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    • It depends how you define "older days" really, today there are more processed foods around, more junk, more distractions, I grew up in the 80's and there was less of all of that (and I'm not really going back that far), we would go out more to "play" sports, eat mostly fresh home made food, my social life consisted of either visiting cousins, going to the gurdwara or playing sports and spending a lot of time outdoors while watching very little tv. Time's were different then, we were bought up like this because that's how our parent's were bought up. In today's age it's a lot more difficult but not impossible, what we eat has changed, even if it fresh fruit or veg, the way it's grown has changed but you have to change your mindset, pretty much all of the food we eat in our house is home made, we very rarely get takeaway, we need to know what goes into our food. The walking barefoot thing is something that we have in our family, my nephew did this from a young age and still does, he would go out and walk on the grass barefoot all the time, you can't do it so much on the streets though, my son does it now and he's only 5.
    • Exercise and eating light is best IMO. I tend not to go overboard with stuff I won't be able to do forever. The older you get the more commitments a person has. I can no longer dedicate 2+ hours working out everyday. So, eat enough to obtain energy for work and maintain an exercise routine, but not too much that you end up gaining a pound here and there, or not eating enough so you end up feeling weak and fuzzy brained. TV can jog on. Nonsense. Absorb good, high-minded thoughts and feelings and it will eventually reflect in your mindset. Glean bukwaas and you'll start chatting and thinking bukwaas, too. 😁
    • If she says you should take it, then you shouldn't. Who knows with these pedos. 
    • Nah Kuldip Manak was always a Muslim, also they buried him  Indeed really big loss. 
    • When you say narcotic though that's afeem.
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