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Guest _gupt_

"Hi All,

A pretty woman was serving a life sentence in prison.

Angry and resentful about her situation, she had decided that

she would rather die than to live another year in prison. Over the years

she had become good friends with one of the prison caretakers. His job,

among others, was to bury those prisoners who died in a graveyard just

outside the prison walls. When a prisoner died, the caretaker rang a

bell, which was heard by everyone. The caretaker then got the body and put

it in a casket.

Next, he entered his office to fill out the death

certificate before returning to the casket to nail the lid shut. Finally,

he put the casket on a wagon to take it to the graveyard and bury it.

Knowing this routine, the woman devised an escape plan

and shared it with the caretaker. The next time the bell rang; the

woman would leave her cell and sneak into the dark room where the

coffins were kept. She would slip into the coffin with the dead body while

the caretaker was filling out the death certificate. When the caretaker

returned, he would nail the lid shut and take the coffin outside the

prison with the woman in the coffin along with the dead body. He would then

bury the coffin.

The woman knew there would be enough air for her to

breathe until later in the evening when the caretaker would return to the

graveyard under the cover of darkness, dig up the coffin, open it, and

set her free. The caretaker was reluctant to go along with this plan,

but since he and the woman had become good friends over the years, he

agreed to do it.

The woman waited several weeks before someone in the

prison died. She was asleep in her cell when she heard the death bell

ring. She got up, picked the lock of her cell, and slowly walked down

the hallway. She was early caught a couple of times. Her heart was beating

fast. She opened the door to the darkened room where the coffins were

kept. Quietly in the dark, she found the coffin that contained the dead

body, carefully climbed into the coffin and pulled the lid shut to

wait for the caretaker to come and nail the lid shut.

Soon she heard footsteps and the pounding of the

hammer and nails. Even though she was very uncomfortable in the coffin with the dead body, she knew that with each nail she was one step closer to

freedom. The coffin was lifted onto the wagon and taken outside to the

graveyard. She could feel the coffin being lowered into the ground. She

didn't make a sound as the coffin hit the bottom of the grave with a thud.

Finally she heard the dirt dropping onto the top of the wooden

coffin, and she knew that it was only a matter of time until she would be

free at last. After several minutes of absolute silence, she began to

laugh. She was free! She was free! Feeling curious, she decided to light a

match to find out the identity of the dead prisoner beside her. To her

horror, she discovered that she was lying next to the dead


Many people believe they have life all figured out... but sometimes it

just doesn't turn out the way they planned it! "It is better to trust in

the LORD than to put confidence in man. It is better

to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in princes."(Ps 118:8-9).

May God unveil our eyes to the reality of this message.! "

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    • I have had this theory for some while  it is harder to abstain nowadays because we get married so late (into our 30s, or perhaps late twenties at best) back in the day Id be a father by 17 lol  not a excuse, just a interesting thought 
    • yeah I once used that point in a argument with some osho bhagat (from a sikh family) who said derogatory remarks on the other gurus, claiming guru nanak was the only enlightened one and that the rest *diluted* and corrupted guru nanak's message enshrined in japji sahib and the rest were all succeptible to emotions and panj chor (referred to "nis pyare seo neho" to say guru angad was attached to the mortal frame of guru nanak and was depressed when guru nanak passed away but I tried giving him a more accurate translation of the words) the guy kept on copying and pasting the same essay on mahantaa of sri japuji sahib in comments so I confronted him if he believed in japji sahib and then he got more osho type philosophical, basically proving he didnt believe in amrit bani but yeah shocker, the very japji he was praising had its salok composed by guru angad who he was belittling     it all started from him asking whether he was a sikh or a nanakpanthi (neither in my opinion, he was parroting his guru osho's words and I woouldnt be surprised that if osho had flipped his views on guru nanak this guy now would have been slandering guru nanak as well), i remember it pissed me off for the two days we went back and forth lmaoo 
    • I thought everyone knew I forgot which source, but I read it somewhere as a kid  At the moment, I can only recount bhai jagraj singh of BoS saying this a couples times, somewhere in his panj bania lecture or the japji sahib katha sikhs were asking guru maharaj for a morning bani, so guru maharaj blessed them with japji (I believe some were doing asa di vaar, at least as much was pargat by then, in addition as well but I may be wrong)  the sewa of compiling shabads into a japuji sahib was entrusted to bhai lehna (guru angad) at the time of gurgaddi divas of guru angad dev ji maharaj, he composed the salok to complete japji sahib (as the maha mantar was given by akaal purakh when guru nanak went to sach khand abode of paarbrahm kartar and guru nanak replied with the rest of mool mantar; I dont know some may differ with me and say brahmgyani and mahapursh are always in the STATE of sach khand but you guys get what I am trying to convey)   that is all I can recall for now but I will try to do more khoj onto this topic
    • Speaks about Dasam Duar, Kesh and many other things Gurmat from the American Indian traditiins of the Dine. 
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