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Sikhstudent Camp Or Sikhi Camp

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Khalsa Camp is amazinggggggggg

if your a sarbloh bibeki then its better off at Khalsa camp as you will know you will get the food you want init, as in cooking

the sangat there is just outa this worlddd,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,due to its facilities, its very expensive and i dont know whether or not they have got enough money this year to do it or not, as alot of it started coming direct out of sevadaars pockets!...........Khalsa camp may happen or may be not, who knows!

ive heard such wicked stuff about Sikhi Camp aswell.............by the sounds of it, evryone should go and hopefully i can go aswell this year

SIkhstudent camp is still questionablee hmm

wouldnt you rather go to the camp which you KNOW has god reviews, KNOW has the amazing sangat, KNOW does wicked parchaar, KNOW that it isnt questionable

rather than go to a camp which is in the middle of the road

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go KHALSA CAMP!!! ITS laha laha laha Vaheguroooooooooo!!!!!!!

d_oh.gif I went last year and so true its out of this world. Its more of an international camp with gursikhs comming from all over world, india, usa, canada, etc :)

You can go anywhere but you will not find talks and workshop which are as mind blowing as at Khalsa camp, I guarantee that and the accommodation is top.

sikhicamp is a scary place

i was only able to eat 2 meals for the duration of my stay


khalsa camp was great!!!

food was fantastic :lol:

really, werent it organised?

Is Khalsa Camp friendly, im thinking of going for the first time to a proper camp this year, and im thinking of Khalsa Camp the most.

loooooool they are organised its just baba is next level haha

jokes aside sikhi camp is awesome to its good fun and get to know other singhs :lol:

foods nice to blush.gif

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Khalsa Camp - if you want to do some hardcore Simran and are already living the Khalsa lifestyle

Sikhi - If you're new to Sikhi and are no experience of the Khalsa lifestyle. Very good for beginners

SikhStudent - If you want to loaf around and get some videos taken of you singing idiotic songs. If you're an adept at giving people the finger all the better. Basically do whatever you want and still be able to say you went to a 'sikh' camp!

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Vahiguroo Ji Ka Khalsa, Vahiguroo Ji Ki Fateh!!!!

erm well i dnt fink u shud judge if u ain had d xperience. i say try alla d camps if u can, if not den nx yr. end of d day, u cnt base an opinion on wot uv HERD iss about wa uv experienced 1st hand. ye at vry camp u get jokers, but dere is a gd syd 2 dem aswell. dnt judgem coza stories uv HERD...

Bhul Chuk Maaf Karo Ji

Vahiguroo Ji Ka Khalsa, Vahiguroo Ji Ki Fateh!

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