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**sanskaar Of 11 Maharaaj Saroop Ashes

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This release is an update into the investigation that is currently being conducted into the fire at the Gurdwara Temple Harley Grove, Bow, E3. There have been other releases prior to this about the progress of the investigation, but I felt that at this stage of the enquiry that I would take this opportunity to personally ensure that you are aware of the current situation and the serious manner in which Police are investigating this enquiry.

The circumstances of the fire are as follows. The London Fire Brigade alerted police at 14:12 on Monday, 16 March 2009, to a fire at the Sikh Gurdwara (Temple) in Harley Grove, Bow E3. The building has been severely damaged by the fire. There has been an extensive examination of the scene by police forensic specialists, the London Fire Brigade Fire Investigation Team and the Forensic Science Service. At this stage of the investigation there are still significant lines of enquiry to complete and the investigating team is keeping an open mind as to how this fire was started.

Some members of the Sikh Community were inside the Gurdwara when the fire was discovered. They all left the premises safely and nobody was injured.

The enquiry is being fully investigated by the specialist Community Safety Unit at Tower Hamlets. The team is investigating reports of an intruder in the Gurdwara shortly before the fire was discovered and is currently viewing extensive CCTV in the area.

This unit is acutely aware of the significance of the Sikh Gurdwara Temple as a place of worship and also the significance of the burning of the Guru Granth Sahib.

I can assure you that the investigating team will do all within their powers to ensure that there is a full investigation into this matter and are committed to identifying all the facts in this case. There are still lines of enquires that are being actively pursued by the investigating team. There are still forensic examinations that need to be conducted as well as talking to further witnesses in relation to the enquiry. These lines of enquiry are currently underway and are being actively pursued by the investigating team. The police are conscious that the Sikh community wishes to be updated about the progress of the enquiry but have to be mindful that the incorrect disclosure of information at this early stage within the enquiry could jeopardize any future court proceedings.

The Metropolitan Police are working closely with the committee members from the Harley Grove, Temple and the wider Sikh community to ensure that there are regular updates in relation to the progress of the investigation and would welcome any information that would assist in apprehending those responsible for this act. We appreciate your patience on this matter and look forward to reporting in due course our findings.

Yours truly,

Stuart Wratten

Detective Chief Inspector

Tower Hamlets Borough.

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wjkk wjkf

Does anyone know anything about this program taking place on 24th May?

Organisers or anyone could you please respond to the questions asked as people would like to know what is to happen on the day, will sangat be allowed to go aswell when the Rakh is being scattered or will it jus be a boat that is hired for a selected few?

please respond asap.

thank you

wjkk wjkf

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