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Waheguroo Jee Ka Khalsa!

Waheguroo Jee Kee Fateh!!

These are a selection of Posts which were sent to egroups during the period of Bhai sahib leaving this earth till his funeral. They were requested by the sangat. Please take time to read. To find out more about bhai sahib, I recommend his autobiography, which is available from AKJ Uk.

Waheguroo Jee Ka Khalsa!

Waheguroo Jee Kee Fateh!!

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posted on 1st August 2002

Waheguru ji ke khalsa, waheguru ji ke fateh

Pyare Sadh Sangat Jio, it is with great regret and sadness, that I have to inform the sangat, that Bhai Sahib Bhai Rama Singh ji from Southall left for Guru Maharajs abode this morning at about 1am, Amritvela.

Bhai sahib ji was known worldwide, and the calibre of his jeevan was of the highest standard. There are so many inspirational stories that I can tell of my personal experiences with Bhai sahib, that I would not know where to start. I `m sure every youth, and every person in UK who spent even a little time with Bhai sahib can say the same. He was a true beacon of Sikhi, and a genuine and sincere example message of our Sahib Siri Guru Nanak Dev ji.

Sahib Siri Guru Tegh Bahadhur states,

"Know such a man, say Nanak,

To be a living image of God,

Who remains undisturbed in sorrow and happiness,

And is free from attachment, pride and avarice.

Bhai Sahib was free from all of this, and he was to so many of us a living image of God, in the form the True Khalsa. Immersed in Naam, always serene, full of love and affection. Most people think of bhai sahib ji to be quiet, but as i got to know Bhai sahib better, I realised how much Panthic vigour he had inside of him. Dedicated to the seva blessed to him, he had also been gifted with sewa in the Panj Pyare for decades. He was not only a father-figure, and your dearest companion. His advice and pyar would sink deep into your heart, such was the amazing personality that Guru Maharaj gave Bhai sahib.

Bhai Sahib jis book was called "Roop Gobind ka, Raj Khalsa ka, Shika Sona ka". For those of us, who were given the

most immense blessings by Guru Maharaj, by allowings to spend time with such an immaculate soul. For us, it is the memories of Bhai sahib, his actions, his words, his advice, is like gold, and will always be tresured as such.

Bhai sahib funeral arrangements are currently being finalised. Exact details will be released once these are finalised.

Waheguru ji kekhalsa,waheguru ji ke fateh

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posted on 2nd August 2002

my first experience of bhai sahib, the Gursikh.

Waheguru ji kekhalsa, waheguru ji ke fateh

Payre jio, I remember many years ago, at a Khalsa camp in Bangor, wales. This was my first time that I had really met bhai sahib ji.I had just kept my kesh, and had a litttle dastaar on.

In the morning, the asa-di-// keertan was excellent. I remember thinking how i wish i could do keertan. I felt so unlucky at all my life being a mona, and never learning these things. As i was walking back to my room, in front of me on a grassy area, I saw bhai sahib with a waaja, with a young lad playing tabla. i knew bhai sahib was special, but never had the courage to go up to him and say anything. anyway, he called me over, to my surprise. I went over, and he told me to sit next to him, saying that he was going to teach me a shabad. He began teaching me a very simple shabad, but even this I could not pick up. Once he had taught me the shabad, he said start doing keertan. I was now feeling very uncomfortable, but he said do not worry, just close your eyes, and sing the shabad.

it was first time touching the waaja, so i was very nervous. But bhai sahib starting singing with me, we closed our eyes and started singing. My vioce was shaking, showing my nerviousness. Bhai sahib came closer, and put his hand on my back. This felt so reassuring, and eyes closed, we were doing keertan. For the first time, I felt so relaxed, and a cold breeze enters the mind.

After a while, when the shabad was finished, bhai sahib lifted his hand from my back, i opened my eyes. To my surprise, there was now about twenty-plus people sitting in front o

f us listening to the keertan. It suddenly dawned on me what I was doing. Feeling really embarrassed, me a nobody doing keertan, infront of these poeple. I quickly passed the waaja on to someone who I knew did keertan.

bhai sahib just smiled at me, then carried on singing with the keertan. that was the first time I witnessed what Bhai sahib was. It was like he knew what I was yearning for, and just gave it to me. Always the friendly smile. No commotion, just simplicity.

So many things happened at that khalsa camp with Bhai sahib, it was my first introduction to the world of these Gursikhs. Bhai sahib ji is azaad, but his worldly funeral is on Saturday week. I will attempt to relate one story everyday, and hope many others will do the same. maybe through these stories, it may inspire another to immerse themselves in Joorian de seva and bhagti, creating a new generation of Bhai sahib`s. You never know who guru maharaj will place his Grace on.

Waheguru ji kekhalsa, waheguruji ke fateh

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posted on 5th August 2002

Bhai sahib ji and Kamai

Waheguru ji ke khalsa, waheguru ji ke fateh

Pyare jio, sometimes Bhai sahib would speak to us youth about how we should do more kamai. He would say that kamai is very underestimated, and not everyone realises how important it is.

Once he said to me, that youth think that by doing the occasional amritvela, or rainsbhai, that they are of good jeevans. But he said, it is much more than that. He said after a little kamai, they wonder why nothing happens to them, why they have not reached sackhand. It takes great Udham to achieve Gurmat. He said, just to get Naam flowing inside you, you need to have a strong amritvela routine for a least a month, but people do it for a few days, and expect miracles. He would say much Udham is required by the youth in abyass.

He also emphasised the need for doing your abyass on a gupt level. When I was living in the South, there was a regular rountine of the monthly jatha rainsbhai, and then the monthly local kids rainsbhai. On the other weekends, Bhai sahib and about 4-5 youth would get together at a house in Southall for abyass. upstairs in the house, there was a small room, with Parkash of Guru maharaj. About 5-6 of these Gursikhs naujawan, who I will not name, and bhai sahib would start simran at 9-10pm, and continue till 3am, and then do nitnem. Afterwards they would go to simran at Singh sabha. These programmes were in them days regular, and I was sometimes invited to these programmes. i used to feel very priveleged to be in the company of these Gursikhs. These programmes were excellent. Once I mentioned to the youth, that these programmes were happening

, and the more people who come the better. But most were put off by the length of the programmes. After this, Bhai Sahib said to me, that abyass which is done should remain gupt. Gupt abyass has much "phaal." He said it is gupt abyass that is going to build your jeevan.

He also greatly emphasised the value of "jorian de seva". He would have a handkerchief in his pocket, and would carefully clean the shoes, and then wipe the handkercheif on his forehead. He would tell us to always do simran, when doing this sewa, otherwise it will give you ego, that you are doing joorian de seva. Bhai sahib said to me once, whenever you do any seva, whether talking, keertan, or anything, always do joorian de seva first. then when you walk into the darbaar in front of maharaj, you mind will be on the floor, in his charan, no ego will enter. Then you will see how Maharaj blesses the seva.

To really understand Bhai sahib, you need someone who has also done kamai. i am not that person, only a person who understands naam, can discuss its virtues. I am just sharing somethings Bhai sahib said to me. Hopefully those who understand naam, will find something in this.

Waheguru ji kekhalsa, waheguru ji ke fateh

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Posted on the 7th August 2002

Bhai Sahib Rama Singh ji and sahej

Waheguru ji ke khalsa,waheguru ji ke fateh

Pyare jio, continuing in this process of celebrating Bhai sahib Ji`s Jeevan.

I remember a while ago, we met at a rainsbhai keertan in Hitchin. I was sitting in the langar hall with my 18 months old little nephew, who was quite restless. Bhai sahib came up and hugged us. He always loved little children, and always gave them good "Assissan". We sat there having langar, talking about parchaar in the North of England. He was really happy so many more youth were realising the value of gurbani in the North. I said to him, they are progressing towards sikhi, but still do not have Panthic Spirit, which would make them more dedicated sevadaars for the Panth. He said to me, panthic spirit only comes when a person has Panthic dard. Maharaj would bless them.

In that week, there had been a petty argument happening in the punjabi national papers, between two individuals over dasam granth. In all the silliness, one had gone on a complete tangent and written about Bhai sahib, saying he was a "Low caste indian government agent." Many people had been incensed by this including me. Bhai Sahib was a Khalsa, and one of the most Panthic people that I had met. He had left everything for sikhi, and dedicated himself for the Panth. In the eight years since I kept my kesh, I have heard many poeple talk of panth, and only a handful actually do something for the Panth. Bhai Sahib did something.

I said to Bhai sahib, I think a response should be written by the youth. He put his hand on my shoulder and said,"leave it, it is irrelevant. Do you let anyo

ne distract you from the seva for the Panth". He said, "At the times of Guru Nanak, so many people put Guru ji down, swore at him, and were jealous of him. But it is Guru Nanak who is remembered everywhere today. All them gallan are forgotten. "

Bhai sahib was right, sometimes we are so easily distracted from our seva. People are always going to say things. But they are irrelevant. Seva is a blessing, and one should focus on that. I remember sitting their thinking, how some poeple must have such "mare karam", that they could of had darshan of Sahib Siri Guru Nanak dev ji, they lived when he walked with his darshan on this earth. Yet they slandered him, and were jealous of him. In the same way, whoever wrote that, probably never met bhai sahib, but chose to slander him. We should not be incensed, but realise our mare karam and flaws and do saanjh, and appreciate what is around us, and hopefully we also will never do the same.

Bhai sahib was above praise and slander, both were irrelvant to him. He had attained Sehaj, which is one the most difficult stages to attain. Can anyone ever remember Bhai sahib raising his voice, or doing anything negative. He always had a smile, filled with contentment. It is his pyar, grace, affection, humility, virtues which are ever-present on the stage on Sehaj. He loved everyone, and did no difference with anyone. Such is the value of a Jeevan, and these were the virtues of Sahib Siri Guru Nanak Dev ji, and Bhai sahib was his sewak.

Waheguru ji kekhalsa, waheguru ji ke fateh

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posted on the 8th August 2002

Shabad on Bhai sahibs personality.

Waheguru ji kekhalsa, waheguru ji ke fateh

Pyare jio, continuing on this week long celebration of Bhai sahib jis life on akj egroup. I thought this one I would send to all egroups, as I think everyone will relate to this. Rather than writing stories, today I thought we would share a shabad of Sahib Siri Guru Tegh Bahadhur, which discusses the Sadhu, a Gurmukh. I have below include much discussion on this shabad. Compiling what many poeple have written, the whole shabad reminded me of bhai sahib ji. I did want to go into Mooh ( attachment ) of bhai sahib. Praise should only be of Guru and Waheguru, hence I thought this shabad is more appropriate. It is a long e-mail, but like I said, I thought it most appropriate.

Bani Of Sahib Siri Guru Tegh Bahadhur ji.

Sadho man ka man tyago

O seekers of truth, cost down your vanity,

Lust, wrath and wicked companions;

Flee, flee them day and night. Refrain.

That man has understood the essence of existence,

Who in happiness and suffering,

Remains poised with equanimity;

Who in glory and shame,

Feels just the same,

Who is detached from joy,

As well from sorrow and pain;

Who cares not for praise;

Not even for blame.

But seeks the state of Nirvana.

Says Nanak, it is an arduous game,

Which few Divine sages comprehend.

Translated by Bhai Tarlochan Singh ji Delhi

It was once said, “ They, whose minds are not disturbed, when the sources of the disturbance of present, are truly brave.” For all seekers of Truth, tw

o fundamental things are necessary. They must completely discard lust, wrath, and the company of wicked men. They must renounce those passions, which blind, man's vision of truth, and blunt his feelings for doing good in this world. They must strive to attain the highest state of an enlightened man, the Gurmukh: the saint-soldier- whose face is always turned towards Divine light. Sahib Siri Guru Arjan Dev ji calls the person a Brahm-gyani, a mystic philosopher, to whom God has revealed Himself.

He proclaims by his character and achievements the man can rise above the limitations which nature puts on him. He is sovereign of the soul. Strong and self-poised in self-control. He takes pain and pleasure, heat and cold, glory and injury alike. With his mind free from all dark forces, he senses sublimated, he lives in the joy of inner illumination and knowledge of truth. Tranquil in spirit, free from all fear, the gravest grief does not disturb his inner peace. He is stainless, serene, well balanced, un-perplexed, with his mind ever fixed on the love of God.

The Chinese philosopher, Confucius, amazing describes, the Gurmukh as a superior man, and contrasts him with the inferior man, what we refer to in Gurbani as a Manmukh. “ The superior man understands what is right; the inferior man understands what will sell. The superior man loves his soul; the inferior man loves his property. The superior man is liberal towards other's opinions, but does not completely agree with them; the inferior man complete agrees with other's opinions, but is not liberal towards them. The superior man blames himself; the inferior man blames others. The superior man his broad-minded towards all and not partisan; the inferior man is partisan and not broad-minded towards all. The superior men is always candid and at ease; the inferior man is always worried about something. The superior man develops upwords; the inferior man develops downwards. The superior man is dignified but not proud; the inferio

r man is proud but not dignified.”

Sahib Siri Guru Tegh Bahadhur ji calls such a man a Gurmukh, one whose face, mentality and spirituality, is always turned towards Divine Light of God. Such a man is known by his character and the main motivation of his life is that he aspires after the supreme mystic state of Nirvana (khojai pad Nirbana) or Sehaj. It is the wisdom of this aspiration and the Enlightenment, progressively achieved, which complete changes the character of such seekers of Truth. It is the arduous journey on the path of Nirvana, which Sahib Siri Guru Nanak Dev Ji states, it's sharper than a double-edged sword and narrower than a hairs breadth, which gives the seeker of Truth joy, serenity, and the consciousness of inward strength and ultimately liberation. Nirvana in Sikhi, is inner grasp of immortality, and a personal communion with Truth and Beauty. Nirvana,or Sahej is a state at inner illumination to attained here while alive, not any paradise or heaven after death. It is within the reach of every human being in every race, nationality, and colour. It is only through this path does man progressively comprehend the eternity of Truth, in the sentiency of complex and changing earthly life.

In this state of Sehaj, God reveals His Power, His Grace and Wisdom to man. Sehaj is a gift of God to men with pure hearts, noble intentions and rare insight. Through illumination and actions it inspires, God asserts the ultimate victory of the Truth over falsehood, freedom over despotism, and fearlessness over terror and tyranny. This is “Waheguru ji ke khalsa, waheguru ji ke fateh”. Such a Khalsa, is recognised in society by his compassion, goodness, virtues and in history by his service of humanity. Such a man is distinguished by his Unique character. He seeks neither applause nor gratitude. He passes through the turmoil of the world, undisturbed by the destructive egoism of men of position and power, continues to serve humanity. The problems of life neither depress or ange

r him. He breaks through egotism and fully trusts in God. So serene is his nature that he never takes offence. He forgets every illness and injury, and never complains of wrongs done to him.

The seeker of Sahej, the Gurmukh, mystic philospher, saint soldier, he steadfast in his inner composure, and his disinterested mind sinks into the serenity are illumined consciousness. He gladly accepts whatever happens as the tragic and comic acts of a purposeful human drama. Such Gurmukhs, up are the path-makers who blazed a trail that other men follow. They see the Light shining on mountain heights in the early morning (Amritvela), while their fellows sleep in the valleys below. Such a person was Bhai sahib Rama Singh, aptly described by Sahib Siri Tegh Bahadhur Ji. Just a simple Gurmukh, and it is in simplicity, that everything exists in.

Waheguru ji kekhalsa, waheguru ji ke fateh

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posted on 9 th august 2002

Last message on Bhai sahib ji

Waheguru ji kekhalsa, waheguru ji ke fateh

Pyare jio, todays message is the last on Bhai sahib Rama Singh ji. Tomorrow is his funeral.

It is very easy to say not to have attachment (Moh) with anyone, but not so easily done. However it is important to remember that tommorrow, all that we will see is Bhai Sahib jis body. This is just the vessel in which Bhai sahib was. It is not him. The soul was free along time ago long before even when he left this earth. The vessel will just be dust, and we should not attach ourselves to the vessel. If we want to remember Bhai Sahib then we should remember his words, his kindness, his smile, and the sparkle in his eyes everytime he looked at us. This was Bhai Sahib, his soul, which is free.

For a while now, Bhai sahib had left, even while alive. He did not live at the house, or live amongst us, he just visited to give his darshan, fulfill his worldly tasks, and finish the seva and tests that Guru maharaj had given him. I have seen in my short time in sikhi, many Gursikhs, that live in their own worlds. They remain quite and secluded, involving in the worldly game, and doing the seva that they can, but experiencing their own unique Rass from the real world that revealed itself to them. For they are the ones who realises what Kalyug actually is, as everytime they return to this world, its workings, it is kalyug. Hence these Gursikhs, plead that they always remember Waheguru in their hearts, for a even a second in kalyug is too much, as guru sahib himself states in bani, that even a second without your presence is too much for me to bear.


should all be happy for Bhai sahib for he has gone to the place that he deserved, something far better than anything on this earth. And wish that we ourselves can just become half the Gursikh he was, then that would be an achievement.

I am not sure if anything that I have written has been helpful, but I thougth I would do my best for someone, who was one of the best living examples of sikhi that I have ever seen.

waheguru ji ke khalsa,waheguru ji ke fateh

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Waheguroo Jee Ka Khalsa!

Waheguroo Jee Kee Fateh!!

Below was the Hukamnama from Siri Darbaar sahib on the day that Bhai sahib Rama ji, Jathedar of Akhand Kirtani Jatha UK left for heavenly abode.

sorat(h) mehalaa 5 ||

Sorat'h, Fifth Mehl:

hiradhai naam vasaaeihu ||

Enshrine the Naam, the Name of the Lord, within your heart;

ghar bait(h)ae guroo dhhiaaeihu ||

sitting within your own home, meditate on the Guru.

gur poorai sach kehiaa ||

The Perfect Guru has spoken the Truth;

so sukh saachaa lehiaa ||1||

the True Peace is obtained only from the Lord. ||1||

apunaa hoeiou gur miharavaanaa ||

My Guru has become merciful.

anadh sookh kaliaan ma(n)gal sio ghar aaeae kar eisanaanaa || rehaao ||

In bliss, peace, pleasure and joy, I have returned to my own home, after my purifying bath. ||Pause||

saachee gur vaddiaaee ||

True is the glorious greatness of the Guru;

thaa kee keemath kehan n jaaee ||

His worth cannot be described.

sir saahaa paathisaahaa ||

He is the Supreme Overlord of kings.

gur bhaettath man oumaahaa ||2||

Meeting with the Guru, the mind is enraptured. ||2||

sagal paraashhath laathhae ||

All sins are washed away,

mil saadhhasa(n)gath kai saathhae ||

meeting with the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy.

gun nidhhaan har n

aamaa ||

The Lord's Name is the treasure of excellence;

jap pooran hoeae kaamaa ||3||

chanting it, one's affairs are perfectly resolved. ||3||

gur keeno mukath dhuaaraa ||

The Guru has opened the door of liberation,

sabh srisatt karai jaikaaraa ||

and the entire world applauds Him with cheers of victory.

naanak prabh maerai saathhae ||

O Nanak, God is always with me;

janam maran bhai laathhae ||4||2||52||

my fears of birth and death are gone. ||4||2||52||

Pyare sadh sangat jio, I think Guru ji has said all that needs to be said.

Waheguroo Jee Ka Khalsa!

Waheguroo Jee Kee Fateh!!

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Waheguroo Jee Ka Khalsa!

Waheguroo Jee Kee Fateh!!

Pyare jio, many Gursikhs wrote about Bhai sahib at that period. most knew him far better than myself.

I did not want to forward mails without asking people permission. So if you want to read more, I think they are akj egroup on yahoogroups, and on the www.akj.org messageboard.

Waheguroo Jee Ka Khalsa!

Waheguroo Jee Kee Fateh!!

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