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    • Yet people are leaving in their droves..
    • Punjab is developing fast. Better roads, transport and hotels. The tourism industry is booming in India as well as Punjab. The Amritsar airport is greatly developed  compared to 2 decades ago. Many flights are choosing to fly from there.
    • One of the main criteria for entry into heaven or mukti is not specifically defined as non meat eating. I think Guru ji has made this rule specifically for kalyug where the quality of meat is on a decline and the cause of major illnesses.  All religions have some sort of similarity. At the end of the day survival on this planet is crutial if you are to earn your place in the darga. Vich duniya sev kamaiye ta dharge besan paiye.  Only Hinduism specifically says meat is to be avoided. However a person who is closer to God would not want to hurt or destroy another animal hence adding to their lekha. This is why a Sikh who is closer to God makes a personal choice to avoid meat.   
    • I know penji. I have had this debate too in the past. Everybody has their own views. Our religion has been messed up badly. Therefore it will take some time or generations to put it back together. 
    • Guest Paapiman
      If you have performed any form of sex (vaginal, anal, oral, etc), then that will be classified as a cardinal sin, which means that you are out of Khalsa Panth. In this case, you will have to go for Peshi (if you are still interested in being part of the Panth). The Panj Pyare will give you an appropriate punishment and they will make you re-take Khande da Amrit. If you kissed, hugged, etc, even that is not allowed in Sikhism, except within marriage. In this case too, Daas would highly recommend you to go for Peshi. But, the punishment will be less severe in this case. Do you plan to marry that guy? If yes, then I think you can go for Peshi after marriage. But, you need to confirm this with a Gurmukh Mahapurakh before following this advice.   Bhul chuk maaf
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