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Guest dont know

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Guest dont know

anyone got this in Akhand Keertan style? plss??

gauVI guAwryrI mhlw 5 ]

gourree guaaraeree mehalaa 5 ||

Gauree Gwaarayree, Fifth Mehla:

qUM myrw sKw qUMhI myrw mIqu ]

thoo(n) maeraa sakhaa thoo(n)hee maeraa meeth ||

You are my Companion; You are my Best Friend.

qUM myrw pRIqmu qum sMig hIqu ]

thoo(n) maeraa preetham thum sa(n)g heeth ||

You are my Beloved; I am in love with You.

qUM myrI piq qUhY myrw ghxw ]

thoo(n) maeree path thoohai maeraa gehanaa ||

You are my honor; You are my decoration.

quJ ibnu inmKu n jweI rhxw ]1]

thujh bin nimakh n jaaee rehanaa ||1||

Without You, I cannot survive, even for an instant. ||1||

qUM myry lwln qUM myry pRwn ]

thoo(n) maerae laalan thoo(n) maerae praan ||

You are my Intimate Beloved, You are my breath of life.

qUM myry swihb qUM myry Kwn ]1] rhwau ]

thoo(n) maerae saahib thoo(n) maerae khaan ||1|| rehaao ||

You are my Lord and Master; You are my Leader. ||1||Pause||

ijau qum rwKhu iqv hI rhnw ]

jio thum raakhahu thiv hee rehanaa ||

As You keep me, so do I survive.

jo qum khhu soeI moih krnw ]

jo thum kehahu soee mohi karanaa ||

Whatever You say, that is what I do.

jh pyKau qhw qum bsnw ]

jeh paekho thehaa thum basanaa ||

Wherever I look, there I see You dwelling.

inrBau nwmu jpau qyrw rsnw ]2]

nirabho naam japo thaeraa rasanaa ||2||

O my Fearless Lord, with my tongue, I chant Your Name. ||2||

qUM myrI nv iniD qUM BMfwru ]

thoo(n) maeree nav nidhh thoo(n) bha(n)ddaar ||

You are my nine treasures, You are my storehouse.

rMg rsw qUM mnih ADwru ]

ra(n)g rasaa thoo(n) manehi adhhaar ||

I am imbued with Your Love; You are the Support of my mind.

qUM myrI soBw qum sMig rcIAw ]

thoo(n) maeree sobhaa thum sa(n)g racheeaa ||

You are my Glory; I am blended with You.

qUM myrI Et qUM hY myrw qkIAw ]3]

thoo(n) maeree outt thoo(n) hai maeraa thakeeaa ||3||

You are my Shelter; You are my Anchoring Support. ||3||

mn qn AMqir quhI iDAwieAw ]

man than a(n)thar thuhee dhhiaaeiaa ||

Deep within my mind and body, I meditate on You.

mrmu qumwrw gur qy pwieAw ]

maram thumaaraa gur thae paaeiaa ||

I have obtained Your secret from the Guru.

siqgur qy idRiVAw ieku eykY ]

sathigur thae dhrirriaa eik eaekai ||

Through the True Guru, the One and only Lord was implanted within me;

nwnk dws hir hir hir tykY ]4]18]87]

naanak dhaas har har har ttaekai ||4||18||87||

servant Nanak has taken to the Support of the Lord, Har, Har, Har. ||4||18||87||

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Gkaur penje????? plsss???


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:D :1singh1: :WW: :pray: :TH: :BOW: yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!

:vaheguru: THANKS SOOO MUCH!!

its beautifulll :BOW:

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