselves.. either its has to do with dumb caste, or either it has to do with different rehat maryada, tables and chairs ... we always fight... is that why guru ji gave us sikhi by scarificing their whole family????????????????????????

pls share view ur ideas..oh there might be some of the sikhs here might not agree with missionary movements?? i disagree with em... we have to present sikh relegion to every human being out there.. concepts and beleifs....

Atleast attempt to put choices infront of em.. rest of that is up to em.. forget about missionary movement...we cant even educate our own sikh youths???

Considering the seriousness of the youths issue we ar

e facing right now... I beg to everyone here if you got basic understanding of sikhi ..try atleast one hour a week to spread the words of sikhi through emails or in person to ur family, cousins, relatives & freinds... just atleast make an attempt to educate em..

you gotta remember this.. gurbani is like a arrow if your heart is hard it will hit you but it wouldnt effect.. however if your heart is soft it will hit you , effect you and purify you with AMRIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Guest SikhForLife

hey i was on Fox news channel this morning..

i was outside the window when they were doing the show " Fox and Friends "

but ya.. i agree with you.. we have to get rid of our Gw management and take over! :D

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Can i have ur autograph plz @SikhForLife

Well i am glad we don't have the samee problem as u guys in Uk. But then again USA is pretty big and $$$$ oriented.

The best form of Advertisement is to Be a good sikh and inspire other non sikhs around u to say "That mr Singh i know is a very nice Person". If they feel that about u, they will say that to other friends of theirs.

... we always fight...

So true and Sad. We need to generate love among our selves before we can expect other non sikhs to do the same for us.

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Guest SikhForLife

this post reminded of an article i once read after 9-11

so i looked it up and found it

its written by Deshdeepak Singh who is a United Sikhs in Service to America (USSA)


here are some quotes

sept. 22, 2001

get out of our comfort zones to do what must be done for others and not just ourselves.

Every Gurudwara in the country should organize an

open house and invite members from their local area to attend.

Gurudwaras should also be actively engaged in providing food to homeless

shelters and extending domicile and nourishment to all people and not just

Sikh immigrants. Let the American public know that a Sikh Gurudwara is haven

for all, regardless of race or creed, and they will treasure them. Sikhs

should also openly share the universal teachings of the Guru Granth Sahibji

Maharaj by putting tuks (quotes) in newspapers, magazine ads and by writing

and submitting articles on its teachings so that everyone can experience the

same upliftment and joy Sikhs do. Sikhs must appear on television extending

their chardi-kala spirit to all. Sikhs will need to be open and extroverted

about the teachings of their faith, they must serve the spiritual hunger of

Americans by sharing Sikhi with all. Media coverage resulting from these

sorts of activities will present the Sikhs as a proactive, generous and

gregarious community that is more concerned with serving others than itself.

The potential to uplift fellow Ame

ricans and to mould a more righteous

nation as it faces a trying time is unlimited.

Sikhs Americans must also realize that by portraying or emphasizing

ourselves as a self-absorbed and fearful community that has little concern

for contributing to what is occurring outside of it, we risk leaving this

situation worse off than where we came in. Are these the hallmarks of a

noble Panth, do they elicit respect and admiration from others? If we

succeed, however, in demonstrating the true character of Sikhs -

courageousness, generosity, compassion and a tremendous sense of service -

to America by asking not what our country can do for us, but what we can do

for it, then we shall surely come out of our current crisis a stronger, more

empowered and worthy Panth whose contributions to safeguarding the idea of

America, nurturing its spiritual underpinnings and protecting other innocent

Americans from attack will never be forgotten.

History lies before us unwritten and unknown, will the Sikhs of America

demonstrate that they are a great people or will they retreat into the dark

recesses of the times ahead?

btw our GW tried an interfaith meeting (dec 2001).. sucked!!.. cuz our president couldnt speak english for shi* and we became a mockery of the town

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Guest Guest_gursikh

waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh

i want to share ma views wid u guys, i´m from german-speeking EU-courtry thts y me not tht good in english, so i hope u will understand wht i want to say

i can just tell wht is happening here and wht i think should b done

in european coutries near to in every gurudwara everyone is just fighting for "pardhangi" they just say we ve to care abt youngster but they dont do anything effective

So i think if our leader at akal takht sahib or punjab would be tht "siyane" to pass a "mataa" how sikh gurudwara have to be ruled were the best thing......or i think we can say we need a indepented countrie wid our rulez

wht u r thinking Amardeep veerji thts gr8 but how to make it, if no "sikh-family born"-person knows his/her virsa coz of these selfish ppl who r just interested in leadership.........i agree we need leaders but not every 2nd sikh should b tht

i hope didnt say anything wrong

agar kisi di khilaaf koi gall khahi hove maaf karna ji

once again veerji tuhada sujhaa bohat v vadhiya

sikh hamesha chardikala vich rehna!!!!!!!!!

wjkk wjkf

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