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  1. WAHEGURUUUUUUU :WW: That was amazing....thanks a lot for the post
  2. WAHEGURUUUUUUUU....that was just beautiful....thanks for the post :lol:
  3. LMAO...WOW...someone's got too much time on their hands...LOL
  4. I admit....I'm addicted to Sudoku puzzles....I can't stop doing them :wub:
  5. Vaheguru ... Whether you wear a dastaar .. .a patka ... a chunni ... or a bandana ... all should be worn with confidence, pride, and respect. One doesnt carry more 'responsibilities' over the other. no matter what you wear...dastaar....bana....anything ... you should always remmeber your responsibilities as a Sikh.. responsibilities arent specific to a patka or a dastaar...theyre specific to a Sikh.... so being humble doesnt come with wearing a dastaar...or acting a certain way....or doing certain things... Whats the purpose of any of these (dastaar/[patka/chunni) ? A sign of respect for our
  6. I admit....I'm mad sick right now...AND trying to study for my exam....and its not working :wub: :D
  7. I honestly think she should leave the house as soon as possible. I mean I just don't think if it's worth it and what honour does the family have if they abuse her like this?? To me they've got no honour what so ever!! And its really sad to be reading all this I mean the family is sooo ignorant....sad really sad :sady:
  8. I admit....its wat past my bedtime...but I'm still up and posting...OOPS... :wub:
  9. WOW...that was too funny...dats one happy child :wub:
  10. WAHEGURUUUUUUU ...That was very nice...thanks for sharing it :TH:
  11. WAHEGURUUUU...WOW..that was an eye opener...thanks for sharing such a good post :TH:
  12. WAHEGURUUUUUUU It's gona be an AMAZING evening/night!!!
  13. inq auiT gwvhu pRB kI bwxI ] nit uth gaavhu parabh kee banee. Rise early, and sing the Glorious Word of God's Bani. AwT phr hir ismrhu pRwxI ]2] aath pahar har simrahu paraanee. ||2|| Twenty-four hours a day, meditate in remembrance on the Lord, O mortal. ||2|| ...................E..........
  14. nwmu jphu myry swjn sYnw ] naam japahu mayray saajan sainaa. So chant the Naam, O my friends and companions. nwm ibnw mY Avru n koeI vfY Bwig gurmuiK hir lYnw ]1] rhwau ] naam binaa mai avar na ko-ee vadai bhaag gurmukh har lainaa. ||1|| rahaa-o. Without the Naam, there is nothing else for me. By great good fortune, as Gurmukh, I have received the Lord's Name. ||1||Pause||
  15. I would just give it time..maybe its Guru's Kirpa part that is missing..you never know..and you did say your getting enough sleep so I don't think if that's the problem...I would suggest to keep doing what your doing and hopefully one day you'll be floating in Kirpa!!! Bhul Chuk Maaff!!! WGJKK WGJKF
  16. mwDau hir hir hir muiK khIAY ] maaDha-o har har har mukh kahee-ai. O Lord, I chant Your Name, Har, Har, Har. hm qy kCU n hovY suAwmI ijau rwKhu iqau rhIAY ]1] rhwau ] ham tay kachhoo na hovai su-aamee ji-o raakho ti-o rahee-ai. ||1|| rahaa-o. I cannot do anything by myself, O Lord and Master. As You keep me, so I remain. It's my first time posting under this thread....and I'm trying to get the hang of it so please let me know if the above lines would work..thanks a ton!!! .............H..........(not counting the vowels right???)
  17. WAHEGURUUUUUUU!!!! WOW that was an Amazing post...thanks a ton for sharing!!! :TH:
  18. WOW that's a GREAT idea!!! :TH: And a good start as well!!!
  19. WOW....that was AMAZING...WAHEGURUUUU!!...thanks for sharing such a great post!!!
  20. I think it looks really really good now...Good Job!! :TH:
  21. WOW....this was beyond amazing...I'm speechless...WAHEGURUUUUU!! Thanks a ton for sharing it :TH:
  22. WAHEGURUUUU!!! That was AMAZING...Very Beautiful!! WOW...you got talent!! :TH:
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