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Som Much For Turkey's Claims Of Being A Non-islamic Sectarian State

Kaljug Singh

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Erdogan calls the riots in Xinjiang a "kind of genocide' and Turkish Muslims burn Chinese flags. This is just a day after the Turkish Industry Minister urges Turks to boycott Chinese goods:


This is coming from the mouth of the head of state of a nominally sectarian but in reality a Muslim country, who is blaming the Chinese government for the murder of the Chinese Han population at the hands of Muslim Uighur rioters.

He calls this a genocide of the Muslim Uighurs when in fact the Uighur terrorists murdered more than 3 times as much Han Chinese.

This is the same man and the same country that still denies the 1.5 million dead in the Armenian Holocaust at the hamnds of the Ottoman Empire.

It seems that it is only a genocide when Muslims die.



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